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Jurassic Apocalypse: One in the chamber

Jurassic Apocalypse: One in the chamber

Scified2014-04-08 20:54:48
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(This takes place after the events of JW, And Includes some people you "may" Be familiar with... FBR Revelations will probably tie into this... at one point.)




I was Fifteen when the park opened...


When the history of Ingen was revealed, And when Patel Corperation, Opened the parks gates...


It had originally, Gone well... Prehistoric beasts roamed the earth, Once again...


But, Where there is a something new, there is always, Always People who wish to steal it...


Patel Didn't listen when John hammond explained what could go wrong... But, He was coaxed into believing they would do it right...


They cut corners on the park, Something that shouldn't be done...


That was their fault.


In April, 2019, almost four years after the park had been Opened, And closed... The outbreak started...


A select group of Bright young minds, were selected to be apart of a task force, Of genetic sciences... To solve this outbreak...


When I was drafted into the task force, Or "Gen Ops" As it was known, I was working at the Royal Tyrell Museum, I had become known for sharing theroies, Ideas, And even new discoveries with paleontologists. I had even co-authored a few papers on dinosaurs with them. Thats Part of the reason why I was selected, I had recently Signed off into the military, With my basic training finished, And my officer training just a few months away, The museum staff were disapointed to know i'd be leaving again...


That however was never the case.




I opened my eyes, as a green light sparked up in the red bathed cargo bay of the C-130 Hercules, I looked over my shoulder at the men getting up, and checking over their chutes, Before the jump. This, Was not my squad, I knew only a few of the people, But I was selected at the Commanding officer for the squad.


As far as I knew, Most of these people, were dinosaur nuts. With little to no military Training...


"Get your pack on Paden, Were nearing the drop zone!" A man yelled, as the door at the rear of the Cargo plane began to open.


'God save us when paleontologists parachute' I thought to myself.


"Its callsign Dilo, got it?" I told the man as I neared the rear of the plane


"Yeah sure..." He said, turning to yell at more people who weren't ready.


"Attention, We are over the drop zone, Green Light." A voice boomed over the comms.


Everything, Turned green. I looked to everyone behind me, And jumped.



That wasn't the first wrong move though...




We were sent to examine Isla Nublar, To see why the outbreak had started... All of Costa Rica, had been quarintined, To get rid of these creatures. Thats where My squad was, But I got a sudden transfer to this "newbie" squad... I had to change my CallSign, Which Was a pain... We all had Dinosaur callsigns, Which I had argued agaisnt in the Planning stages, But was outvoted by other Officers in Gen Ops...


I had known it was probably going to cost many lives, This one, Single Operation, With only 18 People... But, Once again, Downvoted...


Thats why I was now running through a stream....



I spun around on the heels of my combat boots, My Side arm raised, And I fired six rounds into the dark.


The Magazine emptied, I dropped the Gun into its holster, And began to throw rocks. I heard a few thunks of bone crunching from the rock hitting the damned creatures...


I reached to the top of my helmet to pull down my night vision goggles...


"Oh wait... Thats right..." I muttered to myself, Feeling the wires from where the goggles HAD been mounted.


I turned and ran again, The moon JUST let in enough light so I didn't trip on shit everywhere. In the darkness, I could've sworn I saw A small little Shed, Getting tired of running, I ran to what could be my last sliver of hope.


I turned the rusted door handle, I heard it grind, And foot falls behind me... I quickly got in, And slammed the door shut.


I could hear the door being scratched at, It was metal... I grabbed my tactical flashlight on my gun, And used it to explore the room with my eyes, It was a small room... Maybe only, 3 metres by 3 metres. Some pipes and switches were in one corner...


I locked the door, And found a comfertable spot on the concrete floor, And proceeded to go to sleep..


I heard my Watch Beep, I had one Bar of Connection to military sattelites, just enough to get something in, Not enough to get something out.


The message read:


Ops "Nublar One" Marked failure. Sending Extraction team to extract Gen Ops Team 1. Survivours Send SOS Beacon.



Damn, Not enough Power to Send an SOS out... MY LUCKY DAY.


I thought to myself, Hearing The scratching stop... And a loud roaring begin.




Written by x_paden_xPublished on 2014-04-08 20:54:48
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