Star Wars: We were Soldiers... Episode 1: Graduation

Star Wars: We were Soldiers... Episode 1: Graduation

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If you follow my monthly FBR Updates, You'll notice I mentioned a star wars project... WELP... Here it is... 


For all of you not sure what the hell this is, This is a look on the clone troopers from Star wars, POV Through out the war, We will follow the 211th leigion through its history and story.


Star Wars:

We were Soldiers...

By: x_paden_x


An old withered man, stepped out onto his balcony, Naboo was Beautiful at night... He sighed.


"It's not truly the same without you...." He thought to himself, He turned away from the picture perfect night, and walked inside.


As he walked in, He walked past a set of armour, Dirty, Scuffed, and with small drops of blood on it, From his last mission. He ran his fingers along the Battle Scared Chest plate. Feeling the scorch marks from a lazer blast.


"Its been too long, My old friend..." A voice spoke from behind him.


"Your not real... Your just another manifest of my Imagination..." The man said focusing harder on his armour.


"You were never a true clone..." The figure said again.


"You. Are. Not. Real." The man said again.


"Take it as you may.... But, I never left you... I didn't, Your men didn't, Your jedi didn't..." The voice said again


"Stop... just stop... I need not be reminded of the horrors of war again..." The man turned around, and stared the Force Manifestation down in the eyes. It was a woman, somewhere in her Late Thirties, early Forties.


"You knew much better then I did... This thing, Was bigger then all of us... All of us clones... Even too big for the Jedi!" She answered, She stopped, and looked over at something.


"What are you looking at..." The old clone said, Looking towards where the woman was looking.


An older, Human in Jedi attire walked out of the darkness, He had a beard, and his hair done up in a short pony tail. He closely Resembled Master Qui-gon Jin.


"CC-2112 Also known as Captain Rigger... It has been a long time, My friend."


"Master Trylan... How?..." Rigger asked.


"It takes a lot of training in the force to Connect to beings whom are not Force sensitive... But nothing is impossible... " Trylan Answered


"That doesn't make any sense Sir... Only force sensitive beings can communicate like that..."


"Whose to say your not?"




Trylan got up, and walked around Riggers medium sized house.


"It would appear you've forgotten..." 


"Forgotten what?!" Rigger shouted


As the force manifestations began to disappear Rigger began to panick.


"Fear not, you already know... But first, You must look back upon your own history..." Trylan answered


"May the force be with you, My love..." The woman answered as she, and Trylan Dissapeared.


Rigger sighed, He had nightmares, almost everynight. This was probably one of them... Rigger came over to his couch, and sat down...


"Well Looks like its time to meditate..." Rigger said to himself, As he shut his eyes, And entered, A deep, deep sleep.


*That was just a little bit of his last years of life... I thought it would make a good introduction to Captain Rigger, But, we shouldn't be bothered by that much, and from here (I plan a prequel Explaining his life as a cadet) It should go in the order of movies... Enough Editor notes... Enjoy*


Rigger, was surrounded in darkness. But, then he was surrounded in Light. 


*Shortly after the first battle of Genosis*


CC-2112, Was apart of a very well trained squad, Known as Foxtrot. Foxtrot squad contained 8 Members: Rigger, Swiss (Known for getting shot during Training), Jest (Known for being a asshole, and a good soldier), Trem (Known for forcusing too much on Drill and his Uniform), Brass (Named after Cap brass, know for tactics), En (Team Engineer, Serious/Light Personality), X (A friendly Clone, Used for relations and Public speaking, But, Is a complete Maniac on the battlefield)


Foxtrot Squad , Wasn't the best, They had the right minds, Right attributes, And much more, But couldn't function as a team, Even with Riggers leadership. They were shoved into battle before they could take their final test, (They had enough overall points to make up for it, It was also believed that a battle would bring them together). Their squad was, Unique. Only a handful of squads were CC Squads, or Clone Commander squads. One of the Problems Foxtrot Squad Exprienced, Was that they were all born Leaders... The best leaders, Know when to lead, and when to follow, unfortunately, Foxtrot Squad took awhile to figure this out.

This was proven when they were Pinned down after there Gunship crashed in reconnisance after the battle of Genosis, (The Genosians were shooting down stray shuttles and clones, this lead to another Battle of Genosis, which they got pulled into after there Felucia Tour). 


Jedi Master Yoda stood before him, He quickly looked to his sides, He was in his Batallion. 


"Fighting for the Republic You will be, Defending Innocents, You must. Sadly, finishing your training, Is out of the question. Deploy to the front lines, You must." The little green ball of fury said, walking infornt of the ranks of Clones infront of him.


"Consider yourselves Graduated..." Yoda said, As he walked out of the way of the boarding ramp. The clones cheered.


"Alright! Load up in your Battalions, Starting with Alpha, Following through to Zulu!!" One of the Commanding Clone offiers said.


As they marched, There was only One Footstep, They all marched in Unison.


2 Weeks after Graduation.

On the planet of Felucia.


CC-2112 climbed onto his BARC Speeder, It was to be a long day.


"Hey Two Eleven!" One of the clones called out


"What do you want Darren?" CC-2112 Answered


"Before you go on your Patrol, We've gotten Three radar Pings in Sector Seven..." Daren Ordered


"I'll check it out sir!" CC-2112 Said, as he sped off on the Speeder.


As Two Eleven continued on his rounds,  He neared Sector Seven.


"CC-2112 To base, I'm not reading anything out here...---" Two Eleven was suddenly Silenced, as a Lazer Tore through the Engine of his Speeder, The speeder Exploded and he was thrown Far from it. He balcked out, As he crashed into a tree.


When CC-2112 Awoke, His vision was clouded, that soon subsided, and he saw six Battle Droids, Scanning the area around the wreck for him. He quickly Reached to his side holster to Draw out his DC-15 Blaster Pistol... Only to find it lay 200 Yards away from him, Being looked at by a droid marked with Seperitist Blue. 


CC-2112 Swore Under his breath, He was going to have to kill them, to get it. He picked himself up off the ground, And cursed again as he looked down, His once well polished, and well kept armour, was Scuffed and dirty. 


"Just another thing to fix" He said to himself. He moved quickly and silently


As a CC Clone trooper, He had been taught more then the average clone, Even with his stunted training. He had received Top of class Award while a cadet. He would've been moved to a stealth squad, had he not believed in remaining with his brothers.


As CC-2112 Neared the first B1 Battledroid, it spotted him. Quickly, He picked up a rock, and chucked it hard at the droid, Knocking it over. He Proceeded to sprint out of the Bushes, and pick up the droids blaster, and shot at the other droids.


He was a quick shot, He took out al butone of thr droids That one droid shot first, and landed a dead on hit to his left arm. CC-2112 Shot again, In fury and pain, Killing the droid, he then neared closer to the droid, and fired multiple rounds into the droids chest and head. 


"Peice of junk..." He said, kicking the droid, He then turned to the wreckage and sighed, He was well further then 29 Klicks from home... Which was a totally doable thing... If he didn't suspect that he had broken something in his left leg.


He investigated his surroundings... 


"Well this is just another Text book example for a survival course..." He lied to himself.


He looked down at his shoulder Bell, a clear Three inch Scorch mark took over most of the bell, And his black body glove over his shoulder. He winced as he touched the Blackest part of the burn mark. He looked behind his shoulder, The Scorch mark went clear through his shoulder bell, and flesh.


"Shit, well... I think its not that bad, I'll have to bandage it..." As he searched through the Wreckage for his Med-Kit, He noticed a Fence in the distance.


"Where theres a fence... Theres a farm..." He said, As he quickly began running down the fence line.


'Hopefully, I can get a mount, and be on my way...' 


When he did reach the farm, He had to bribe the farmer, with leftover parts from the BARC. Reluctantly, The farmer agreed. What the farmer Didn't tell CC-2112 was the mount he gave him, Was not saddle broke.


*2 Hours later.*


"Did you hear that? " A clone from Foxtrot Squad asked to another Foxtrot member.


"Are you goin' Nuts swiss?" The other clone poked (Jest)


"No, I'm not, I swear I heard something..." The clone known as swiss said.


Suddenly Out of the bushes beside where the Duo were patroling, Out burst CC-2112 Riding what was thought to be an Ackalay.


"HOLY SHIT!" Swiss yelled, Jumping out of the way.


The beast Shrieked And threw off its rider. Throwing him into the compound Fence. The Ackalay shreiked one more time, before Running off into the Forests of Felucia.


Swiss and Jest Rushed to CC-2112, He had hit the fence so hard, a dent was in it now. Unfortunatley, The fence was Electrified. Leaving 2112 Slightly Fried. 


CC-2112 Clutched to the Rigging from his wild ride, For dear life. Refusing to let go.


"HEY 2112 Let go of the Rigging! SERIOUSLY STOP! SIR! SIR!" Swiss shouted, Swiss's boots lay on 2112's chest,While Swiss pulled on the Rigging.


"Listen, Let go of the Rigging, Your not a Rigger... HEY, SWISS!!" Jest shouted suddenly




"We finally found out CC-2112s nickname, Rigger!" Jest Said, Falling on his ass laughing, He removed his helment so he could see it with his own eyes.


Suddenly, CC-21-- Ahem, Rigger, let go of the rigging. 


"Jest... I think It worked..."Swiss said quickly grabbing the Rigging and getting Rigger to his feet.


"Hmm, I wonder why? Lets get him to the medic, Theres a fair chance that fence did some damage to him" Jest said, picking up the rigging, And helping Swiss move Rigger to the Infirmary.









"Rigger Get up before I beat you up!" A familiar voice said


"Jest, Shut the hell up, before I shoot you... He's injured, He's also in a form of a Coma, he can hear, and remember Everything you tell him." An Unknown Female voice replied


"Yes Ma'am... OUCH!" Jest shouted, as a slapping like sound was heard.


"Swiss, Can you please carry your Knocked out Comrade to another room so he can recover... Doctors Orders." The female Voice answered again.


Rigger Slowly opened his eyes, just to see Jest being Drug by his Boot, out of the room. Rigger took in his surroundings, he was in a bright white medical room, On the wall behind him, There was some sort of medical equipment, As there was also a bunch around him. Thats when He noticed someone Beside him.


"Well Good morning Sir." The lady Told him, Rigger suspected something Familiar about her.


"Its Morning?" Rigger asked, Looking out a nearby window. 


"Actually, Its Three days after you took your wild ride... " She giggled at Riggers confused look. "Oh, yes, Before I forget, Your Squad left the Rigging there for you... Just encase you wanted it." She said, Shifting her Clip board, From one arm, to the other. She pointed at a nearby Chair with her pen, Where, The rigging from the ackalay ride was. 


"I might keep it... I don't really know what to do with it... Or that blasted Farmer... Twi'leks, Always trying to scam you off..." Rigger sighed "Did they really Nickname me Rigger? Miss?" 


"Yup, To late to change it anyways, They already Had all your stuff branded with it." She held up Riggers helment, On the sides of it, Rigger was written. "Don't worry, its a nice name, One to tell everyone about."


"Well, I guess it is good... Heh, Rigger, yeah, Rigger... I like that... And yours?"




"And your name, Miss...?" Rigger asked again.


"CN-019, Or As my Squad calls me Jennifer." She said, Smiling. 


"CN... Your a clone?" Rigger asked, Confused


"Yes, I am sir."


"I thought the Republic was only Breeding Male Clones..."


"Its an Expiremental Test sir, All Embryos are Inheritly Female to start out with, The republic wanted to raise One Batallion to see if raising Both Genders would be effective in battle, The republic cut that inhalf, So Now, there is only One Platoon, of CN... Because we weren't Trained to Fight, We've been trained to do left over jobs, Mainly Medical jobs, Hence CN, Or Clone Nurse. There has never been a Female Fighing clone..." She sighed.


"Oh... My apoligies..." Rigger said, Slightly Embarassed that he asked a topic that Emotinally Troubled Jen.


"Thats alright sir... Your actually the first clone to ask that... "Jennifer blushed slightly.


"So, You want to be a Soldier?" Rigger asked, Trying to piece together the information he had been given/.


"Well, We were trained for a very long time to be soldiers, We were bred with that Intention... But The Republic Cut funding in half for the project, So they switched us to something that the funding could buy... Which was medical training."


"If you mind me asking How does this all work? The Jango DNA Strand was intended for just Male Breeding... So then how does that work?"Rigger continued


Jennifer sat down, setting the rigging on thr ground and sighed.


"I suppose this is going to take awhile..."




"Okay then" She rubbed her hands together. "The Kaminoians, are talented in Genetics, They've done it with there own race so much, They're not really the same creatures they were. If you ask me, They are more so Genetic Abominations then anything. By altering a few parts in the clone DNA Strand, They essentially, made Jango Female. Hence why I'm here."


"Huh... So, I sense that you don't like your current job?"


"Really? I'm that easy to read?" She questioned hanging her head.


"Not really, No."


"Then yes, I don't enjoy being a Nurse, I'd rather be Fighting." Jennifer said, raising her head up fighting.


"Tell you what... Were you issued with Armour?" Rigger asked.


"Everyones issued armour, Sometimes our job includes being Combat Nurses... I've only heard of Three CNs doing such a thing, Other then that its usually Male Medics who do that."Jennifer replied, 


"Then, When I get out of here, I'll pull some strings, and have you assigned to my squad... We're being assigned to Jedi Master Trylan. I've some friends who can have it arranged." Rigger offered.


"I'll take it... Thank you sir..." She said, Quickly Hugging him, then leaving.


"Did she just-- hug me?"Rigger asked, looking over at his helmet expecting an answer.




He heard the shout from outside the Medical room window, He could've sworn it was Jest. 


Rigger got up, Went to his armour (It was nicely set on a stand), And he picked up a tear gas grenade from his belt, and chucked it out the window.


Rigger climbed back into his Hospital bed, as he heard the reassuring small expolison, and Jest Shouting.


"Tear gas is fun!" Rigger said, as he drifted off into sleep.







That took me well over four hours to write...


Be sure to Follow RexFan684 story, aswell, The 211th ANd 414, meet up a few times.


I will be posting a picture to this chapter later in the week, Followed by another chapter, With a picture included.


Be sure to Like my Scifed site for more!!



& Sleep!


Written by x_paden_xPublished on 2014-05-03 22:51:13
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