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The Best Sci-Fi Films Of The Past 10 Years

The Best Sci-Fi Films Of The Past 10 Years

Scified2021-11-10 07:18:15
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It seems like every new decade brings with it a new list of the top movies that were made in the prior decade. While a part of it is to let viewers know of some titles that they might have missed out on, another is definitely to take a look back at some of the top artistic efforts and reminisce about them. Now, these lists can vary wildly depending on who has created them but it is still worthwhile to have a look and see if you missed something that is a must-watch. 

In the same vein, let’s talk about the top titles from one of the most loved movie genres that were released in the past 10 years. There have been many amazing films released in the 21st Century so far, and many of them have been in the science-fiction category. But the last decade has produced some exceptional masterpieces that must not be forgotten. 

7 Amazing Sci-Fi Films of the 2010s


  • Inception


Released in 2010, Inception was Christopher Nolan’s attempt to play with the minds of his audience, and he did. The movie showcases a group of people who steal crucial information from their targets by entering their dreams, essentially. Everything about the movie, from the directing and acting to the plot is done very well. And the end, to this day, haunts viewers as they don’t really know what to make of it. 


  • Mad Max: Fury Road


Mad Max is an action-filled sci-fi movie that is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy are engaged in a high-speed chase across the Wasteland. What’s not to love here?! This is one of those movies that are made for the big screen because to truly appreciate the acting, the graphics, and everything that is happening at a million-miles-an-hour, you need a big screen. 


  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi


As much hate as they may get, the new Star Wars films are still a treat to watch. This installment sees the return of Luke Skywalker which was what a lot of fans were waiting for. On top of the storyline, the visuals of the Star Wars movies never cease to impress. 

In one memorable scene, you even see a colorful space casino with aliens gambling and making payments like you would at a regular casino. Watching the scene may make you want to visit the space casino yourself but don’t worry, you can just hop on to an instant withdrawal casino Australia to play some sci-fi themed slots yourself. Such fast withdrawal casinos take inspiration from films like Star Wars to design many of their games so regular humans don’t necessarily need a Millennium Falcon to go play some sci-fi slots. 


  • The Martian


Following the story of Mark Watney, The Martian shows what it’s like for a lone astronaut who is stranded on Mars. The film is made in a way that it seems almost like it’s based on a true story. Most of the story takes place on the desolate landscape of Mars while Watney tries to survive while waiting for the people on Earth to somehow rescue him. The Martian is an inspiring story of human strength and ingenuity that must be watched.


  • Arrival


If you feel like you’ve watched enough films that show the day when aliens land on Earth, you need to watch Arrival. This movie is similar to a lot of alien-arrival movies in that the event causes mayhem and confusion among people and yet, at the same time, it is completely different from other movies in how it approaches the subject. Arrival is a stroke of genius in its powerful imagery, compassionate storytelling, and a rather unpredictable conclusion. 


  • Interstellar


Another one of Christopher Nolan’s breathtaking sci-fi stories, Interstellar follows the life of a NASA pilot who is forced to make a decision between staying at his farm while Earth dies or leaving his children forever in an attempt to find another planet suitable for human life. Other than showing how sci-fi stories have evolved over time to include tales like these that pose intellectual questions, this movie is simply a treat for anyone who enjoys space movies with an emotional storyline to boot. Plus, it has a time warp sequence and who doesn’t like that? 


  • Edge of Tomorrow


In this tale, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt try to win the war against a hostile alien race thanks to the fact that Cruise’s character is stuck in a time loop. Every time he dies, he wakes up again at a certain point to start over again. Edge of Tomorrow is an action-packed tale of resilience and patience that takes time loops to another level. 


The last 10 years have seen many films being released, many of them in the sci-fi genre. When we take a look at the overall category, we can see how vastly different sci-movie are today from one another. While the underlying plots might remain similar – space travel, end of the world, alien invasions, etc. – the way these stories are told can be very unique. Stories like Interstellar and Inception challenge the viewers’ understanding of reality and time while those like The Martian and Arrival show the human side of things. No matter what type of movie you enjoy though, these 7 of the best sci-fi films from the last 10 years are sure to entertain.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-11-10 07:18:15
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