Sammy The Spinosaurus Chapters 8-14
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Sammy the Spinosaurus Chapter 8

The First Hunt

Sammy and Tommy ran for a while, not quite satisfied with what they had eaten, but happy to have had a bite to eat still be alive after the scarred male had seen them. They decided to try hunting. They had been hunting with their parents before, and had an idea on what to do.

Sammy, being the faster of the two, chased their target, a juvenile Edmontosaurus, toward Tommy, who was lying in wait. When Sammy ran out, the herd panicked, thinking that an adult Spinosaurus must be around somewhere. They all ran past the bush Tommy was hiding in, all but their target. Their target ran the opposite direction and Sammy chased it down, bit it's neck, but didn't have the strength to finish it off. Tommy walked over to where Sammy was, and delivered the killing bite. That's when they realized that Sammy can grip a victim or threat, and Tommy can give the killing blow.

They watch the rest of the herd run away as they eat the juvenile, looking for stragglers for future hunts. What they didn't expect, was something else was watching the herd. All of a sudden, the large male ran out of the tree line and killed one of the Edmontosaurus in less than ten seconds. His sister was with him, and she limped out to the kill and began to eat.

Amber and Will saw Tommy and Sammy kill the Edmontosaurus, and they wanted it. They challenged them to a battle, expecting it to be like their childhood battles. Will charged at Sammy and switched to Tommy last second. Tommy was ready for it and quickly side stepped and bit Will's neck, similar to their childhood battles. The difference between then and now is that this time, Tommy didn't let go. He pushed Will around, and after Will was bleeding and starting to go limp, did Tommy let go. Amber had always been the weaker and more cowardly of the two. She didn't attack at all, and when Tommy let go of Will, they both ran. The battle had gotten some attention though.

Sammy heard something behind them, and Tommy smelled it. A large Carcharodontosaurus was running at them. Sammy looked at Tommy, and both began to run. The Carcharodontosaurus is catching up to them, but they are getting close to the scarred T-Rex pair. The male looks up from his meal, and sees Sammy and Tommy, and then he sees the Carcharodontosaurus. He roars at the Carcharodontosaurus, but at the same time, he roars at Sammy and Tommy. They realize the male is mad at them as well, and they see that they are stuck between a rock and hard place, and keep running for the male.

The male looks at them, visibly angry that Sammy and Tommy lead such a large carnivore toward him and his wounded sister, and then charges the Carcharodontosaurus. They run into each other head on, both coming to complete stop. The male steps back and charges it again, this time breaking some ribs. The Carcharodontosaurus quickly turns and runs away, seeing that the male is madder and more determined than it expected.

Sammy and Tommy hadn't even made it to the tree line before the male turned and roared at them at the top of his lungs. He was going to give chase, but he didn't want to leave his wounded sister behind. Sammy and Tommy ran into the thick tree line, and stopped at the top of the hill, watching the male. From their experience, the male was ruthless, felt no emotion, and and they thought he found pleasure in killing due to the massive amount of scars he had. They watch the pair for a while, and see that the male is actually quite gentle with his sister. They watch as both eat from their kill, and after a while, they leave the hill top in search of food. They eventually find their way back to the clearing with the dead Giganotosaurus, which had been completely eaten, only a few bones remaining.


Sammy the Spinosaurus Chapter 9


Sammy and Tommy are almost full grown and have claimed a territory as their own. Sammy is much longer and taller than Tommy at about fifty feet vs Tommy's thirty five feet, but they are close in weight at around six tons, and Tommy is slightly stronger all around. Sammy is the leader of the two, and Tommy doesn't mind being the follower. They are walking around their territory, making sure there are no intruders. They reach a river, which flows quickly through the forest, and still haven't found any threats. Just as they turn to leave the river, a roar gets their attention. The pair of T-Rex that had almost killed their parents years ago challenge them for the territory.

The battle is short lived. Sammy runs in and slashes them, Tommy bites them a few times, and before anything else happens, the heavily scarred pair show up. The male roars at the smaller pair, and they run. Tommy and Sammy stay to defend their territory. This battle is also short lived. The male walks up to Sammy, who slashes him across the face. The male looks at Sammy, mad about it because he had no intention of attacking, and pushes Sammy around, ending up with Sammy being carried off by the current. Tommy, who is now alone, looks at the pair and runs, thinking they were going to try and kill him. He ran away, but in his panic, he ran the opposite direction, away from where Sammy was being carried off by the river.

The scarred pair look in the direction Tommy ran off, and the direction Sammy got carried off in the current, and then at each other, confused, trying to figure out what just happened.

Tommy decides to look for Sammy, but thinks the scarred pair will kill him if he gets too close. He looks for another way to follow the river. He walked up a hill, and when he got to the top, he saw a spot where the river curved and decided to walk to the curve, far away from the scarred pair.

Sammy got carried for miles down the river. When he finally did manage to get back onto dry land, he looked for a meal. The whole time he was thinking about how lucky he thought he was, getting pushed into the river instead of killed. He hoped that Tommy was ok and managed to run away, but he feared the worst.


Sammy the Spinosaurus Chapter 10


Sammy followed the river hoping to find Tommy. It was foggy out, and vision was low. After a while, he got hungry and decided to go hunt first. He came across an Edmontosaurus herd, and got into position, and when the time came, attacked. He caught up to a straggler, and quickly bit it in the neck. He knew Tommy wasn't with him, so he started slashing at it. It didn't die right away, so Sammy changes tactics. He let go of it, and started slashing it's legs so it couldn't escape. When he finally did take out its legs, he began slashing at its stomach, and when it died, he ate.

Tommy walked toward the curve in the river, thinking Sammy would be in that area. He got hungry after walking a few miles, and decided to look for a meal. He found a herd of Diplodocus, and not seeing any other creatures through the thick fog. He walked up to and tried to bite it's neck, but he couldn't reach. Instead, he took a few steps back, and charged at it. This knocked the lightweight sauropod over, and the Diplodocus hit the ground hard. The crash got Sammy's attention, who was just on the other side of the clearing. Sammy went to check it out, and when he saw the still struggling sauropod get killed, he looked at it's killer, a Tyrannosaurus Rex. He didn't think Tommy was capable of killing a Diplo on his own, and left, remembering when he watched the scarred male kill one, thinking it was him.

Both Tommy and Sammy realized that they could hunt on their own, but they preferred to be with each other. That night, they both went to sleep on their own for the first time. They both woke up around the same time early the next morning, and went off in search of the other, unaware of how close they had been to each other.

Meanwhile, the large male and his sister sense them both. The female, who always follows the male, had sensed Tommy and looked in that direction. The male always leads and rarely ever looks behind him to check on his sister, unless she is injured. He sensed Sammy and continued walking in that direction, not paying attention as his sister went off looking for Tommy.

The male continues looking for Sammy, and when he finds him in a clearing, he roars out a challenge to Sammy, thinking he is going to have some fun with him. He doesn't plan on killing Sammy, or even injuring him really bad, he just wanted something to do to kill some time for a while. Sammy turns to face the male, and they walk in circles and don't break eye contact the whole time. When the female didn't show up after several minutes, Sammy got visibly nervous, thinking the female was waiting for the right moment to attack. The male saw Sammy was nervous about something, and stopped what he was doing to sniff the air, to see what's wrong. He didn't sense his sister in the area, and he got a little edgy. Sammy saw this and didn't know what to think about it. The biggest, meanest looking, most vicious carnivore he had ever seen was going into panic mode.

Meanwhile, Tommy is following the river when the female challenges him. He turns and sees her, and quickly prepares for a battle. He didn't see the male, so he was prepared for a side or rear attack. After circling for several minutes, the male hadn't showed up, so he, much like Sammy, got visibly nervous. The female quickly looked around to see where the male was, and when she didn't sense him, she saw it as her first chance at independence from her brother. She slowly looked back to Tommy. The way she turned back to him, combined with the look in her eye, scared Tommy. The female had originally intended to have some fun with Tommy, but now she wanted to do some damage, but not much. The problem was that the female didn't know her own strength, and she quickly overwhelmed Tommy. She eventually pushed Tommy to the ground and he blacked out, bleeding heavily.


Sammy the Spinosaurus Chapter 11


The female looks at Tommy, who is laying on the ground, bleeding and exhausted. Tommy wakes up and looks up at the female, and she has a look of joy in her eye. Tommy thinks that she is enjoying his pain, and thinks that she plans on killing him. She continues to watch Tommy, deciding what to do. She isn't hungry, so she isn't going to kill him for food, and she doesn't actually kill just for the sake of killing like Tommy thought. The female, more than anything, had been happy that she had a chance at independence from her brother, and because of that, was in a good mood and decided not to attack Tommy, and she didn't want to injure him anymore, thinking about how much of an asset he could be in the elimination of a few rivals. She continued to watch him, wondering what he will do.

A short time later, Tommy tries to stand up, expecting to be attacked. Instead, the female continues looking at him, and then turns to leave, looking for her brother, happy about the few minutes of independence she had. Tommy wonders why she didn't kill him, but he doesn't care either, and runs toward a cavern that him and Sammy had found months earlier.

Meanwhile, the male is retracing his steps, hoping to find his sister along the path. Sammy runs off, toward the same cavern as Tommy. He went around the male, who completely ignored him, and continued down the path. He eventually ran into the female. She looked at him, and he looked back at her. The first thing he saw was the blood dripping off the female's teeth, followed by the blood surrounding her mouth and running down her neck. Sammy knew the male would arrive soon, and continued running, thinking Tommy was dead.

Sammy reached the cavern first. He went in and decided to go to sleep, thinking it would be peaceful in the cavern. Later on, Tommy arrived. He sensed he wasn't alone in the cave, and growled a challenge to whatever was inside. Sammy stood up, walked over to Tommy, and didn't recognize him at first, but Tommy recognized him. Tommy quickly mellowed down, and Sammy understood after sniffing Tommy.

Meanwhile, the scarred pair found each other. The male looks at the female, seeing the blood and wondering what had happened in the short time they were apart. He didn't care though. They rubbed necks and continued walking around, looking for something to do. They eventually came across a Herrarasaurus, and pushed it around a little. The male left to do something, and the female stayed behind and watched the small carnivore, which was freaked out by the female. A short time later, the male showed up again, with part of a dinosaur, mangled beyond identification. He set it down by the Herrarasaurus, and then him and his sister walked away as the Herrasaurus began to eat after a moment of hesitation.


Sammy the Spinosaurus Chapter 12

Bad Memories

After a few days, Tommy and Sammy went hunting with the same effectiveness as they always had. They tried to avoid the scarred pair as much as possible, and they generally left them alone unless they were hungry and Sammy and Tommy had a meal. Sammy had noticed that they were leaving them alone quite a bit, and he was happy about that.

Meanwhile, another pair was watching them. It was the pair that had almost killed their mother years ago, and they, unlike the scarred pair, do enjoy killing just for the sake of killing. They were also being watched by a Giganotosaurus and a Carcharodontosaurus, these two enemies they had found while they were still growing up. They had recognized Tommy and Sammy, and all of a sudden, all four rushed out of the tree line toward them. Sammy saw the pair, and Tommy saw the Giga and Carchar. They both ran forward and found their way back to the cavern and hid.

The Giga and Carchar looked at the pair, and before they attacked, they saw that they had a common enemy. At the same time, the scarred pair had seen this and didn't like what happened next. All four turned and walked in the direction that Sammy and Tommy had ran off, and the scarred pair realized that even they couldn't take out all four on their own. They walked off in search of Tommy and Sammy, and they couldn't find them anywhere, so they left, assuming that if they couldn't find them, neither could the other four. They were right, the four carnivores walked right past Tommy and Sammy's hiding place multiple times, not sensing them at all.

Sammy watched as they went past multiple times, and was relieved to watch as they all left. Sammy was reliving some of the times that they had been in contact with all four, and none of them were pleasant. Tommy remembered them all too, and he didn't enjoy the memories either.

The scarred pair watched, and even they had bad memories of all four. The male remembered his experience with all four, the Rex pair being the offspring of another pair that had killed his parents years ago. He shuddered at the memory of watching the end of the battle. He quickly thought of something else, when he and his sister killed the killers. His sister, not remembering their parents as vividly, thought about the Carcharodontosaurus and Giganotosaurus. They had a few run-ins with the Carchar after the incident where she was injured and Tommy and Sammy led them to her brother. The Carcharodontosaurus always attacked them from behind and then would run. The Giga was the mate if the one that had attacked her the same day as when they first met the Carchar.

All four were killers and enjoyed the suffering of others. The male knew this, and knew that all four would have to be killed, and he knew that he and sister couldn't do it alone. They hoped that Tommy and Sammy would survive to adulthood and be able to help them eventually.


Sammy the Spinosaurus Chapter 13

Looking for a Mate

Sammy and Tommy are full grown now. Sammy has a family of his own, and being raised by Tyrannosaurs had helped his hunting and fighting skills. Sammy had been the largest male competing, and he got the strongest female. The female was uncomfortable with Tommy around, so Sammy had driven him off. Tommy knew why, and he had been planning on leaving anyway.

Tommy was searching for a mate of his own. He sensed an unusual number of Tyrannosaurus' in the area, and decided to check it out. He found the area, and there was one male and two females. He decided to try his luck on the dominant female, but he was challenged by the male, who thought Tommy would be easily defeated because he is smaller than average. Before they could begin, the smaller pair, as well as the Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus attacked. The male and two females ran away, and Tommy ran too.

The siblings had roared at Tommy and began to chase him, but the roar got attention. The heavily scarred pair heard the roar, and went in the direction it came from. Sammy heard it too, and got a little worried, but he went to check it out. Tommy had ran until he was at a cliff side. Thinking this was the end, he turned to face the four killers who had chased him there. He faced the male Rex, and got ready to attack. The Carcharodontosaurus charged, and before he reached Tommy, was hit in the side with so much force, he slid in front of Tommy, and went flying off the edge of the cliff over two hundred feet down. A loud roar was heard, but not the Carcharodontosaurus's.


Sammy the Spinosaurus Chapter 14

The end of a Bloodline

Tommy watches the Carcharodontosaurus plummet down the cliff. He turns back to where it had been running at him, and saw the heavily scarred pair, the male standing where the Carchar had been when it got rammed. The female was walking closer, ready for battle, and Sammy was going to be a few minutes still. The battle is currently a 3 vs 3, but the Giganotosaurus was huge, and they would probably need all the help they could get.

Tommy moved away from the cliff side, seeing that it already lead to something getting killed. He stood next to the large male, thinking he was safer there in the battle, not fully trusting the female, and the male knowing this is the moment he was waiting for. The three remaining killers walked over to Tommy and the scarred pair, ready to single one out and kill them quickly. Unfortunately, they all had different ideas on which to eliminate. The male went for Tommy, the female went for the scarred female, and the Giga went for the scarred male.

The scarred male and the Giga look each other eye to eye. When the Giga blinks, the male attacks. He bit the Giga's arm, and quickly ripped it off. The Giga used his good arm and slashed the male just under his right eye. The male jumps back and looks at the Giga, mad about what just happened. The Giga charged the male, and the male sidestepped. The Giga planned for that and lunged. What he didn't expect, was that the male had half expected that, and already had a counter attack. When the Giga missed, the male bit it's neck and after a great deal of struggling, the Giga freed himself.

The scarred female and the other female attacked each other, they didn't bother with the staring contest, they both knew in a battle like this, it was a pointless waste of time. The scarred female made the first move, biting the other female's snout. The other female pulled out and lunged at the scarred female. The scarred female sidestepped, and much like her brother and the Giganotosaurus, the female lunged and missed. The scarred female bit her enemy by the leg, cracking bone. When the other female got out, she quickly attacked the scarred female in a blind rage.

Tommy, being less experienced than the male, fought similar to his childhood battles with Sammy. The male, after attacking and missing multiple times, got frustrated and charged Tommy, not worrying about wether or not he could bite him, just as long as he could do some damage. Tommy managed to sidestep again, and the male looked at Tommy again, nothing short of angry.

By now, Sammy arrived. He saw the scarred pair, he saw Tommy, he saw the other three, and quickly joined in. He went to help Tommy with the male. The male was attacking Tommy, and when Sammy arrived, went for him instead. The male was getting angrier every time he missed, and eventually he blindly charged Sammy and got caught by him. Sammy held the male in place and slashed him, while Tommy bit trying to kill the male.

The large Rex and Giga were moving around the battlefield, and the male pushed it. This sent the Giga into the rival male, Tommy and Sammy. Sammy got knocked off balance, Tommy and the male fell, and the Giga landed ten feet from the cliff side. The large male walked around Tommy and the male, grabbed the Giganotosaurus by the neck, dragged it to the edge, and just before letting go, bit down full force and the Giga's neck made a sickening crunch. The male let go of the Giga, the rest of the combatants shuddered at the sound, and he was about to push it over the edge when he decided to get back in the fight.

He immediately went to help his sister, who was starting to get tired. He grabbed the female by the neck, and before he could kill her, she gave a sudden push. The scarred male stumbled back, bumped into Tommy, who had just stood up and stumbled dangerously close to the edge and tripped, landing on the dead Giga, which cushioned the landing and saved his life. The male got knocked out when the scarred male bumped into him.Tommy had stood up, and now all four turn to the female. She turns to run, and the scarred female gets in the way. She turns a different way, and tries to run around Tommy and Sammy, and when she gets past Tommy, she doesn't turn fast enough and trips on the Giga. She landed next to the mangled body of the Carcharodontosaurus.

The remaining male wakes up, stands up, and charges the scarred male. Unfortunately, the male is too big and the charge does nothing but anger him. He turns to face the last remaining threat, and Sammy, Tommy, and his sister circle the Rex, ready to kill him whenever they want. The male charges Tommy out of desperation and managed to get past him. Tommy bit the male's tail and didn't let go as he struggled. Sammy slashed his face and then bit his neck to hold him in place. Tommy bit the male's neck trying to kill him, but only succeeding in holding him still and injuring him. The scarred male, after being entertained by the Rex/Spino teamwork, walked over, bit the male's back, and crushed his spine and everything else that was in his mouth. The male drops dead, and the scarred male steps back.

Now that the battle is over, Tommy and Sammy look at the scarred pair, scared of them now that they have no common enemies. The two pairs look at each other, and after a long silence, the male lowers his head in respect, and his sister does the same. Sammy looks at them, and mirrors the motion, and then Tommy does the same, after getting over his fear of these two giants that towered over him. The male looks at his sister, and after a gentle nudge, they walk away. Sammy and Tommy watched as the scarred pair walk away, and when they were out of sight, they too walked away, in opposite directions. Sammy then returned to his family, and Tommy went off in search of a mate.


Sammy returned to his family, a little injured and tired, and went to sleep after eating something his mate had killed.

Tommy didn't have to go far to find a mate. The dominant female from the group had watched the fight, and was quite interested now. Tommy didn't have to do a mating dance or anything, the fight was enough for her.

Several months later, their first egg hatched, and Tommy was happy to see his first child. Sammy became a skilled fisher, but still preferred to hunt hadrosaurs, and he began teaching his kids how to hunt, while his mate taught them how to fish.

As for the heavily scarred pair, they went back where they came from, having finished what they came to do. They travelled thousands of miles to get back home, the valley they hatched and grew up in. They arrived early in the morning, and the first thing they did was walk to the area that they hatched, and where their parent's remains lay, partially buried and completely untouched. The male stood still, looking at the remains, deep in thought, remembering something. The female nudged him and he looked at her, and they got closer to each other, knowing that they are all they've got. By know, a few of the older herbivores in the valley had sensed them and looked toward the Tyrannosaur nest. Some of the herbivores had been there since the time the male was a hatchling. They all remembered the scarred pair. They were the reason there were no carnivores in the valley for years after they had left, leaving the herbivores in peace. The male and female look at each other, both having a sense of victory inside them. They both turn and look at the sky, and then roar in perfect unison, signalling their return to the valley, and for the joy of finally avenging their parents once and for all, and everything in the valley scattered, hearing the roars as though they were across a clearing.

If dinosaurs had names back then, these two would be well known, and feared. Their names, Terrance and Thorn.

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