Project: Codex - The Fall of paleontology PART 2

Project: Codex - The Fall of paleontology PART 2

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EDIT: Man, Do I really sound like that when I'm stressed? Weird. Anyways, I'd like to take the Time to apologize for my Hiatus on well, Everything. I've failed to so Much as put out a Product in weeks. My fault.


But, What my Main goal of this Series, Is to show a Darker Theme to JW, And, To Inspire Readers to think outside the box. Every Person has the Poetentail for Greatness within them, To write, To Do, To acheive... Greatness. Anyone can do it. Dedicate your Life to something, And Acheive Greatness My friends... It's the Only good fight there is.


Throughout the Series, I'll be using Malcolm as a Comedic Relief and for Philosophy, Although it should be somewhat un apparent throughout this Installment. However, I plan for this to get Real dark in the next Couple of weeks.


Speaking of Time, This chapter should Reach you... Eventually? By the Time I've written this, I'm still only half way through Writing the Actual content of the Chapter. I hope to keep an Update space of Less then two Weeks. I know this chapter is Well over-do, So I'll try and finish as quickly as I can.


And hey,




Part one:


The dust blew slightly over the dry Arid Bad lands of Wyoming. The dusty collection of sedimentary rock worn from Millions of years of wind and rain erosion. The lands were witness to time, They had seem the earth from start, to present. They had seen species start, and end.

Currently, these lands now had a species on it... That it had not seen, in a long, long time. Millions of years infact.


Upon one of the barren ridges, Rested a Group of 4 paleontologists, Focusing on a large animal at the bottom of the hill.


The chilling sounds of the Action of a rifle sliding back, To replenish the spent ammunition echoed along the wind.


Alan shook nervously, as he fell to his knees and set the rifle down.


The beast below let out a long distress call, Before finally bleeding out its last breath.


"The first time such an animal has walked these planes in 65 million years... and all I can do... Is shoot it." Alan shakily said.


"It wasn't your fault alan. We all know the power these things have, It was the only reasonable course of action," John said, Kneeling beside him.


"The thing I dedicated my life to. Studied year on end for... And I just shoot it..." Alan continued.


John sighed. Standing up he Moved over to let someone else take a crack at trying to calm Alan down. He walked over to Jess as Billy and Sarah moved in to comfort him. John was never one to deal with Emotions, But it pained him to see a man like Grant brought to his knees.


John decided to take a closer look of the Specimen, Nearing ever closer to it.


As Johns Boots rested just inches away from the slowly decaying carcass, John observed it.


Velociraptor, Pack animal, Six feet tall, Binocular vision, Long tail for balancing, Thick legs for running,Curved Scicle like claws on Each foot, Metal porturding from the right calve...


Really that Difficult for you to put that together?




Oh, The metal thingy.





John carefully Dug at the object with his fingers, Deciding that he wouldn't get anywhere, Brought out his knife and dug it out of the Raptors Flesh.


Noticing him, Jess slid down the hill to land beside him.


"What'd you find?" She asked


"Not sure, Some sort of Electronic Device, Probably an Ingen tracker... But, It doesn't have any Ingen marks on it... Weird," He said, Putting the peice of metal in his bandanna he used for dusty excavations.


Pocketing the peice of equipment, He patted his pockets down for his phone.


"What're you looking for?" Jess asked


"Whoever's product this is obviously is going to come looking for it, Knowing Ingen, They'll likely burn it, I'd like to take some picture before they do." Jess handed him her Camera phone before beggining to walk back up the hill, "where are you going?"


"To bring the truck around, If we leave this here, We have no real proof."


John thought about that for a minute. By the time he had seen her point, They had brought the truck around, And Alan and billy were covering it with a tarp.


"Theres a storm coming, We should probably get out of here, John, Cover the blood and tracks!" Grant shouted back at him as they hauled the Raptor into the back of the truck.


Compliing, John began kicking sand over top of the Blood and some tracks, Hoping that the wind and rain would wash the rest away.


As the Old truck began rolling away from the Barren Lands, John hopped in. Watching the Thunder clouds roll in, His mind began to think.






A Dark SUV with tinted windows Drove through the Downpour of the Badlands. Each unmarked completely.


Within the Darkened Vehicles, Sat a well Groomed and dressed man, To the blind eye, Would look a business man. The only real Identifying Factor being a Blue and White Tie. Upon his Left arm of his Dark Suit, In Dark fabric a Logo was written.




He watched the Computer inside his car Beep rhytmically, But it suddenly stopped. Looking over, He touched several buttons, And proceeded to veer his SUV off the side of the road and into the Badlands.


Picking up his phone, He dialed a number.


"The package has been Disrupted, Byson-42 Enroute to Terminate and Retrieve,"


An aged femenime voice answered,


"Affirmative B-42, Follow Protocol XT-01, No witnesses."


A grin grew on the mans face as he neared the Specimens Location. Brandishing a Silenced .45 Unmarked Handgun, He stepped out of the SUV. The Rain thumped on the hood of the SUV as he observed the nearby area. Clearly, the specimen wasn't present. The mans phone buzzed, Fishing around in his pocket he pulled it out.


It read:








Given his permissions and orders, The man hopped in the Vehicle, And began driving towards the Paleontology Department.





They had just finished Unloading the Raptor (Which has since been covered up in a tarp so they could drive through town) When the storm hit. Malcolm was waiting inside for John when they had finished getting the Carcass into the Fossil Extraction room.


The dusty air and Rain turned the Air to Mud, but, A pleasant kind. John stood under the over hang of the Department building smoking while Talking to Malcom.


"So, Do you know anything about the Specimen?" Malcolm asked, Popping a Starburst into his mouth.


"Besides that it's not ingen, No." john said, Sighing, "y'know I didn't used to smoke? It started when I began trying to figure out this conspiracy on the park. It's wracking my brain man..."


Malcolm coughed, "Well john, I can tell you that smoking isn't going to help you... What did you invite me out here for? I know that the Raptor had something to do with it, But wasn't actually apart of the inital invite."


John put out his Cigarette, and proceeded to lead Ian inside. As the two walked down the hallway, They passed Billy and Jess discussing where the Specimen could've came from. Further down the hallway, In the fossil Extraction room, Alan and Sarah could be heard Running tests and Making calls to Ingen in California and local Law enforcement.


John opened the door to his office and Lead malcom in.


"For the love of god... This is worse then When I stay at the Office..." Malcolm said, Walking along the large wall of Data.


"I haven't had anytime to add new data to it." John said, Relaxing into his office chair.


"Perhaps maybe I can aid your point John... I mean, I think I already have most of this Figured, You want me to explain? Yeah? Alright. Years ago, When John Parker hammond was still alive, He invited me to inspect his island while applying Chaos Theory to what I saw. Now, If sarah and Alan haven't told you already, That went straight to hell. But, Uh, When Hammond opened his next park, Jurassic world, He invited me to do It again. My answer was of course No, but I was curious to see what he wanted to try and kill me with this time,


"Now, All of the Events of the next Few years, Leading up to 2015, Considering we don't die by an unfortunate Event forcasted for 2012... Y'see, It's 2006 now, Right, The park Started operation, In 2004, Yes? Now, When i did My last Chaos Theory for the Island, Everything appeared, Correct. After a couple of Months, I noticed a Recurring Pattern in Sales. Recalculating that in there, I did another. This one had much much much darker results.


"I Calculated A number of things for John. From again, Sales, To Visitors, To everything. But theres one thing Hammond didn't want to Acknowledge. I warned him of Competetion, Him and Masrani. Neither would listen, and would you look at this. I was right." Malcolm made a Tsk.


"So, You're saying this was a Product of Competion?" John said, puzzled


"Well, Yeah. You're, Uh, You're Lost?" Malcolm Inquired, Pulling out a flask and taking a swig.


John chuckled, "Yeah... A little," John scracthed the back of his head.


"Y'see, Companies battle Constantly over products, Who can sell what, Who can sell it lower, So on and so on. It can get very trying, So one company will release something the other can't, eventually, it will crush the other one. I think this Specimen is a product of such competitions. It's intended to Put Ingen out of business. I think since we found this one so far inland, It's probably safe to say that the main gimmick of whoever owns it, Was that it is inland. Bad mistake, Terribly Bad mistake---" Malcolm was Cut off


"I found this while Examining it, Any Idea of what it is?" John pulled out his pocketed bandanna and passed it over to Malcolm.


"I know what it is... It's just, How could you possibly EVER think it'd be a good idea to bring it with you?" Malcolm dropped the small cylinder on the ground and crushed it.


"Well, What was it?"


"A tracking device." Alan Said, Leaning into the door way. He was wearing a White lab coat that had been stained from years of work in the Extraction room, Was now tainted with blood.


"Precisely" Malcolm said, Sifting through the bits of Mechanical rubble.


"What leads you to say that?" John asked


"We found another while Doing an Autopsy on the Raptor... Speaking of which, We found out who it belongs to..." Alan said, Throwing down a small Electric device, Almost like a Handheld radio, Except thinner. The words, "Biosyn" Imprinted on the side. "Any Idea on this peice Malcolm?"


"I read about something like this. Yeah, Sure. It was a Project intended to use Computers to control Animals, to make a Cyborg if you will... But this, No no no no no, This is leaps and Bounds ahead of that Project... This is very advanced Technology... Years ahead of anything I've worked with..." Malcolm said, Tinkering with the device. Suddenly he stopped.


"Tell me, Alan, John, Did anyone notice a Slight Beeping, A uh, Glow from the Tracker or this... At all?"

Heads shook.


"Well... Heres the problem... it's no longer beeping... If I'm right, And a pray I'm not, they've been following us ever since you moved the specimen."


There was a Buzzing as the Gates to the Compound of the Office was opened.


"Shit, They're here... Alan, Get sarah, Get rid of the Carcass, John, Find billy, Block the door, I'll grab jess and get the car running... We need to get the hell out of here, And soon." Malcolm said, Getting up and Running out of the room, Alan and John followed.


There came a knocking from the door as John ran down the hall way.


"Billy, Grab the gun, LOCK THE DOOR!!" John shouted down the Hall.


A confused Billy Brennan complied, Locking the Double doors and grabbing the gun from above the door. Jess peaked out from her office.


"John, Whats going on?" Jess asked, Watching Billy and John move the Front Desk in an effort to barricade the door.


"Go find Ian, Jess!" Billy shouted as he threw a filing cabinet onto the barricade. Jess Complied and Sprinted down the hallway to go find Ian. The Sound of her Hiking Boots fading as she ran. After they had Barricaded the door, Billy and John began walking backwards from the door.


"Billy, Stay right here, And make sure no one comes through that door, I'm going to grab some of the Evidence and then we'll get out of here." John said, Trotting backwards and then Spinning on a heel after he finished his sentence.




John rifled through his Office, Putting some more critical peices of Info into his Breifcase, And Burning other peices of less important sensitive material. John had just finished shoving his Labtop into the bag when he Heard Billy discharge the rifle. Running out into the hall, He watched Billy Exchange shots with A man at the end of the hallway. Billy was good, Having tons of practice with the old rifle, He was in his element, However, The Biosyn Operative, Had much more experience.


"Son of a Bitch!" Billy shouted, Raising his hand to his Shoulder, Which was now soaked in blood. Billy cursed again as a Round toar through his Theigh. John grabbed billy by the belt and hauled him to the fire escape where Malcolm and the others should be waiting. As Billy was pulled down the haul, He continued to exchange shots with the Operative.


As they reached the Fire exit, The Magazine ran dry. John pulled Billy over his shoulder as he ran towards the Truck. With Jess's help, John managed to get Billy into the Truck as Alan and Sarah Ran Out of the building. Alan was Clutching a Revolver with his old hat in the other. Alan and Sarah were covered in Blood, But neither looked hurt to John. John helped them both in as they pulled away.


As the Truck rumbled down the Alleyway, The fire escape burst open and The Operative stepped out. He aimed the gun towards the truck and then lowered it.


As the Group of Paleontologists, Oh, And Mathamatician pulled out, The man retured to the building.





Byson-42, Of Biosyn sifted through some of the files in the Building. He had wounded one of the Paleontologists, But hadn't scored a Fatal blow. The Tracker had been destroyed when he was a couple Kilometres out, Not a lot, But all of the Equipment inside of the Raptor had been disabled. One of the Scientists who had been Working there Purged most of his Files, Burning and taking them with him.


"Why would you need to take files about old bones with you?" 42 Thought to himself. When he found a peice of Smouldered Paper on the floor, "Burnt in a Rush, judging by the job" 42 examined it.


It was an Ingen Field Report about the Recapture of Something from Site A. It had Plans and Overall Expectancies on it. 42 Chuckled, "So he was on to us? Doesn't look like he fully connected the dots."

42 Collected as much Info as he could from the offices, He neared onto the Extraction room where the last Transmission from the raptor had been.


As 42 Opened the door, He nearly vomitted. The Smell of Dissolving Flesh filled the room.



27 minutes Prior.


"What do we do Sarah?! There Coming for it and theres no way we can get rid of it in time!!" Alan Yelled


"Yes there is, Pass me the Acid we use to Dissolve Limestone, One of the Higher ones... We're going to chemically burn it." Sarah said, Moving it over the Large sink. Alan brought back an Acid Tub marked 10 Sarah dumped it onto the Specimen. The Putrid smell of dissolving flesh filled their noses. Confirmed that their Plan would work, Alan and Sarah dumped all of the Acids onto the Raptor, Slowly turning it into a Puddle of mush in the sink.

Alan ran to go grab some things from his office. Knowing what would Likely happen to the Office, Sarah turned on the gas in the room, And ran out.






42 Emptied the Second Jerry can out in the middle of the hallway. He was to Terminate all evidence, And, He didn't have the time to look harder for more of it. As he approached the enterance, Where he had broken through the Barricade, He threw the Can and whatever was left of it down the hallway.


42 Pulled out a match as he began walking out.


The Explosion from the Gas Threw 42 Far across the Compound. The comination of Multiple Leaking Gas outlets in the Extraction room, Along with the Emptied Jerry can had done the Offices in.


42 Picked himself up from the Dry arid dirt, Watching bits of burning paper and Debris Rain down from the sky. He began walking to his vehicle, Only to see all four tires slashed, and the engine disabled.


42 Grinned. His targets were going to make this fun for him.



The once Proud Bronze Velociraptor Statue that stood infront was disfigured, And, a Bit melted from the explosion.




John watched as Sarah applied the Medical Bandages to Billy's leg. Malcolm and Alan sat in the cab, Discussing where they should go. John sat beside Jess, They sometimes exchanged words, But not a lot during the drive. John offered his Jacket to Jess when she Shivered, She thanked him and took it.


As john looked over the cab as they drove along the Empty Range road, He knew one thing.


"This... This is only the beggining,"








I finished it.... Only took Three weeks.


Again, Sorry. I've got School activities almost every week day, And studying Almost Every week end.


It can get a bit chaotic.


My original intention was to have this in First Person from Johns P.O.V. But... Uh... I Kinda forgot. Kinda. Just a little. The next Chapter will be more First person, Less third person, More grammarically correct.


I kinda pushed to get this one out as soon as I could, So, Forgive me and inform me of any mistakes so I can fix them.


Thanks for Being Patient. I know I don't update as Often as I did, But, I hope to change that.


I think this might be my last Chapter for a Bit, I'm thinking of Writing another "Owen finds" or writing J.A.


What else... Hmmm...


Oh yes, My second year on the Forum. Thats coming up very quickly. Very very quickly.


I'll try and get stuff done sooner and do something Special for my Anniversary.



But until then.


Have a good one.






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