Predators paradise: The story of Ozzy - Ch.4

Predators paradise: The story of Ozzy - Ch.4

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At six weeks old, Ozzy and his siblings are huge. The largest, Ozzy's sister is already four feet tall and twelve feet long. Not to be out done, Ozzy stands three and a half feet tall and measures ten feet. They now accompany their mother on hunts, but all that is about to change.

Ozzy had made a mental note that it had been unusually hot. He let out a whimper, and his mother seemed to know what it was about. She walked over to the dried remains of the stream they always visited.She knew the dry season had settled on Isla Sorna. They would have to move on soon. Hard packed dried mud was basically all that remained of the once smoothly moving creek. The mother Acrocanthosaur gestured for her young to drink. Hesitantly, the three youngsters bent their heads down. Rustling in the bushes immidiatly ahead put them all at unease.

Three feathered heads poked through the buses, Dromaeosaurus. They hissed and sprang forward, into the dark soft mud. Two made their way out with ease, advancing towards the youngsters. They ganged up on Ozzys smallest brother, slashing at him vigorously. The mother Acrocanthosaur lunged forward and snapped one raptors spine, the other one remained on the attack. It had knocked the young Carcharodontosaur to the ground, and was about to finish it off. Ozzy wasn't going to let it happen. Fueled by hate, he ran at the Dromaeosaur. He knocked it into the creek, and bit down on its back. Before it could even defend itself, he crushed its back. With an angry fire in his eyes, he turned on the Dromaeosaurus stuck in the mud. He bit down on its neck, and with tremendous force, ripped it clean off.

The corpse fell into the stagnant water. He threw the head as far as he could, and walked over to his brother. The young animal was covered in gruesome but shallow cuts, he would survive. Ozzy felt warm fluid running down his face, and knew one raptor had gotten a blow in. He shook his head and went to rest in the shade of the Sequioas. The ordeal had wiped him out, and He knew looking for a new water source tomorrow would be a trying affair. He closed his eyes and got a most needed rest.

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Written by CarnosaurPublished on 2014-02-13 19:44:21
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UCMP 118742

NoobMember0 XPFeb-14-2014 4:50 AM

Nice Chapter! Seems like Ozzy already has a killer instinct at such a young age. It's funny because humans that are six weeks old can barely stand.

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