Predators paradise: The story of Ozzy - Ch.5
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New threat

The day after the Dromaeosaurus onslaught, the mother Acrocanthosaurus decides it is time to move on. The area is infested with raptors, and their main water source has dried up completely. Ozzys youngest brother wasn't doing that great either. His wounds had became hideously infected, and the young animal was barely able to stand. The mother Acrocanthosaurus issued a low grunt, the signal to start their journey.

They walk out into the clearing outside the nesting sight. It stretches for miles, deep forest all around. The blazing summer sun beat down on the Carcharodontosaur family harshly. They passed the carcasses of many hadrosaurs. Victims of the drought. The mother Acrocanthosaur now felt a sense of urgency. Ozzy tried to not let the heat effect him. He constantly twisted his head in every direction, watching for raptors and ushering his injured sibling on every so often. His sister stayed in the mothers pace, but ozzy and his brother lagged behind.

The two female Acrocanthosaurs were gaining distance. Ozzy squealed at his mother, who only glanced back. Worriedly, Ozzy encouraged his brother to push on. That's when the ambush happened. The Skorpiovenator sprinted from the nearby trees and rammed into the injured Acrocanthosaurus. The young animal was sent flying. It hit the sun baked earth with a dull thud. AnotherĀ Skorpiovenator joins the first, and then turns its attention to Ozzy. He roars at the Abelisaur, but this doesn't stop its advances. Knoeing nothing else to do, he sprinted in the direction his mother was walking in. The Abelisaur was in hot pursuit, but tired out after a minute. It let an infuriated roar, and then joined its counterpart.

Ozzy ran until he saw his mother. The puzzled mother noticed one of her youngsters was missing, and knew by Ozzys fright something had happened. She let ut a mournful growl, but pushed on. The three Acrocanthosaurs soon reached a small Oasis. A small river surrounded by conifer treese on all sides. The mother Acrocanthosaurus walked over to one and scent marked it, then raked her claws against its tough bark. This was now the home of the Acrocanthosaurs.

Written by CarnosaurPublished on 2014-02-14 20:15:09

Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPFeb-14-2014 8:40 PM

Good chapter. I'm enjoying this story.

UCMP 118742

NoobMember0 XPFeb-15-2014 5:42 AM

The poor brother, i was hoping he would survive.

Nice chapter.


NoobMember0 XPFeb-15-2014 9:28 AM

you'll find this story is full of suprises ;)

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