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Sony Chairman Tom Rothman wants more hate from Ghostbusters fans!

Sony Chairman Tom Rothman wants more hate from Ghostbusters fans!

Scified2016-06-26 12:10:48
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The marketing campaign for a movie is usually a predictable one - Approximately six months before theatrical release a teaser is premiered, immediately followed by the movie's first trailer, with subsequent trailers following in monthly intervals. During this period interviews with well-established media outlets such as Entertainment Weekly, Variety and Empire are released, each slowly releasing small snippets of new information to keep fans and audiences enticed. Then as the movie nears its release date the trailers make way for featurettes and clips, with a barrage of TV spots making up the remaining one-two months before release. Finally, a press screening for those privileged few media outlets along with a star-studded, red carpet premiere and then the movie opens up to the general public.

The Ghostbusters reboot, however, has not pertained to this method of marketing, instead choosing to make headlines from the battle of wits that has ensued between Ghostbusters angry fans and the reboots director Paul Feig, his star Melissa McCarthy and now his co-writer Katie Dippold. A battle that has seen each side accuse the other of sexism, racism, and elitism. Yet, according to The Hollywood Reporter the chairman at Sony Pictures Entertainment Tom Rothman is relishing all of the press that the negativity towards the movie is generating...

“It’s the greatest thing that ever happened. Are you kidding me? We’re in the national debate, thank you... Can we please get some more haters to say stupid things?”

While it is clear that Rothman is subscribing to the principals of the old adage "there is no such thing as bad publicity", today's digital world has all but proven that saying as no longer relevant, with audiences able to access all of the bad publicity that has circled this movie since it's announcement back in August 2014 with just a few taps and swipes on the screen of their mobile phones. With such instant access and subsequently exposure to an overwhelming amount of negativity towards a single movie across virtually every corner of the internet such as news sites, forums, social media and YouTube the failure of Paul Feig's reboot is all but a foregone conclusion. The only thing that can truly save this reboot from bombing spectacularly at the box office is an overwhelmingly positive response from critics at a press screening of the movie, but with such overwhelming negativity associated with the movie will Sony Pictures Entertainment take that risk?

Tom Rothman became the chairman at Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2015 following the dismissal of the former Chairperson Amy Pascal after emails leaked in the Sony Hacking Scandal in 2014 revealed that not only had Pascal mismanaged the studio but had also made racist and derogatory comments about the US President Barrack Obama. Before replacing Pascal Rothman had held the same position over at 20th Century Fox for 18 years since 1994 up until his resignation in late 2012. His disdain for comic book movies such as the X-Men movies and The Fantastic Four had caused friction with regular X-Men director Bryan Singer. While at Fox, Rothman had also worked with James Cameron on the record-breaking Titanic and Avatar movies and founded Fox Searchlight, which funded and distributed independent and British movies for Fox. From 2013 until 2015 Rothman had held the same position at Tri-Star Pictures, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures.


Written by GavinPublished on 2016-06-26 12:10:48
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8 Fan responses to Sony Chairman Tom Rothman wants more hate from Ghostbusters fans!


AtmanAdmin20290 XPJun-26-2016 1:18 PM

Severely passive aggressive, I'd say. I know hey say any publicity is good publicity, but in Ghostbusters' case, I fear that the global consensus is that this movie is not worth the $20 they charge to sit through it in the theater. Sure, some will see it, some might even just be seeing it to confirm their doubts and have n excuse to bash it. Others, the majority of their ticket sales however will be by ignorant movie goers, who have not been following the film's social media presence. My own local radio station was talking about the film and the consensus there too, was that it doesn't look like it's worth the money.

I understand wanting to be in the public view and gain a lot of media attention, but it's just all so negative. 

I dunno about you guys, but I'd rather be less popular and appreciated by a small group of people than widely known and hated by all. But that's my mentality...

Necronom 4

RespectedMember1566 XPJun-26-2016 2:49 PM

Well, with respect Chris, I really don't like the term "passive aggressive." I'm not going to go into detail why right now because no one would be interested, I'm sure.

What I originally thought when reading the title of this thread was that he's probably trying to turn the tables using reverse phycology. 

But on reflection his comments seem to suggest that he's happy that it's gaining so much publicity, whether good or bad it can only be a good thing for them.

They don't care about the art. They only care about the dollar! 


Patient Leech

InitiateMember158 XPJun-26-2016 7:57 PM

The film doesn't look bad because it's all female stars (although I happen to not really find most of them funny), it looks bad because it looks bad! Replace the stars with male leads and it would still look horrible.

But is a Ghostbusters reboot the right platform to push for some sort of women's lib/girl power thing? Okay, so assume that it is: why wouldn't there be 2 women and 2 men? Or three women and one man...? but ultimately that's really not the point. It just looks bad...

And for the record I don't think Melissa McCarthy is funny at all. She's awful. The others I don't have much of an opinion about either way. Leslie Jones is funny, but I suspect her brand of outrageous humor isn't particularly appropriate for Ghostbusters. That was my impression from the trailer.

Patient Leech

InitiateMember158 XPJun-26-2016 7:59 PM

Oh, and yeah.. I think the negativity will hurt the success of the film. For sure.

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPJun-26-2016 10:12 PM

That cheeky fellow looks like a heavier Paul Feig - and seems to have his award-winning personality. The very nature of the majority of the individuals behind this film, in my opinion, is one of political activism in an attempt to push an agenda - one of which I simply do not approve. If you want to make a good film, make it with the intent of telling a good story. Do not center your tale around the sex or skin color of your cast - that simply creates a fog. I desire tales of heroes and heroines - of pirate queens and space cowboys! I do not desire segregated nonsense.

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPJun-26-2016 10:14 PM

PATIENT LEECH - Very well said, my friend. :)

Patient Leech

InitiateMember158 XPJun-27-2016 11:56 AM

Same to you. "Pirate queens and space cowboys" Haha.. is that a reference to something?

Yeah, I'm just gonna watch the originals again. Definitely not gonna give this garbage any money.

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPJun-27-2016 4:26 PM

PATIENT LEECH - I was not referencing anything in particular; I was simply expounding in an attempt to make my feelings known. :)

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