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My opinion on Spinosaurus

My opinion on Spinosaurus

Scified2014-03-14 20:22:38
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I would post this on the Jurassic World forum, but the LAST thing the JW forum needs is yet again another Spino vs. rex related topic. I wanted SOME place to post my opinion.. so here it goes. I don't care much about what Science has to say, this is my depiction, and I don't intend to change it.

I think Spino was significantly bigger than Rex. I don't know how much, but just significantly bigger.

I think Spino was just a bit lighter than Rex since it had to be able to hunt in water. I believe it hunted on land just as much as it hunted in water.

I believe Spino was much more stronger than Rex with a stronger bite force.

Now, on to the sail.

I believe the sail was the main weakness and disadvantage for Spino. I believe at the end were Spikes, and on the head of Spino were also spikes. The fin, I believe, if damaged would have resulted in the end of Spino. Even a cut to the fin could have lead to the downfall of Spinosaurus.

I think the sail was used to regulate homeostasis in the body, like regulating temperature. I believe the fins of male Spinos were colorful and used to attract female Spinos, like male birds attract female birds with colorful feathers and such. I also think the fin could be used to warn other dinosaurs to back off or to threaten other carnivores competing for food.

Well that's it, feel free to comment about what else you want to hear about my opinion and also feel free to do what most rex fans do and insult me and try to prove all of my depictions wrong!


Written by Raptor-401Published on 2014-03-14 20:22:38
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12 Fan responses to My opinion on Spinosaurus


Mar-14-2014 8:28 PM

Feel free to e-mail me if you want.


Mar-14-2014 8:36 PM

I agree with all of this. Nice job.

Lord Vader

Mar-14-2014 8:49 PM

If you think Spino is bigger AND lighter than Rex, that's like saying that a shotgun in weaker AND larger than a rifle. Scientists use weight for size, so by your thinking, Rex would technically be larger than Spino. 


Rex vs Spino is as dead as the dinosaurs, but the difference is that Rex vs Spino keeps coming back as a freaking zombie. No matter what happens, no matter how many times we say it's dead, someone brings it up and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. I say screw the bandwagon, and I WILL lock EVERY Rex vs Spino made on the JW forums the MOMENT I see it.


Mar-14-2014 9:50 PM

I know, but I really wanted to post my opinion, there's nothing wrong with that. That's why I didn't post this on the JW forum.


Mar-14-2014 9:55 PM

Plus, weight doesn't mean more strenght.


Mar-14-2014 11:12 PM

True, However, If they just measured pure fat of the dinosaurs... 


Muscles weigh some too...


Mar-14-2014 11:56 PM

I forgot about that, Paden.

Elite Raptor 007

Mar-15-2014 6:48 AM

for pure weight, i think Rex was lot heavier than Spino, but you're right, weight doesn't mean more strenght, plus, size can also be weaknesses, as example, if a rex and spino fight on a rocky river, the rex size could make it more dangerous if it slipped, that's my opinion, okay.


Mar-27-2014 7:34 PM

While i agree to many of your statements, im not understanding why you think its significantly larger than Trex, stronger, as well as the bite force (Which i agree to, exept im a little iffy about the bite, but i think it did have a much stronger bite for what people give it credit for), yet you think it was lighter, even slightly. t as to be either much bigger, heavier, and stronger or smaller, lighter, and weaker or possibly as strong. I dont nowif it was significantly larger, but who knows, we only have had one specimen and it wasnt even complete, but it was enought to say it was larger than any carnivorous dinosaur known today, so i wouldnt be surprised if there were some even larger than it.


Mar-27-2014 7:54 PM

Well, many people think the size was smaller than 60 ft, so by saying significantly larger, I said it was larger, by a very good amount.


Mar-27-2014 8:00 PM

Oh, well then the way you said it was a little confusing, but the size thing, a little far fetched when it comes to weight in my eyes, but i agree about the strength, as well as the bite force to an extent.

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