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My thoughts on all of the Jurassic Park Movies

My thoughts on all of the Jurassic Park Movies

Scified2014-03-26 16:01:37
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So a while ago, some people had been talking about Jurassic Park 3, most of it in a negative way. I wanted toexpress my fullest opinion on the movie on a discussion, not just a reply. I guess I will also talk about the first 2 movies

Here we go

Jurassic Park

Man, a great movie. Ignoring the boook version, Jurassic Park is definately a masterpiece. It has some humor, themes, and sci-fi action, and of course, dinosaurs. The movie was made for ALL ages. I mean, the movie isn't necessarily for kids, but you can tell they made it so kids would find it more entertaining, like the classic line Hammond says:

"Welcome to, Jurassic Park." And of course the classic theme plays and shows the classic shot of dinosaur herds with scientific innacuricies taht bother me, even thought at that time, dinosaurs were thought to be like that.

One thing I love too is, at that time, it was almost 100% scientifically accurate. Dinosaur positions and characteristics were accurate, but of course now there are dozens of innacuracies and probably even more to be found in the future.

It was also different from other dinosaur movies. You see, a lot of times I find other dinosaur movies stupid, let me explain why. A lot of time, dio movies are about some explorers finding dinosaurs, and that supposedly for 65 GOD DAMN MILLION YEARS, dinosaurs have always been alive and survived the asteroid that hit them, and they were NEVER noticed by people, which bothered me. I am pretty sure you all can get what I mean. Jurassic Park was different, though. We all know cloning dinosaurs, for now, is virtually impossible for many reasons. Jurassic park, though, gave a LOGICAL way of how dinosaurs would now be able to coexits with humans, not that stupid thing where, again, the dinosaurs were secretly alive for millions of years and gone unoticed.

Jurassic Park also had a theme. We all see different themes in movies and books, I think the theme was to show that we should not mess with Mother Nature/God or whatever you believe in. It was also to show that we, as humans, will never know what to expect to happen when we tamper with something we have never expierenced with, like dinosaurs. Even in the book version, Muldoon is thinking to himself about how he remembered that when they cloned the Dilophosaurus, it was all a surprise to them when they found out that they were posionous and had a frill. Michael Crichton, the author, did this to show we have NO idea what to expect if we tamper with nature.

That's my general thought on the movie, as a stand alone movie, I give it a 10/10. As a movie adaptation from a book, I give it a 8/10. None the less, it will still be my favorite movie.

Jurassic Park: The Lost World

When I watched this movie, I was surprised to find it was a bit darker than the first one. In this movei, I felt like they stopped catering for kids and just made a movie meant for pre-teens, teens, and adults to enjoy, mostly adults, how I see it. 

The movie does take a good 45 minutes or so to get that "JP feel" to it, but I think as a movie, it's greatness can compete with that of Jurassic Park. I mean come on, TWO Rexes, who are mommy and daddy and go out looking for their little baby and knock a RV/Train off a cliff in anger, Raptor packs killing people like a short version of "And then there were none," A T-Rex taking the role of Godzilla and terrorizing a city! (They even include a Godzilla reference, if you remember.)

I think the movie focused more on setting a theme for the audience to relflect about after watching it. It showed us how stupid humans can be, never learining from their mistakes. Good old Hammond, still not learning his lesson, Ingen still trying to open up a park, THIS TIME in a city, not off an island. It's like people even got more stupid in this one. It showed us too that we still have no right to mess with nature and animals, we all remember that scene where the people arive on the Island and start stealing the dinosaurs and put them in cages.

As a stand alone movie, I give it also a 10/10/ You still have to wait a good amount of time for it to get rwally good and more action, but in the end, it's worth it. I would watch that movie again just to hear Jeff Goldblum say:

"Mommy's very angry."

However, as an adpatation from a book, I give it a 5/10. I think they changed the book, plot, and characters too much, I mean COME ON, the book has an entirely different PLOT itself.

Now, on to the reason I made this discussion in the first place.

Jurassic Park 3

Man, the reason why we have dumb fanboy wars on this forum, you all know what I am talking about.

I can honestly say they did a pretty good job.

While most people say it didn't have the Juarssic Park "feel" to it, you must not forget for this movie, that there was no book for it to be based off of, Steven Spielberg didn't direct it, and they wanted to put a "new" king.

Spinosaurus, when they created the movie, they, for some reason, wnated to show who the "true" king was, at that time, they thought SPinosaurus was the most powerful creature ever. If you watched some of the bonus commentaries for JP 3, they said that they did the fight between Rex and SPino to show that they weren't kidding about this thing being powerful. Of course, many fans werew angered that some "Red fin thing killed the "KING" of the dinosaurs!" Of course, there comes the bad parts.

For JP 3, I felt there was no theme to it. I felt like they made this movie into some cliche sci-fi monster movie. They made the dinosaurs act and look like MONSTERS. This movie, I felt, was not made AT ALL for kids, strictly for adults and older teens to enjoy. They made Spinosaurus into some comic supervillain who was invincible. While I among the few who think that Spinosaurus was very powerful, it was ridiculous of how it survived a plane crashig into it and breaking through a metal gate, with no problem or any injuries. Then, it has trouble breaking through some weak and wooden door.

Movie logic.

As a stand-alone movie, I give it a 5.5/10

As an entry to the Jurassic Park Trilogy, I give it a 2/10.

Thansk for reading, and please leave your thoughts. And if you could, please give a reputrtion vote for this site.


Written by Raptor-401Published on 2014-03-26 16:01:37
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