The Awakening of Kijura: Chapter 19: Final Showdown: Part 1

The Awakening of Kijura: Chapter 19: Final Showdown: Part 1

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The Awakening of Kijura: Chapter 19: The Final Shwdown: Part 1

     Kijura woke up with an eerie feeling. The air was very foggy. She could barely she anything. She knew something was about the go down. Firrarus was already up and looking over the foggy cliff. He was listening for something. He had felt the same. Something was about to happen.

     Out of the fog came a massive EMP pulse it knocked them over into ground.Gojora and Little Luna heard the crash and woke up with a start. They rushed over to them. They faced the cliff. From behind them came another EMP pulse. It knocked over Gojora and almost threw Little Luna off the cliff. They got back up and went back to back with Kijura and Firrarus. The Mutos used their wings and blew the fog away. Kijura looked up and saw an army of Winged Mutos. There were hundreds of them.

     Gojora charged up hs Breath and fired. He managed to kill several of them, but it didn’t make a huge difference.  The Mutos dived at them. Kijura took a swipe with her claws and came in contact with a Muto head, killing it. It flew in the air and hit several others knocking them out.

     Little Luna couldn’t do much so she left the group and tried to find something to attack with. A baby Winged Muto landed in front of her. Little Luna was more surprised than scared. The baby Muto hit her in the face with it’s arm. Little Luna was pushed back. She snarled and pounced on him. She tried to bite him and he pushed her off. She charged at him and headbutted him. The force sent him flying.He crashed into the ground and she pounced on him again. This time her bites came in contact with its throat and she ripped it out. She turned around and several more landed.

     Firrarus swung his tail in the air and hit one. A Muto came from behind and knocked him on his back. Several Mutos landed around him. That started to hit him in his stomach. Luckily for him, his stomach was armor, so it didn’t hurt him that much. One Muto used it’s claws and stabbed him in the stomach. He was about to do it again, when blue fire hit him in the chest and severely burned him. The other Muto’s turned around and roared. Gojora roared in challenge. The other Mutos roared, and charged at Gojora. Before they could  reach him Firrarus rolled into a ball and crushed several of them. They rest turned around and roared at Firrarus. Atomic Breath was then shoot into their faces burning them. Gojora and Firrarus then nodded in thanks to each other.

     Kijura roared at group of Muto’s in the air, who roared in response. They dived at her and attacked her. She grabbed one and bit its throat out. She grabbed another one,  threw it up into the air, and smacked it with her tail and sent it flying over the cliff. She threw another one down and stamped on it’s chest crushing it. She then turned around saw one more diving at her. She grabbed it and threw it in the air. A blast of blue fire hit it killing it.

     Little Luna hit one with her claws and slashed it in the throat. One tried to attack her and she snapped at him. He jumped back in surprise. She took the advantage and pounced on him. She bit his neck and snapped it. There was only one more left. He was the biigest one. He knocked her over and he started pounding her chest. She kicked him off and charged at him. She grabbed him by the foot and started swinging him around.

     Firrarus was on his back again. A Muto was trying to bite his neck.  Firrarus forced his head up and something was thrown into the his throat. He started to choke and he Firrarus then snapped his neck. He pushed him off and looked behind him and Little Luna still spinning around, dizzy. She stopped and looked at Firrarus. He nodded at her in thanks and she returned it.

     Kijura grabbed a Muto and ripped at his throat. She turned around and a white flash hit her. She was knocked over and she looked up. From the sky came landed her formidable enemy. With an angry look in his face White Rage roared at her, ready to fight to the death. Kijura roared in return, excepting his challenge.

Written by Gojira2KPublished on 2014-10-04 09:58:02
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