Terrance's Story Complete Story

Terrance's Story Complete Story

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Terrance's Story Part 1

A New Tyrant

Terrance hatched like any normal T-Rex. There is something special about him though. Nothing knows this, not even him. This is for the simple reason that what shaped Terrance and made him special, is yet to happen.

He looks up at the sun, the jungle, everything in the area where his nest is, and he was amazed by the beauty and coloration of his new surroundings. There is a steady noise that is coming closer. Terrance isn't aware that his nine ton parents just returned from a successful hunt and have enough food to last about a week for the three of them.

When Terrance realizes there is something behind him, he turns around and sees his mother towering above him. He was scared until his mother sets down the chunk of meat in her mouth and gestured for him to eat. Terrance enjoys his first meal, then awkwardly walks around with his parents watching.

A short time later, his parents lay down and go to sleep. Terrance huddles up to his mother's chest and falls asleep with her heartbeat calming him as he falls asleep.

About a week later, his parents are on the hunt, and are forced to leave Terrance on his own. Terrance was the only one to hatch from the nest of ten eggs. Terrance knows his parents won't go far, but he is still nervous on his own and decides to hide under a pile of leaves.

A short time later, a pack of Dromeosaurus walks past the nest, eat all the eggs and move on. What the pack didn't realize was Terrance was hidden in the leaves. When the pack was gone, his parents returned, nervous about what the Dromeosaurus pack was doing, and they call for Terrance, who emerges from the pile of leaves that saved his life.


Terrance's Story Part 2

Terrance's First Friend

Two years have passed since Terrance hatched, and Terrance is anxiously awaiting the hatching of the eggs in his parent's new nest. When an egg does hatch, Terrance was curious as to what is happening, and wondering if this is how he came into this paradise known as Cretaceous Alberta, Canada.

Terrance watches as, much like his brood, only one egg hatches. After about two weeks, Terrance is teaching his sister, Thorn, how to walk. She watches Terrance's example, and does her best. Terrance is getting frustrated with Thorn, but realizes he was the same way.

Terrance is about six feet long, two feet tall, and weighs thirty pounds. He is small in this world he will soon realize is not a paradise, but more a living hell. He is big compared to his sister, who is about six inches long, two inches tall, and weighs a mere half pound. Terrance and Thorn are small for their age, but the lack of size development inside the egg will be balanced off by a major growth spurt in the future. If they make it to adulthood, they will be the biggest predators to roam the badlands.


Terrance's Story Part 3

A New Game

It has been about four months since Thorn has hatched. Terrance and Thorn are playing some game that Terrance thought of. They can't play fight because Terrance could easily tear her to pieces. They are playing a kind of hide and seek.

Terrance came up with this game about a month earlier. What they don't realize is that this game will help them in the near future. The game starts with Thorn hiding in the nesting area, and Terrance attempting to find her by smell. Thorn, was hiding downwind from Terrance, so he couldn't find her anywhere.

Their parents are watching the game, and they think it is a clever game to make up for the lack of play fighting. The parents are about to doze off when they hear Terrance call. Terrance was calling for his sister, but he suddenly realized something was wrong and tried to get his parent's attention.

What Terrance had sensed was another Rex. His parents stood up when Terrance called them and looked in the direction of where he sensed something. By now, Thorn had joined Terrance, and their parents were watching, and waiting, for the new threat that they too sensed.


Terrance's Story Part 4

Left Alone

Terrance's parents stare into the tree line, expecting something to come out of the dense jungle. What they were not aware of, is that they are being ambushed. By the time they realize what is happening, a large female T-Rex rushes out of the tree line beside them, and slams her jaws shut around Terrance's father's neck, breaking bone and killing him in seconds. Now it is two verses one, and Terrance's mother realizes she doesn't have a chance. Terrance and Thorn's only hope of survival is if their mother can keep the fight going long enough to let her kids escape.

She roars at the pair that is now facing her. Terrance realizes what his mother has planned, and tries to convince Thorn to go with him. When she refuses, he picks her up and walks away. Three hours later, Thorn is asleep, and Terrance is painfully watching the final moments of his mother's life from the cliff side that they took refuge on. From that moment on, Terrance had a goal to get his revenge, but for now, he focuses on the task at hand and looks after his sister. Terrance and Thorn, the offspring of the most feared pair of T-Rex the Badlands of Alberta has ever seen, are now orphans and forced to survive on their own.

Terrance's chances of survival are low, but Thorn's are lower. Terrance always went out foraging on his own, while Thorn stayed on the safety of the cliff side. The path to the cliff side was narrow, and a small cavern led to the platform where they took refuge. The cavern is long and narrow, and Terrance found it by luck when he had tripped on a tree root. Terrance was always on the look out for food, but even more for predators. One time, he even stumbled upon a pack of Dromeosaurus that had just finished eating, and the only thing that stopped them from killing Terrance was that they were already tired and about to take a nap. Dromeosaurus was one scent Terrance always remembered. Terrance's game he came up with helped him on his journeys because he was able to identify scents better and leave if it was something dangerous.

Terrance saw the pair of T-Rex on one of his journeys. They had came to finish off what they started, but soon decided it wasn't worth their trouble, a mistake that would ultimately become their downfall.


Terrance's Story Part 5

A New Creature Nothing

 Ten years after that fateful day, Terrance and Thorn are thriving. They are the second most feared predators in the valley, and aren't even full grown. They now hunt together, and are efficient killing machines. They use the same strategy over and over, Thorn gets their victim's attention, and Terrance goes in for the kill.

On one of their hunts, they find an Ankylosaurus. They had never seen one before, and immediately go to investigate. The Ankylosaurus gets defensive but soon realizes they pose little threat and have no intent on killing him. He just lowered himself to the ground and ignored them. Terrance, still trying to learn new defensive and offensive tactics, imitates the Ankylosaurus. Thorn is also curious, and bites the Ankylosaurus's back. When nothing happens, she looks at Terrance, who is still imitating it, and bites his back. Terrance stands up and snaps at Thorn. The Ankylosaurus is watching and is entertained by the snapping match going on.

After about an hour, Ankylosaurus is getting annoyed by Terrance and Thorn. He decides to hit Terrance with his club, and when he does, he knocks out a few teeth, but causes no damage otherwise. Terrance, realizing Ankylosaurus wants to be left alone, bites his head, and walks away. Terrance then tastes something, blood. Terrance did not realize that Ankylosaurus was soft underneath all that armour, and now has an idea should he have to fight one.


Terrance's Story Part 6

The Hunt

Terrance and Thorn continue their hunt after the slight distraction. Terrance sensed a herd of Edmontosaurus about two miles from their current location. Terrance goes to the top of the nearest hill, and watches the herd for stragglers. When he spotted one, he started to go to the herd. Thorn followed Terrance and always assumed Terrance knew what he was doing. When they reached the tree line, Thorn saw the straggler, and Terrance immediately went into position. When Thorn had it's attention, Terrance went in for the kill. What Terrance didn't realize until after he bit the Edmontosaurus, was that the Ankylosaurus had knocked out some of the teeth he used most often. Instead of the swift, clean bite to the neck that severed the spinal cord Terrance was used to, he had just bit it's jugular.

Terrance let go, and positioned himself to attack, not knowing the Edmontosaurus would bleed out in a few minutes. Terrance attacked again, while Thorn was trying to help. She had always watched where Terrance bit, and decided to try getting a kill herself. She charged at the Edmontosaurus, and it was going to use it's tail like a baseball bat to hit Thorn out of desperation. Terrance, having seen what it can do to a full grown Tyrannosaurus, pushes Thorn out of the way and ducks at the last second, only getting knocked off balance by this last attempt move, while Thorn staggered towards an upward slope and slowed down. Thorn decided to try again, and this time she succeeded. She bit the Edmontosaurus in the neck, and severed the spinal cord. Terrance regained his balance, and walked over to begin eating.

What Terrance and Thorn did not realize, was that the commotion had attracted attention. Terrance smelled something familiar, and took one last bite as he watched as the pair of T-Rex he remembered as though he saw them yesterday, emerged from the forest. Terrance knew they didn't recognize him or Thorn, and after taking a quick bite, ran off. Him and Thorn were able to easily out run them because they are younger and they decide to continue the hunt somewhere else. Terrance remembered the Ankylosaurus, and decided to give it a try. Him and Thorn walked back to where they last saw it, and the Ankylosaurus saw Terrance and Thorn shortly after they entered the clearing. They saw it before they had even left the forest, and Terrance was planning before they even found it. The Ankylosaurus got defensive and knew that they meant business this time.

Terrance knew that the Ankylosaurus could not smell them because they were upwind. He used this to their advantage, and him and Thorn disappeared into the forest. Thorn went downwind of the Ankylosaurus to confuse it. Then Terrance went in for the kill. What Terrance didn't count on was that he stepped on a stick. The stick got Ankylosaurus's attention, and it swung it's tail at Terrance. Terrance narrowly avoided the blow, and was quickly out of the way. Terrance saw that the time between attacks was slow, and was out of harms way before the Ankylosaurus could do anything He steeped on it's head, trying to pin it down or crush it, but was too light to do anything. The Ankylosaurus lifted it's head, which made Terrance step backwards, and he tripped on it's tail. The Ankylosaurus saw the opportunity to take out this threat, and before he could take advantage of the situation, Thorn bit his tail and held his tail back enough that Terrance got out of the way. Before the Ankylosaurus knew where Terrance was, he was in front of it and bit both front legs, which weakened it and prevented it from pivoting, and with Thorn's help, they flipped it on it's back. Terrance ripped open it's throat, and they began to eat.


Terrance's Story Part 7

The Mating Grounds

It has been ten years since Terrance and Thorn have seen the pair of T-Rex that killed their parents. In those ten years, everything was almost the same all the time. They hunted with the same strategy and with the same effectiveness, they ate, they slept, they did normal T-Rex stuff. Sometimes something would go out of the ordinary. One time, they hadn't had a good hunt in a week, so they tried to steal a kill from a pack of Dromeosaurus.

They are now both full grown, and Terrance has his fair share of scars, the largest and most visible being one that runs down his left side from about his neck to his hips that he got in a fight with a pack of Dromeosaurus when they attempted to steal their kill.

They sense about three or four other T-Rex in one area and go to investigate. When they get there, they realize it is mating season and decide to join in. The female that is there feels threatened when Thorn arrived, while the three males feel threatened by Terrance. Terrence and Thorn are easily the largest ones there. Thorn by about a ten foot length difference, four foot height difference, and at least half ton weight difference, and Terrance is bigger. The size difference isn't the only thing that scares the males. The size and number of Terrance's scars show he is a a combat veteran. The largest male challenges Terrance, and Terrance easily beats him. The female challenges Thorn for the right to mate with Terrance, and Thorn goes to the male that challenged Terrance without a fight.


Terrance's Story Part 8

A New Beginning

A year later, Terrance and his mate, and Thorn and her mate, are a T-Rex pack of four members and their five kids. This is simply because Terrance and Thorn share a strong bond after being together for twenty years. Terrance and his mate have two, while Thorn and her mate have three. Terrance and Thorn always went out hunting, and alway brought back something that lasted a few days.

The kids are much the same as how Terrance and Thorn were, nothing special, they just have more parental care and guidance. Terrance is strong parental figure because he had looked after Thorn for several years before she could join him on hunts. Terrance was arguably a better parent than some female T-Rex were.

While Terrance and Thorn were on a routine hunting trip, it started to rain, got really windy, and it was colder than usual. They weren't effected by this, but they knew their kids might be. They turn to go back, knowing they still have some of last week's kill, a large bull Triceratops, so they don't need food for a day or two.

They suddenly heard a load roar coming from the nesting area, and they quickly ran back to the nest. When they got back they saw the pair of T-Rex that they hadn't seen in years had killed their mates and were chasing the kids. Terrance and Thorn are both bigger than them, and they are in their prime, while age is catching up this pair of T-Rex. The pair is still strong and will be a challenge for Terrance and Thorn. Terrance angrily roars out a challenge, and is met with another roar, as well as the kids taking refuge behind him and Thorn. Terrance and Thorn walk over to their long time enemies, and they are ready to fight to the death for what they did to their mates and parents.


Terrance's Story Part 9

The Final Battle

Terrance and Thorn stare down their long time enemies. Thorn knows that they killed their parents, and she knows Terrance knows what happened in the end. Terrance refuses to even think about that battle because he doesn't want to remember the final moments of it. Terrance has two main reasons to fight now. The first being revenge, and the second is to defend his children.

Thorn doesn't know what to do in a fight because she has only ever needed to distract things. Everything she knows about fighting is what she has seen Terrance do. Thorn decides to take on the male because he is smaller, older, and wounded.

Terrance and the female stare eye to eye and don't break eye contact or blink. When the female bumps Terrance's snout, Terrance attacks and quickly overpowers her. While this is happening, Thorn and the male are fighting. Thorn's lack of experience takes it's toll and Thorn is quickly in the jaws of the male. He pushes Thorn to the ground, and before he can finish her off, Terrance abandons the female, and headbutts the male to get his attention off Thorn. Thorn is on the ground unconscious, leaving Terrance to fight the pair on his own.

The female finally recovered after getting pushed around by Terrance. She assumes Thorn is dead and goes for Terrance. She doesn't get a good grip, but she manages to stop Terrance from killing the male. Terrance realized that the pair was between him and the kids, so he charged at the male, who jumped out of the way. Terrance got between his kids, his downed sister, and the pair of T-Rex that he has always dreaded. Terrance has given up in a fight and retreated, but this is one fight he isn't about to give up for three reasons: The kids, his sister, and his deep hatred of this pair of T-Rex.

Three hours later, Terrance is exhausted, in the jaws of the female, and almost dead. Then he remembers his parents and what happened to them, and he didn't want to have the same fate as his mother twenty years earlier. The final thing that pushed him to fight back, was when he caught a quick glimpse of Thorn, who was just standing up. He rips his neck out of the female's jaws and as he did that, teeth and blood spilled out her mouth, and Thorn rejoined her brother in the fight.

Old age takes it's toll on the pair, and Terrance takes advantage and goes straight for the male. The male jumps out of the way, Terrance goes to bite him, ends up pushing him instead, but he slipped in the mud, and landed on the dead Tricaratops's horn. The last thing he saw was Terrance's massive foot as it crushed his skull and killed him. Terrance goes back to the female, the real threat. In the short time Terrance took his focus of her, she was biting Thorn's neck. They missing teeth saved Thorn's life because the female couldn't get a good grip. Terrance pushed her off, and now Terrance and Thorn stand shoulder to shoulder.

Terrance, who still remembers watching the female killing his father and mother, lets his anger get the best of him and charges. The female jumps out of the way and bites Terrance's head. She bit with enough force that it knocked Terrance out. He fell and there was a loud crash as he hit the ground, breaking several ribs and now bleeding out his nose and mouth, as well as internally. Terrance is unconscious, but Thorn and the female think he is dead because nothing that big falls like that and lives, but Terrance's constant struggle to survive toughened him, and with the mud to cushion the blow, he survived. The female was not about to take her chances, and goes to make sure he is dead, but gets attacked by Thorn, forcing her to leave Terrance.

Thorn fights with everything she has to defend the kids. Thorn believes Terrance is dead, and fights harder than if she knew he was still alive because she wants to keep her brother's legacy going. After an hour of fighting with everything she has, she gets exhausted and can't fight anymore. The female has more wounds than Thorn, but she is tougher, and Thorn is feeling the full effects of her injuries.

Just as she goes to finish Thorn off, she hears the one thing she did not want to hear. She looks in the direction of the noise, and Terrance is standing again, breathing heavily, lightning flashing behind him, and blood still coming out his mouth and nose. Despite his injuries, he is ready to continue the fight. Now the female has to deal with her biggest fear, Terrance, the most powerful creature in the valley. Thorn backed off enough that she is out of the female's reach. The female decides to finish off Thorn because she knows she isn't getting out of this fight alive, and wants to do as much damage as she can.

She charges, but just as she reaches Thorn, she feels a sharp pain in her tail. Terrance had bit her tail and held her back enough that her jaws snapped shut inches from Thorn's face. Now Thorn is attacking her. Terrance ripped a chunk of her tail off and swallowed it after she turned to face him. The female is mad at Terrance for doing that, but Terrance is madder. The kids take priority over the fight, and Thorn thinks Terrance can handle it himself, so she goes to hide them.

Terrance and the female stare eye to eye and walk in circles, neither breaking eye contact. The female remembers the what happened the first time, and wants to change that. Without warning, she lowered her head and tried to headbutt Terrance, but she missed his broken ribs, and didn't get enough momentum, so it didn't do much. Before she could react, Terrance reached down, bit her neck, and lifted her off the ground. The female struggled and managed to get herself loose. Terrance lost his grip when he flinched from the pain of his broken ribs, and dropped the female. Terrance was about to attack when he saw Thorn coming back. He backed off and disappeared into the dense jungle.

The female heard something behind her and turned around just in time to see Thorn charging at her. Thorn rammed her chest, which broke several ribs and weakened the female. Thorn caught a quick glimpse of Terrance in the jungle, and she to disappeared. Now the female is scared and knows she is going to get killed, but doesn't know when.

All of a sudden, Terrance and Thorn rush in from opposite sides. Thorn reached her first, and bit her left leg. She looked to see what was biting her leg, went to bite Thorn, and then Terrance bit her in the back of the head, puncturing deep into her skull. Terrance then let go, losing multiple teeth in the process, and Thorn pulled her leg, knocking her off balance instead of making her fall because she had a poor grip.

The female is dying, and Terrance's teeth aren't helping. Terrance and Thorn stand side by side again, and watch the female staggering around. After a couple minutes, Terrance gets bored and goes for the kill. He bites one of his teeth that is still lodged in her skull, and that pushed it deep into her brain, killing her instantly.

They turn back to their fallen mates. They realize that their mates were not as lucky as they were, and softly growl to mourn their deaths, and leave the area after eating most of their rivals with their children, knowing their mates, what they didn't eat of their rivals, and previous kill will attract scavengers from miles away.

Terrance and Thorn are both sad about the loss of their mates, but Terrance got hit harder by it. Terrance knew that the pair was dead, and that their mates's deaths were not in vain, but to Terrance, it was just another loss at the teeth of The Pair. Terrance and Thorn walk side by side with the kids following behind. Thorn is standing tall and proud for their victory, and Terrance has his head lowered mourning the deaths of their mates. It started to rain harder then before.Terrance needed to stop for a break every mile, and Thorn knew Terrance was crushed inside. Terrance looked in the direction of where he wanted to go, and they continued. They are getting close to their new nest, and Thorn looks down at Terrance for a minute. She saw some of his wounds, and shuttered at the thought of how he got them, and felt a little sick when she saw part of his spine was exposed. Terrance was not only sad about their mates, but was remembering their parents. Thorn turned away from Terrance, looking towards where they were going, and felt sorry for him as they continued.

Terrance knew every place in the valley. He knew good hiding spots, good ambush spots, and a good area that overlooks the entire valley for a nest. Terrance knew that in the end, life on his own with his sister for years was a beneficial thing, but refused to think that the T-Rex pair helped him. One of Terrance's favourite hiding places was a small cavern behind a waterfall. The cavern had saved his and Thorn's life during many forest fires, and it was very close to their new nest.

When they arrived at their new nesting area, Terrance went to sleep, while Thorn looked at their territory. After a couple minutes the rain stopped, and it was morning. Thorn had to get used to the brightness after being awake all night fighting. Thorn turned to Terrance, who was covered in blood, bruised, cut, and already asleep, and the kids were playing and exploring their new nest.

Three years later, they are raising their kids. Thorn is almost as skilled a killer as Terrance, and Terrance hunts solitary so that Thorn can look after the kids. Terrance is the most feared creature in the entire valley, and all creatures, herbivore and carnivore, stay well away from Thorn, knowing that Terrance is never too far away.

Written by Lord VaderPublished on 2013-12-14 19:54:55
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