The Evolution of (Darth) Maul! Part 2
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"Always remember that I am fear, always remember that I am hunter....Always remember that I am filth, always remember that I am nothing."

Maul, The Clone Wars

Maul and Opress had seemingly no chance of survival as they drifted off into the depths of space.

However, the duo was rescued by the Mandalorian splinter sect, Death Watch. The leader of the Death Watch, Pre-Vizsla, noticed Maul's lightsaber and deemed it that he could be a powerful ally in their conquest to take control of Mandalore.

Vizsla and the Death Watch rescued Maul from certain death, and took them back to their hideout. The Mandalorians gave Maul a new set of legs, his old pair was lost in the battle with pirates, and Opress a new arm.

When Maul awoke he spoke with Vizsla, and they two shared a common enemy, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Kenobi, who had recently aided in having Death Watch banned from Mandalore, was now a sworn enemy of Vizsla.

The two immediately began a partnership, with Maul promising the full control of Mandalore if they were to work together.

Maul and the Death Watch needed an army if they were to gain control of Mandalore, so they set out to find the Black Sun, a criminal underworld-gang which held great power.

After killing all but one of the Black Sun leaders, Maul and the remaining leader formed a forced partnership, giving Maul and the Death Watch a army.

Maul, Opress, and the Death Watch then set out to gain support from the Hutt clan, which would offer free passage around the infamous Outer Rim territories and immense political power.

The gang eventually gained support from the hutts, and they had now formed a criminal underworld, which Maul deemed the, "Shadow Collective".

With and army, and immense underworld power, Maul and the Death Watch began the Siege of Mandalore. By faking a sieging of criminals to show a lack of security in the pacifist government of Mandalore, they were successful in making it seem like the Death Watch were the true heroes.

After the great success of the siege, Maul had planned for the Mandalorians to betray them, and it was apart of his plan. Vizsla did such, arresting Maul and his brother Opress.

Maul told Opress of his plan, which was to play into Vizsla's honor and challenge him to a duel he could not win, therefore claiming Mandalore for himself.

After this the brothers easily broke out of the cell, and made way for the Mandalorian Throne Room, where the final battle would take place.

Maul and Opress took the throne room by siege, and immediately Maul challenged Vizsla to a duel, to which the Mandalorian did not deny.

The two immediately engaged in a brutal duel, with Maul easily overpowering the Death Watch, forcing him to rely on blasters and bombs. Maul did not use the Force for this battle, wishing to prove his skills to the Mandalorians.

Maul eventually defeated Vizsla in hand-to-hand combat, and threw the leader to the ground. Maul then used the force to pull the Darksaber which Vizsla was using, a weapon stolen from the Jedi temple by the Mandalorians.

Maul then used the Prime Minister, Almec, as a puppet to seem as the true ruler, while Maul ruled from the shadows. The former Death Watch lieutenant, Bo-Katan, was in uproar at a non-mandalorian ruling Mandalore, and her and other defunct Death Watch fled the temple and escaped Mauls grasp.

Maul had gained everything he had always wanted by this point, he had the power, all he needed was the revenge. Maul then traced a distress signal from the former duchess of Mandalore, Satine, signaling the Jedi Kenobi to rescue her.

When Kenobi did such, the two were ambushed by Maul and the Death Watch, and they were carried into the Throne Room for a confrontation.

Maul lifted Satine with a Force-choke, angering Kenobi, who had feelings for her. He then began to tell Kenobi of how much he hated him, and had anguished or years thinking of nothing but his defeat by Kenobi's hands.

Maul then, to attain revenge, killed Satine with the Darksaber in-front of Kenobi. Maul then had Kenobi imprisoned in the bowels of the temple. Maul seemed to have it all, but that was going to change as a he felt a powerful presence enter Mandalore.

Maul shouted, "Master!" as his former teacher appeared through the chamber door. Maul immediately bowed to his former master, lying that everything he had done was to return to his side.

Darth Sidious saw straight through this, and proclaimed Maul a rival as he launched him and his brother into a glass wall. Maul knew there was no escape, him and Opress ignited their lightsabers for a final confrontation.

Maul and Sidious dueled throughout the entire mandalorian temple. Maul was eventually knocked unconcious by Sidious's Force-push, leaving Opress to duel him alone.

Savage Opress held up for a short amount of time before he was impaled by the Sith Lord. Maul awoke to see his brother blasted off of a podium, Maul rushed to his aid, but it was too late.

Maul grabbed his brother's hand, Opress told Maul before he died that he was an unworthy apprentice, and never shared the same power as Maul.

As Maul began to grow more enraged, Sidious shouted that he was no longer his apprentice, and had been replaced. Maul finally snapped, and grabbed both of his lightsabers preparing for a final confrontation with Sidious.

Maul dueled the mighty Sith Lord in brutal combat, and managed to lay a kick on the Sith.The whole confrontation culminated in a final clash between Maul and Sidious.

Maul was overpowered by the might of Sidious, and was defeated beore being rag-dolled with the force. Maul fell to the floor defeated and begged his former master for mercy to which the Sith replied, "There is no mercy".

Sidious proclaimed he was not going to kill Maul, and was going to take him to a Separatist hideout to interrogate him and find out where the Dathomirian witch Mother Talzin resided.

Maul was tortured by Count Dooku, who shouted at him to tell where his remaining Shadow Collective soldiers were, to which Maul replied with never.

Dooku eventually left to regroup with Sidious. In this time Maul was rescued by the Death Watch, and taken to a hideout on the planet Zanbar. Maul and the Death Watch then regrouped, with him proclaiming the war they had been waiting for was upon them.

Just as he proclaimed this, the dreaded General Grievous and his droid armies appeared prepared to destroy the Shadow Collective.

Maul dueled the General, but him and his gang were inevitably defeated, and were forced to retreat. Maul then spoke with his mother, Talzin, who informed him that they needed to capture Sidious, and to do this they needed the aid of Count Dooku.

Maul immediately set out to capture the Count and Grievous, to lead Sidious to their location. Maul and the Shadow Collective then prepared for another battle as Count Dooku and the Separatists prepared for combat.

The Separatist legions war outnumbered Maul's, but Maul had a plan, and that to board Dooku's ship primarily and capture the Count. The Shadow Collective flanked the Separatist leaders, with Maul capturing Grievous, and the Death Watch capturing Dooku.

After the capture of Dooku, Maul confronted Dooku with the aid of Talzin, who attempted to persuade the Sith into joining their side, with threats that Sidious would betray him like he did them.

Dooku denied joining them, proclaiming that Sidious was too powerful for any of them. However a Republic cruiser entered the battle-grounds, trying to destroy Maul, Dooku, and the Shadow Collective.

The Shadow Collective was able to incapacitate Obi-Wan and a few Jedi, before Maul and Dooku escaped. Grievous had already escaped via escape pod.

Maul then took Dooku to the planet Dathomir, where his full plan was to be in-acted by reviving Mother Talzin. Talzin appeared, and began to use Dooku's life-force to reshape herself.

Before her plans were complete, The trio were halted by the arrival of Darth Sidious and General Grievous. Maul proclaimed his plans were too far in place to be stopped by them, to which Sidious said, "There is only one great vision, mine".

Maul engaged Grievous and easily overpowered the tyrant with the Force. Sidious engaged the Talzin possessed Dooku, which he easily defeated and used Force-lightning to electrocute Talzin out of Dooku's body.

Talzin engaged Sidious in a final Force-lightning clash, to which she was overpowered heavily. Talzin knew she couldn't take much more, and told Maul to flee, to which he replied he wasn't leaving her.

Talzin then Force-pushed Maul outside of the Dathomir temple, much to Maul's dismay. Talzin held her own before she was impaled by General Grievous.

Maul yelled as his mother was killed, and his remaining Death Watch soldiers carried him away from the planet. Much of Maul's story from this point is left unknown, he did however flee into exile, until he reappeared in a much darker time, the time of the Galactic Empire.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article, I chose not to go into the Galactic era for Maul yet as it is not complete, but I will do that once it is. I hope you have enjoyed this telling of all of Maul's canon history thus far, and May the Force Be With You.

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Moderator2KMay-21-2016 4:46 PM

I changed this to part 2 as I may do a part 3 when Maul's Galactic Era story grows further.


MemberInitiateMay-22-2016 5:41 AM

Supposedly he's the main antagonist of Rebels S3 so you might not have to wait long


Moderator2KMay-23-2016 9:46 AM

That's true.

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