Important things to check out

Important things to check out

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Here's the news: I can't think of a good, long, DFA battle, and I'll probably cancel weekly reviews, but here's some scenarios, pictures, and more to keep y'all busy till I get this figured out.



1. A Spinosaurus is chasing you by a lake. There's a Sarcosuchus in the lake. You're in the middle of both carnivores and have 10 seconds until they reach you. What do you do? (P.S. There's a herd of Triceratops in the middle of mating season near this so be careful.)


2. A Quetzalcoatlus is circling you in the sky. You're in a nice, lovely sailboat, but you notice a 30-foot Megalodon and a 20-foot Tylosaurus heading toward your boat. The Quetzalcoatlus is diving in to catch you. What do you do now?


3. A Utahraptor pack has you surrounded. You have a smoke grenade, a flare, and a 10-foot leather and nylon bullwhip. (Hint: Think of the Indiana Jones movies!)


4. You're in the middle of an angry Triceratops and a hungry Tyrannosaurus. 'Nuff said


5. You and all of you're friends all riding armored Utahraptors, Gallimimuses, OR Allosauruses into battle against a Xenomorph hive.



A scene from Predator 2. Hm, look familiar?




Just in case you haven't learned your Xenomorph ABC's.





Now, a little (giant) 5-way battle:


    Zilla is destroying a city! Oh noes! Load the cannons! Use the frayed wires! Shoot it! Okay, he's destroying your city. Soon, something comes out of the ocean: Godzilla.


     Godzilla slashes Zilla with his claws. Zilla retaliates by lunging onto Godzilla. Godzilla is angered more than he is hurt. He uses his Atomic Breath, and it grazes Zilla's back, making him fall down. Something comes out of the ocean! Some aliens needed their time to shine, so they released: Trespasser (but enlarged for the purpose of this battle).


     Trespasser hits Zilla with his head axe, and Godzilla and Trespasser team up and totally destroy Zilla in a short amount of time and claws, an axe on a head, and Atomic Breath. After this, Godzilla and Trespasser fight each other. Trespasser rams Godzilla with his axe head, hitting Godzilla's chest. This makes Godzilla fall down, destroying a couple of buildings. The human race sees this problem, and releases, what other than: A giant, rainbow, giraffe.


     The reptilian behemoths continue fighting, but the rainbow giraffe uses his Rainbow Blast and knocks down Trespasser. Godzilla uses his Atomic Breath, finishing off the alien monster. Soon, Godzilla sees the rainbow giraffe majestically running through the city to fight Godzilla. However, the rainbow giraffe is almost hit by Godzilla's Atomic Breath, and the giraffe uses his Rainbow Blast. Both attacks are stuck in mid-air. However, the girallfe is knocked down by something.


     After Godzilla finishes his Atomic Breath, the unknown monster is a giant Tyrannosaurus! The dinosaur bites down on the giant rainbow giraffe's really long neck, but is hit a little by the giraffe's Rainbow Blast. The giraffe is killed by the neck bite, and the tyrannosaur looks up to see his real opponent: Godzilla himself.


     The giant Tyrannosaurus charges Godzilla and rams him. Godzilla slashes the Tyrannosaurus with his claws, making the giant Tyrannosaurus stumble down a bit. The Tyrannosaurus bites Godzilla's arm, hurting him. Godzilla retaliates and uses his Atomic Breath. The Tyrannosaurus falls down, covered in wounds and scorch marks. Godzilla walks off triumphantly.


     Godzilla feels sharp pain in his tail. He turns around, and sees the giant Tyrannosaurus, still alive. The Tyrannosaurus gets up, still holding on to Godzilla. This causes him to fall down. The Tyrannosaurus is about to finish off Godzilla, but is knocked down by something. It's Zilla, who oddly survived... Zilla bites the Tyrannosaurus in the neck a few times. However, the Tyrannosaurus frees itself and smashes Zilla through a skyscraper. The Tyrannosaurus then bites Zilla in the head, moves its head up, and rips off Zilla's head. He throws it to the ground when he sees Godzilla. He charges the creature, but then, something turns the sides of the battle: Godzilla uses his Atomic Breath for the last time, sending the blast through the Tyrannosaurus's skull. Godzilla starts to feast on the carcasses.


Winner: Godzilla!

It was expected.



One last thing:









Written by Sci-Fi King25Published on 2014-04-01 16:02:10
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