Predators paradise: The story of Ozzy: Ch.6

Predators paradise: The story of Ozzy: Ch.6

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A few weeks have gone by since the Acrocanthosaur family had arrived at the Oasis.  At nine weeks,Ozzy and his sister are even larger. His sister being eighteen feet long and five feet tall. Ozzy himself is sixteen feet long and four and a half feet tall. He's a bit bulkier then her, weighing close to a ton already.

The abundance of prey in the area has drastically increased their growth rate. They are large and strong enough to help in the hunt. A herd of Paralititan lumber slowly towards the oasis, evidently struggling under the ever present heat wave. The mother Acrocanthosaur stands groggily and looks at the new arrivals. The exicted chirping of Ozzys sister stirred her. Something this large would last the family for days. The mother Acrocanthosaur grunted, signaling the start of the hunt. The two youngsters rushed head on towards the sauropod herd, while their mother slinked behind the massive animals.

 The Paralititan were startled at first, but weren't so much when they saw how big the predators were. The Alpha male lumbered right past them, not a care in the world. The others soon followed. Then the shriek of a young animal got the herds attention. They looked behind them to see the neck of a sub adult hanging limply from a massive theropods jaws. It wasn't the mother. The female Saurophaganax threw the sauropod at the ground and roared at the sauropods. The massive animals stared, but moved to the lake. A loss was a loss.

The ear shattering roar of the mother Acrocanthosaur sent the Sauropods running. Confused and a little frightened the Saurophaganax looked towards the tree line. The mother Acrocanthosaur was sprinting direcrlt at him, her sail a bright red color. The smaller Allosaur took offf in the direction he came, abandoning his kill. Satisfied with the reaction, the mother Acrocanthosaur dragged the dead sauropod to the cover of the trees. Ozzy and his sister followed, dissapointed they didn't get to take part in the kill, but happy to have some food.

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Written by CarnosaurPublished on 2014-02-15 11:37:12
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UCMP 118742

NoobMember0 XPFeb-15-2014 11:55 AM

Good chapter. I'm guessing that the Saurophaganax is going to play an important role at some later point.

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