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Predators paradise: The story of Ozzy- Ch.3

Predators paradise: The story of Ozzy- Ch.3

Scified2014-02-12 08:08:04
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It has been three weeks since the Death of Ozzys brother, and yet he has almost completly forgotten about him. Life in the Cretaceous is fraught with death, and Ozzy has become accustomed to it. He is signifigantly larger then he was, and three feet tall and ten feet long, he's the largest of the brood. His shaggy coat of feathers is almost entirely gone, replaced by large round scales. The row of large brown spots sticks everpresent against his forest green skin.

Ozzy looks over to his mom and remaining siblings, and sees they are asleep. He takes the oppurtunity to explore his home. The nest site was huge, surrounded by tall Sequioa and red wood trees. Large shrubs sit at the trees base, this is where is favorite food likes to hide. The birds. He had grown tired of the lizards and small mammals. Now, he wanted bigger prey.

The rustling of a nearby bush gets his attention immidiately. He walks over to the bush and wiggles his tail in anticipation. He lets out a small squeal, to coerce the animal to come from the bush. He was suprised to see the strangest looking bird he had ever seen emerge from the bush. It was almost as large as he was! What he didn't know is this was a dromaeosaurus, and it was in an unpleasant mood. It opened its jaws and hissed at ozzy. Not sure of what to do, ozzy decided to see if the bird looking thing was edible. He tried to get around its side, but it pivoted every time. Growing increasingly impatient, ozzy lunged forward. The raptor tried to jump out of the way, but it was too late. Ozzy fixed his jaws around the Dromaeosaurus' back, and picked it up. He shook it around and threw it to the ground. Hard. The impact killed the Raptor instantly. Ozzy made a mental note on the tactic, and decided to eat the strange animal. The commotion woke the mother Acrocanthosaur, who was now watching from yards away. She had a look of amusement in her eye, and walked over to him. She lowered her head and tentavily pushed him back to the nesting site. As they walked, the mother Acrocanthosaur looked over her shoulder. For where there's one Dromaeosaurus, there are many more.

Written by CarnosaurPublished on 2014-02-12 08:08:04
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1 Fan responses to Predators paradise: The story of Ozzy- Ch.3

UCMP 118742

NoobMember0 XPFeb-12-2014 9:23 AM

I can smell revenge, i don't like the smell of revenge when it's pointed towards the main character.

Great Chapter!

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