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Random Fights: Mongolian Clash

Random Fights: Mongolian Clash

Scified2014-01-03 10:06:46
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 This is one of the earliest fights I've ever done, and isn't the greatest, but I still like it.


Ding ding ding, its time for random fights, something I just made up, I put two dinosaurs against each other that would probably meat from time to time in real life. I will be doing it like Jurassic fight club, so the quotations are from me talking. Enjoy



It was the Mongolian T. rex. Nearly 40 feet long and 14 feet tall and weighing up to 5 tons. "Tarbosaurus was a bad dude. It had long, powerful legs, and a lighter frame than T. rex, giving it a great running speed." Tarbosaurus also had long sharp teeth backed by a very powerful bite force. "The interesting thing about Tarbosaurus is that its jaw is a lot more rigid than the other tyrannosaurs, this gives it the ability to hold onto wiggling prey without letting go." The arms of Tarbosaurus were also the smallest compared to its body of any tyrannosaur.



Possibly the largest hadrosaur, and he of the heaviest bipedal dinosaurs, Shantungosaurus was a Mongolian beast. It was 50 feet long, 25 feet tall, and weighed up to a staggering 18 tons. "Shantungosaurus was an absolute heavyweight. The only thing keeping it form being the biggest theropod is Spinosaurus, and Shantungosaurus is three times heavier then it. It's even larger than some sauropods so its a good idea not to mess with this guy."




A pair of Tarbosaurus are on the hunt. They haven't eaten for days, and need to find food fast. They stop at a watering hole to drink before continuing their search for food. After drinking, they start heading for the outer edges of the forest they were in, hoping to get a better view despite their poor eyesight. With their acute sense of hearing, they hear something off in the distance. It sounds like heavy footsteps followed by small roars, then a loud bellow spits the air and sends the two Tarbosaurus running towards the sound. They arrive in a lightly treed area to see a Shantungosaurus with an Alioramus under its foot, and another up in a tree, sent flying by the Shantungosaurus's large tail. Slightly scared by the tyrannosaur in the tree, the Tarbosaurus decide to take a cautious approach and roar, trying to get it running, but the hadrosaur stands firm. Then one Tarbosaurus lunges forwards and grabs the front leg of the Shantungosaurus in its jaws. The massive herbivore roars I. Pain and rears up on its hind legs lifting the poor Tarbosaurus off the ground with only his tail touching the ground. The Shantungosaurus shakes the arm with the Tarbosaurus and sends it flying. The other Tarbosaurus takes the opportunity of the distraction and lunges forward, landing a bite right in front of the hadrosaur's back leg. The Shantungosaurus kicks his leg forwards, knocking the Tarbosaurus away. The thrown Tarbosaurus has just recovered, runs in, and bites the throat of the hadrosaur. Shantungosaurus shakes the Tarbosaurus off and starts running into the open desert surrounding the forest. The two Tarbosaurus follow, and quickly catch up to it. The then start nipping at its sides and smacking it with their heads. The Shantungosaurus abruptly stops and turns its side to face the Tarbosaurus. One of the Tarbosaurus, seeing this as giving up and showing its weak spots, run towards it and the Shangtungosaurus swings its huge several ton tail and hits the Tarbosaurus, sending it soaring nearly 30 feet away. The remaining Tarbosaurus is now scared, his teammate is gone, and he is facing a giant alone. The Shantungosaurus charges at the Tarbosaurus and before the tyrannosaur can react, has an 18 ton freight train smash into him at high speeds. Sending him flying and hitting the ground with a thud, killing it. The Shangtungosaurus returns back to the forest to browse on some trees, having not sustained much damage.


Shantungosaurus wins!!!

It was just too big to mess with, and the Tarbosaurus were so desperate that they took on an impossible opponent, and died in the process.

Written by DeltadromeusPublished on 2014-01-03 10:06:46
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1 Fan responses to Random Fights: Mongolian Clash


Jan-10-2014 5:38 AM

Those two Tarbosaurus's made a BIG mistake!

Nice fight Delta! :)

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