Reasons Why Science Fiction Is A Great Genre of Films
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Most people disregard sci-fi movies because it's merely fiction. They forget to realize that science fiction is an idea that doesn't exist but might exist shortly. Some technology that people use today was inspired by a sci-fi movie of a novel before it became a reality. Sci-fi movies not only an excellent source for entertainment but also an excellent source of inspiration. Look at how The Matrix has influenced the development of virtual reality gaming. Sci-fi also depicts some of the problems people face and offer solutions on how to save humanity.

Below are some reasons why science fiction is probably the best genre of movies to have ever graced the earth.  

Talk about real-life problems

Science fiction movies are often based on today's societal problems as much as they are related to political governance. Various sci-fi films have depicted and discussed public health issues, HIV/AIDS, terrorism, the effects of war, slavery, and genocide. 

Sci-fi films are an outlet for filmmakers to talk about sensitive social matters in a satirical and indirect way. However, this has led to some movies such as Metropolis to be banned because they are talking about critical things that actively affect us.

Sci-fi inspire technological development

It's hard to notice the impact of sci-fi movies have had on the technology. However, sci-fi films have significantly impacted the current technology that people use today, from Star Trek's communicator inspiring the first cell phones to Total Recall inspiring driverless cars and Minority Report inspiring gesture-based UI's. Not forgetting Star Wars that have inspired innovative technological advancements such as AI in online Kazino, 3D chess boards, and holograms. The tech geniuses pick a few of the idealist technologies and bring them to life. Most of these technological advancements are very essential in our day to day use.

Creates a relatable society and political system

Most science fiction filmmakers focus on using the future to examine our current issues. Whether the film is about an idealistic peaceful state or a tyrannical state, they, in a way, help us to deal with the problems that people are going through today. This is always done through creating governments that have either stopped working due to global pandemics working its way through survival, combating global warming, pollution, and human survival. For example, the movie Children of Men focuses on a future with common problems such as pollution, terrorist bombings, and nuclear war, leading to women's infertility. Filmmakers can also use a different idealistic future where humanity joins together despite their differences, stopping things like poverty, disease, and war. The best example of this kind of ideology is the Star Trek films. While it is hard to tell what the future holds, sci-fi movies provide equal representation of the future.


If you seated at home playing Kazino on your cell phone, it is all thanks to sci-fi movies. Sci-fi movies have inspired most of the current technological advancements. They are the most creative and imaginative due to the endless possibilities. They allow the film creators to talk about sensitive matters indirectly and helps reflect on the current societal problems.

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