The Awakening of Kijura: Chapter 20: Final Showdown: Part 2

The Awakening of Kijura: Chapter 20: Final Showdown: Part 2

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The Awakening of Kijura: Chapter 20: Part 2


most Winged Mutos, she wasn’t able to hit him and she was knocked down. He landed next to her and started pounding her chest. She was able kick him off, but he charged again. He headbutted her and it broke several ribs.

     Firrarus saw White Rage attacking Kijura and he charged at him. Before he could another Muto charged into him and sent him flying. He was quickly back on his feet and charged the Muto. He jumped into the air, rolled up into a ball and smashed into the Muto, killing it. He then charged at White Rage.

     White Rage saw him coming and sent a EMP pulse at him and stopped him in his tracks. Kijura took this oppurtunity and charged and grabbed White Rage’s throat and throw him far. She got up and charged him. White Rage saw it coming and kicked her away from him. He got up and charged an EMP pulse and shot it at Kijura. It just narrowly missed her. He charged up a pulse again and shot it into the ground, sending rock and dirt in Kijura’s face. Throught the dirt White Rage charged.

     She was ready for it this time and she ducked and stood up in time to grab his feet. She started smashing him into the ground repeatedly. She then threw him into the ground and tried to step on him, but he was too quick. He flew off the ground and Kijura’s foot hit the bare ground. Just as she looked up White Rage hit her. His claws stabbed into her side. She roared in pain and anger.  She moved out of the way before he could stab her again, and smacked him with her tail. He was sent flying into the air. He landed on a tree and was knocked out.

     Kijura looked around and saw Little Luna and Firrarus battling a Muto. She was distracted, only for a second, but it was enough. White Rage came flying at her. They collided and Kijura was knocked into the ground. White Rage flew up into the air and dived back down and hit her in the stomach. He then knocked her out with a blow to the head.

     He was just about to deliver the killing blow, when he was hit in the back of the head. He turned around and saw Little Luna. She had thrown a rock at his, and she looked mad. He started to approached her. Kijura got back up and saw White Rage about to kill Little Luna. From behind White Rage came a pulsing sound. He turned around and saw Kijura standing behind him. She took a deep breath and with a both, out of her mouth came radioactive blue fire.

      It hit White Rage with a blast and he was sent flying. White Rage got back up and charged her in anger. He is about to bite neck, but Kijura sidesteps and White Rage crashes into the ground. Kijura comes from behind him and grabs him by his back fin. Turning him around to face her she took her hand and plunged it into his burned chest. White Rage roars in pain. She grabs his heart and rips it out of his chest! She throws his body on the ground unleashs her Atomic Breath on him destroying him, once and for all. She lets loose a massive roar in victory.

     The rest of the Mutos saw their fallen leader and retreated. Kijura blasted her Breath into the air. She looked around at what was left of her home. Muto bodies where every where. It was goingto be a hard thing to clean up. She saw Gojora and went to him.

     The battle is finally over. White Rage is vanquished and the threat is no more, Kijura said.

     If only that were true. There will always be a threat. You did excellent. You finally are able to use your breath to finish the battle. Just in time too. Were starting to get overwhelmed, Gojora.

     Speak for yourself, I could have several more hours, Firrarus said.

     No you couldn’t. You were getting tired like the rest of us, Little Luna.

     Kijura and Gojora turned to each other. Their snots touched and they nuzzled  each other.  Firrarus and Little Luna looked at each other with wide eyes.

     We  must always be careful. The Mutos will return. But, I think, not for awhile. For now we can rest. But we must always be prepared, Gojora said.

Written by Gojira2KPublished on 2014-10-04 09:59:02
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