New Rogue One International Trailer!
Scified2016-11-10 18:48:41

Rogue One news has been frequent in recent times, with the latest international trailer dropping a few hours ago!

Now, I am going to break down and analyse the trailer.  So it begins with Director Krennic's Imperial Shuttle flying within the atmosphere of an unknown planet.  Like I said in my Rogue One fan plot, this is most likely a flashback to when Galen Erso is taken by the Empire.  We then get a look at a young Jyn Erso fleeing while the shuttle flies in her direction.


The next few shots are from the second official trailer, but then there is a new one; a shot of a woman giving a young Jyn a necklace.  The woman is most likely her mother, giving it to her as they mourn Galen's capture.  The screen then fades to Jyn holding it in an Imperial Prison on Jedha.


Next, Mon Mothma says that the Rebels have intercepted an Imperial transmission sent by Galen.  This is revealed when Jyn asks why she was chosen for the mission.  We then receive a beautiful shot of a sky with the Death Star rising in the background.  The Death Star is then shown firing its iconic green, planet-destroying superlaser, presumably destroying Jedha as our heroes escape.  It is most likely not as powerful as it was in A New Hope, hence why the planet implodes.  This may also simply be a result of the fact that Jedha is much bigger than the battle station.


Many of the following shots were seen in the second official trailer, until around 1:18.  My guess is that this is in the film's third act, when Galen is broken out by her daughter and the Rebels.  We see that it takes place on the rainy planet of Eadu, the same place where Darth Vader is rumoured to have an action scene where he slaughters Rebel soldiers.


There is then a new shot of a space battle between Rebels and Imperials, with a blue planet in the background.  Must be Scarif, given that it is a tropical planet.


Jyn then says, "We'll take the next chance...and the next...until we win...or the chances are spent."  We then cut to a new shot of the greatest villain of all time, 


But, like all the new shots, this beauty has to be broken down and analysed.  It follows the leaked image of the Rogue One suit, which has the reddish-brown tint in the eye lenses.  Vader's hand is held out with his fingers pinched.  I guess that this shot is after a dissatisfied Vader meets up with Krennic on Scarif after the latter fails to protect the Death Star plans.


Overall, I enjoyed the trailer, and am a lot more excited for Rogue One than I ever was for The Force Awakens.

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I Meme Everything

4,115 XP2016-11-10 18:48:41


AdminAtmanNov-10-2016 7:00 PM

I really quite enjoyed this trailer. I'll be adding some HD screenshots from it to our gallery shortly! Thanks for posting this up.

Darth Shiro

MemberContributorNov-11-2016 2:30 AM


I Meme Everything

Member2KNov-11-2016 4:49 AM

oops the space battle takes place above Scarif.  Eadu is mostly rocky.  Sorry, my bad.

I Meme Everything

Member2KNov-11-2016 5:05 AM

I found a trailer without the subtitles:


MemberInitiateNov-11-2016 7:54 AM

Getting really excited for this movie.

I Meme Everything

Member2KNov-11-2016 8:10 AM


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