T-Rex vs Giganotosaurus

T-Rex vs Giganotosaurus

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T-Rex vs Giganotosaurus


Tyrannosaurus Rex

T-Rex is a large large theropod from late Cretaceous a North America. Weighing about 7-9 tons, and being 39-42 feet in length, maxing out about 45 feet and 10-11 tons, Tyrannosaurus is a massive animal. It had the highest bite force of any dinosaur at 6 800-18 000 PSI, backed up with serrated railroad spike teeth, and one of the strongest senses of smell of all time. T-Rex likely hunted in packs, and could bring down almost anything it wanted.



Giganotosaurus is a large theropod from mid Cretaceous South America. Weighing about 8-9 tons, and being about 44-48 feet long, maxing out at about 10-11 tons, and 50 feet, it appears larger than T-Rex. It had a bite force of around 10 000 PSI, backed up with dagger like teeth that could make deep wounds, and a strong sense of smell. Giganotosaurus hunted in packs to bring down anything it wanted, including the massive sauropod, Argentinosaurus.




A large male Giganotosaurus, 49 feet long and 10.5 tons is hunting on his own, having been driven from his pack by a younger male who took over. He has never had to hunt by himself before, so he is inexperienced at killing prey other than Argentinosaurus.

He sensed something down the narrow path after walking for a few minutes, and went to check it out. When he got there, he saw a large female Tyrannosaurus making a nest. The female was 45 feet long and 11 tons, and she had no idea he was there. The Giga stepped on a twig, and the snap got her attention. She turned and growled at Giga, which she now knew was there.

The Giga wastes no time, quickly going for her neck. The only problem was that he had to get past her jaws to get there. She headbutted him in the chest, sending him stumbling back, and then followed through with a bite to the chest. The Giga managed to struggle free, and slashed her face, narrowly missing her left eye. The Rex roared in pain, but shook it off and attacked again.

The Giga avoided the attack this time, and successfully bit her neck, causing some bleeding. The Rex lowered her head, and the Giga lurched forward, having not expected the move. He let go of her, and she stood up, the Giga still above her. The Giga fell back, and the female went to rip his gut open, but he kicked her with his legs, breaking ribs and sending her stumbling back into a tree.

Before she could recover, he bit her snout, and when she did recover, she pushed forward and broke many of his teeth. Blood poured out of the Giga's mouth, and the female tried to bite his snout. The Giga jumped out of the way, and before he could attack her neck again, she turned to face him. They collided head on, both being stunned by the sudden, unexpected impact. The Rex recovered first, and went straight for his neck. She bit his neck, but didn't get a good grip because he recovered shortly before the bite. He pulled himself free, and both stood, staring each other down.

The Giga reared up to his full height, and the female did the same. The Giga was taller, but the female wasn't scared. They went back to their attack stances, the female not losing sight of his head the whole time. The Giga had his head facing toward the female as much as he could and still see her, and her binocular vision was making eye contact more difficult than he was used to.

The female wanted to end the fight and get back to building her nest, and she knew her mate would be back soon. She attacked the Giga, and in a sudden, unexpected maneuver, he sidestepped and tripped her with his tail. She rolled over, winded, and the Giga walked over to finish her off. The Giga got a little arrogant, seeing the T-Rex on the ground at his feet, and in split second, he regretted that mistake for the rest of his life.

He went to bite her, and she had caught her breath, and when he got close enough, she kicked out full force with both legs, sending him flying 20 feet into the trees, making many break when he hit, and when he stood up, bleeding heavily and barely breathing. She bit the top of his head, and after pulling him around trying to bite down hard enough, she broke his skull and ripped off that chunk of his head.

She returned to making her nest, and her mate returned with an Edmontosaurus. She looked at him, and then took a break to eat, and then went to sleep.


Winner.... Tyrannosaurus Rex

In this case, larger, more experienced in 1 vs 1, having a bigger reason than food to fight, and the Giga's arrogance won this battle for Rex this time.


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Written by Lord VaderPublished on 2013-12-25 20:14:46
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7 Fan responses to T-Rex vs Giganotosaurus

Rex Fan 684

NoobMember0 XPDec-27-2013 8:44 PM

Great fight. The last pic was perfect for it!


2KMember2674 XPDec-28-2013 1:12 PM

Cool fight MrHappy!

Having the illustrations increases the enjoyment too! ;)

Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPDec-28-2013 2:58 PM

Lone, this is my fight. Oh well. We always include the images in fights, lists, whatever we do.



2KMember2674 XPJan-04-2014 1:32 PM

Oops, so sorry MrH!

Have amended my post, I was looking on Everything Dinos before your blog, hence getting muddled!

Apologies again!! :)

Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPJan-05-2014 6:49 AM

It's fine, nice to see you enjoyed the fight.



InitiateMember164 XPMay-01-2017 4:55 AM

awesome fight, t rex is actually taller and bigger


InitiateMember164 XPMay-01-2017 4:55 AM

awesome fight, t rex is actually taller and bigger

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