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Micheal Fassbender talks about Assassin's Creed and Alien: Covenant!

Micheal Fassbender talks about Assassin's Creed and Alien: Covenant!

Scified2016-11-29 03:06:49
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Like any other franchise, the Assassin's Creed series of video games has had its high moments and its low points. While the game mechanics continue to evolve into a much more fluid system that allows players to effortlessly parkour across ancient cities and scale towering buildings with ease, some players would argue that recent games such as Black Flag concentrated a little too much on naval combat than the parkour and stealth aspects that are the series' trademark. All players will agree that the best installments are those featuring everyone's favorite assassin Ezio Auditore de Firenze; namely Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations. The rebellious Spanish heartthrob proved popular with both male and female gamers and helped establish the video game franchise as one of the most lucrative in recent years. No surprise then that Hollywood have adapted it into a movie.

Rather than retell a story from one of the video game series many installments the new Assassins Creed movie will tell a story parallel to those seen in the games with Irish/German actor Michael Fassbender playing the role of death row inmate Callum Lynch whom is rescued from his execution and coerced into participating in Abstergo Industries experiments into genetic memory using the Animus, a machine that allows users to relive the memories of their ancestors. Fassbender will also play Callum's ancestor from 15th Century Spain, Aguilar de Nerha. Directed by Justin Kurzel and also produced by Fassbender the movie will also star Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson and Michael K. Williams. Following the video game series, Abstergo Industries is revealed to be the modern day front for the Templar Order, with Aguilar revealed to be a member of the Assassins Creed, enemies of the Templar Order and champions for freedom and honor. Speaking Recently to ABC news Michael Fassbender spoke at length about his multiple roles in the movie as two of its characters and as a producer...


Although there has been no mention so far by either Fassbender or anyone else attached to the movie, fans are expecting to see franchise favorite Ezio Auditore appear in some capacity in the movie as the popular assassin would have been alive and present during the movies alternate setting of the 15th Century.

Fans may also like to note that Fassbender mentions Alien Covenant in the closing moments of the interview above, citing that while he has yet to see a final cut of the eagerly awaited sequel to 2012's Prometheus, he promises the movie to have the wonder of aforementioned movie and the suspense and terror of the 1979 original - Alien.

Assassins Creed movie news, trailers and cast

Assassins Creed December 21st, 2016

More about Assassins Creed (movie)

After Callum Lynch discovers that his ancestor, Aguilar from 15th Century Spain was an Assassin, Callum relives Aguilar's memories to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to confront the Templars—age-old enemies of the Assassins—in the present day.

Directed by Justin Kurzel, Assassins Creed's release date is December 21st, 2016.

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Written by GavinPublished on 2016-11-29 03:06:49
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2 Fan responses to Micheal Fassbender talks about Assassin's Creed and Alien: Covenant!


AtmanAdmin20930 XPNov-29-2016 6:40 AM

That's nice to hear Covenant will be a blending of what made Prometheus great and what made Alien great. It sounds like this will appeal to the fans more on a universal scale than Prometheus did. Thanks for posting this up!

Gee W

InitiateMember141 XPNov-30-2016 12:52 AM

I'm glad to hear they kept the elements of wonder from Prometheus. As one of the rare people who really enjoys that movie, I'm happy they will continue with the themes set up there. I want to Alien franchise to go forward and open up the universe, not a retread of what has come before for the sake of nostalgia. Sounds like this will be the right mix.

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