The Awakening of Kijura: Chapter 2: Lifetime Friends

The Awakening of Kijura: Chapter 2: Lifetime Friends

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  Here is Chapter 2. This one contains mostly flashbacks. Hope you guys like it.

      Kijura awoke from her sleep to find it was night. The full moon was up and Kijura was hungry. Just because she is fueled by the Reactors, doesn’t mean she doesn’t get hungry. She sniffed the air. She didn’t smell anything, so she went looking for something.

     Usually their species tried to eat Anguirus’s, but when she was juvenile, she became friends with an Anguirus. His name was Firrarus.


 They had met when she had wondered off on her own when she was very small. She was walking around, exploring, when she bumped into him when he was a baby. He also had wondered off from his family. She didn’t know her species usually eat Anguirus’s, even though they didn’t usually attack them, since they are very hard to kill.

     They started playing and became quick friends. Her parents called her, and she left, but before she left she promised they would meet again. She managed to get away and so did he. They started playing again. They keep meeting and playing many, many times. Sadly, Kijura’s parents started to wonder where she was wondering off to. Firrarus’s parents were wondering the same thing too.

     Kijura left to go play with Firrarus, but her family followed as well. When the two met up, Kijura’s family found them. They started to attack him. Firrarus’s parents also heard the roars of him as he tried to run to them and started running to him. The two families meet in a large clearing, Kijura’s family on one side, Firrarus’s on the other. They all charged, but Firrarus and Kijura get meet in the middle and stopped both families from attacking each other. Kijura’s father tried to attack Firrarus, but Kijura sidestepped and got in his way. He went to the other side, but she moved to the same side. He realized that she wasn’t going to let them attack Firrarus.

     Firrarus’s family didn’t try. They realized that it was useless. So they made an agreement with Kijura’s family that they wouldn’t attack each other. They weren’t happy that Kijura and Firrarus were friends, but they accepted it. So they went back to playing, and having fun. After awhile they stopped playing and just meeting up together, but something happened that would change their lives forever.


     Kijura decided to eat the Muto since she didn’t want to go hunt anything and she was tired. After she ate him, she went back to sleep, ready to start her new life. Maybe even find a mate.

Chapter 3 will be posted Sunday.

Written by Gojira2KPublished on 2014-08-15 08:24:16
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