Sammy The Spinosaurus Chapters 1-7
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Sammy the Spinosaurus Chapter 1

The Raid

It's a warm night. A calm river flows through the heart of a Spinosaurus pair's territory, and a little ways down the river, is a Tyrannosaurus pair's territory. Both pairs have nests, and both pairs are asleep.

A pack of Troodon are searching far and wide for a meal. They haven't eaten in over a week, and are getting desperate. They eventually come across the Spinosaurus pair's nest. They grab some eggs, and before they can eat, the parents wake up and give chase. They give up after a couple minutes, but the pack keeps running.

They eventually come across another nest, the Tyrannosaurus pair's nest, and decide to try and push their luck. One Troodon sets the Spinosaurus egg it was holding down in order to get at one of the larger Tyrannosaurus eggs. An egg shell cracking woke up the female Tyrannosaurus, and she roared at the intruders. They ran away without any of the eggs, only one was destroyed, and there is a Spinosaurus egg in the nest.

The next morning, the female looks at the nest, and gets confused by the mystery egg, but looks after like it was one of her own.


Sammy the Spinosaurus Chapter 2

A Strange Hatchling

A few weeks after the raid, the strange egg begins to hatch. When the baby inside finally breaks out, he looks up expectantly at his "mother". She looks at the newborn, confused about it's identity, but she feeds it. The young Spinosaurus, Sammy, eats his first bites a little awkwardly, but soon becomes used to how it is done.

After eating his fill, Sammy decides to explore the nest. His parents are watching him, trying to figure out what is going on. They know that their first hatchling is odd, and don't even think he's the same species.

As night falls, Sammy gets tired and walks toward his parents. They are already laying down, ready to sleep for the night, and Sammy curls up next to them and goes to sleep too. His parents look at him, trying to figure out what he is.

The next morning, Sammy is the first to wake up. He looks for something to do, and eventually settles for chasing a bug around. He tries to catch it, and it landed on his father's foot. He bit trying to get the bug, but ended up biting his father instead. He woke up and looked at Sammy, who quickly ran to hide. His father decided to just ignore it.

Some time later, his parents go hunting. They return quickly with an Edmontosaurus, their preferred choice in meal, and they all eat. Sammy bit a rib and didn't like that it didn't rip out like a piece of flesh. His mother noticed him pulling at the rib, and ended up ripping it out for him. Sammy played with the rib for a while, but got hungry and ate again.

When he finished eating, he decided to play the rib some more. He threw it around and would then go retrieve. After one of his throws, it bounced off a tree and landed in the river with a portion of it sticking up above the water. His parents watched as he walks into the river and awkwardly swims toward the bone. Sammy grabs the bone and swims back out without much trouble, but his parents continue to watch him and see what he does.


Sammy the Spinosaurus Chapter 3

The Runt of the Litter

Several months after Sammy hatched, some of the eggs in the nest began to hatch. Sammy watched as two eggs began to crack. Their mother set a chunk of meat down by the nest, and watched as the first two baby T-Rex walked to the meat and began to eat. A few minutes later, one more egg began to hatch. Sammy watched as a smaller baby T-Rex emerges from the egg and walks over to begin eating.

The first two hatchlings, after eating their fill, start to play fight. When the runt finished eating, he tried to join in, but his brother, Will, and sister, Amber, ignored him and went to play somewhere else. The runt, Tommy, turns to Sammy, a little intimidated because of his size. Sammy looks at him, seeing that he is the first to actually want to play with him, and he nudges Tommy. Tommy was happy about that, and started pushing Sammy.

They pushed each other for a while, but Tommy got tired and decided to go to sleep. Sammy went to sleep next to Tommy, and the other two continued playing. They got tired too, and went to sleep after having some more food.

The next morning, Tommy and the other two woke up first. His brother and sister decided to push him around, and after a while, started biting him. When Tommy bit back, his sister snapped at his face, and Sammy, who just woke up, went and broke it up. He pushed them away from Tommy, and after a small fight, it was obvious Sammy was the dominant of the four. Amber and Will decide to go fight somewhere else, away from Sammy and Tommy.

Sammy looks at Tommy, who was already looking at him. Tommy walked up to Sammy and gave a gentle nudge, and Sammy did the same. Their parents watched this happening, and decided it would be a good idea to keep Sammy around. Sammy and Tommy started pushing each other around, Sammy going easy on Tommy because of their size difference.


Sammy the Spinosaurus Chapter 4

Learning to Fight

About a year later, Sammy and Tommy are play fighting. Tommy knows that Sammy's main weakness is his sail, while Sammy hasn't found Tommy's main weakness yet. Sammy is learning about Tommy's fight style. In a battle, Tommy never makes the first move, he always waits for his opponent to attack. His reflexes are quick, almost as quick as the attack that follows. After the initial dodge, he goes right for the neck. Although with Sammy, he changes his strategy every so often to keep his, and without realizing it, Sammy's skills sharp.

Sammy tries not to make the first move, but Tommy is too patient and Sammy always gives in first. Sammy likes to dodge and slash, but if he makes the first move, he zig zags and then slashes on the right side. Tommy sees this and knows the best way to dodge it, and as soon as he bites, he lets go to avoid hurting Sammy too much.

Amber and Will always use the same strategy against each other. Amber runs at Will and bites. Sometimes Will dodges, and sometimes he doesn't. If he dodges, he tries to bite Amber's neck.

Sometimes Amber and Will pair up against Tommy and Sammy. They all enjoy the 2 vs 2, not realizing how effective it will be in the future. Tommy, being smaller than his siblings, makes up for it with speed and patience. Usually, Amber or Will make the first move, running at Tommy and switching to Sammy last second, or vice versa. Tommy and Sammy can usually dodge, but sometimes they go easy on them and let them get a hit or two.

After a long fight, they decide to go eat. They ate their fill, and then laid down to go to sleep. Their parents watch them, and quite enjoy watching them learn different tactics. After a while, they sense something is wrong, and it begins to rain.They look in the direction they sensed the threat. They stand up and walk over towards the edge of the clearing, not realizing the true danger they are in.


Sammy the Spinosaurus Chapter 5

An Old Rivalry

Sammy's parents walk to the edge of the clearing, expecting a single threat. Suddenly, a second threat runs in from the side and bites their mother. She turns to face the second, still unseen threat. When she gets a clear view of the attacker, she sees it is a Tyrannosaurus, slightly younger than herself, but more experienced. By then, the first threat, also a Rex, emerges from the forest and steps into the clearing.

Sammy's parents back off farther into the clearing. The other two Tyrannosaurs walk into the clearing and size up their opponents. The male looks at their father, while the female looks at their mother. The male suddenly charges and bites their father's neck. He roars in pain and tries to shake him off. Their mother attacks the male, and their father, after getting out of the male's grip, also attacks him. The female attacks their mother, but she didn't get a good grip and quickly lost it. After a couple minutes, the pair managed to knock out their father. Thinking he was dead, they both turn to their mother and roar, and are met with an angry growl. They both ran at her and quickly overwhelmed her, both biting her neck. She roars at them and tries to fight out of it, but she knows it's pointless. She accepts the fact that she's as good as dead and waits for the final bite.

Before the pair can finish her off, an ear-splitting roar gets their attention. Sammy, Tommy, Amber and Will run and hide in a crevice, the attackers let go of Sammy's mother, and she immediately goes to check on the kids before turning to fight again.

The largest, meanest looking Rex any of them have ever seen steps into the clearing and roars at the two attackers again. The two Rexes roar back at the large male. The male, who has a massive amount of scars, and even a section of his spine exposed, looks the larger of the two dead in the eye and doesn't break eye contact as a second, slightly smaller female Rex enters the clearing, lightning flashing behind her as she walks.

The female roars out a challenge to the two threats, and they run away before they risk getting killed by the heavily scarred pair. The large male turns to Sammy's mother, and she roars at them, expecting the worst. The male walks over to where Sammy's father lays unconscious. He sniffs him for a minute, and after determining that he was still alive, looks at the other strange Rex, thinking about something. The female walked over to their mother and sized her up. The male sensed that there were chicks nearby, looks at the strange female again, and growls to leave, knowing that this female will attack at any moment. As they walk away, Sammy's mother sees that they are close to each other, possibly even brother and sister.


Sammy the Spinosaurus Chapter 6

Learning to Hunt

A few hours after the fight, their father woke up. He looked at his mate, wondering how they were all alive. She looked at him, and from the way she was acting, he could tell something strange happened. He sensed something else too, though unsure of what. He wasn't sure what to think, but he decided it was time to teach the chicks how to hunt.

They went to the edge of the nearest clearing. Their father circled around the clearing, looking for anything they could kill. He eventually settled on Diplodocus that was limping. He ran up to it, and went for it's neck. He couldn't reach though, so he tried biting its legs. That didn't work either, so he gave up, thinking of the bad example he just set. They went to leave the clearing, and the scarred pair showed up. The male charged the Diplodocus. He head butted it, which knocked it off balance, and then he pushed it again and it fell to the ground. He quickly bit it's neck and killed it right there.

The family left, amazed by what they just witnessed. Their mother chose their next target, an Edmontosaurus. She ran at it and bit it's neck. She killed it quickly, and the family ate. Their father took the first bite, a little mad at his mate, but still ok with it. Sammy learned a lot that day. He had an idea how to take out a Diplodocus, and he thought Edmontosaurus would be easy prey. He never forgot the scarred pair, and neither did Tommy.


Sammy the Spinosaurus Chapter 7

Driven Off

Several years later, Sammy, Tommy, Amber and Will got driven off by their parents, who felt they were ready to fend for themselves. Amber and Will ran off one way together, while Sammy and Tommy ran off the other way.

Sammy and Tommy got pretty far before stopping to rest. They got hungry after a while and decided to look for a meal. They searched and after a while, heard a fight going on. They walked towards where it was, and they found a dead Giganotosaurus. They walked over and began eating, unaware of what had killed it.

They heard a growl after taking a few bites, and Sammy looked up and saw the heavily scarred male was staring at them. Tommy looked up and saw the male, but he also saw his sister laying on the ground. She was injured, her leg and neck bleeding. Tommy knew better than to disturb any T-Rex, but this is one pair he really wanted to avoid.

He nudged Sammy and they ran off, the male was growling at them as they left, and then he turned back to his sister. They had been ambushed by the Giganotosaurus. It had attacked them from behind, grabbing the female's leg, it's first mistake. It's second mistake, sticking around. The male had turned and seen it, and quickly bit the Giga in the back. It let go of the female, and turned to face the male. The female had momentarily blacked out from landing after her leg gave out, and when she had woken up, she saw her brother dodging and lunging at the Giga, and vice versa. She had a flashback to something similar where she had been knocked out and woke up to her brother on the verge of death, the difference being that he wasn't about to be killed this time. The female roared at the Giga, and it went straight for her neck, trying to finish her off. That's when the male finished him off. The female had the Giga's attention, and with a swift bite to the neck, the male practically decapitated the Giga, his sister's leg in extreme pain, but not broken, and her neck had some deep gashes and was bleeding heavily.

Written by Lord VaderPublished on 2013-12-20 20:07:01
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