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How to Join Fight of the Ages: Riders!!!!

How to Join Fight of the Ages: Riders!!!!

Scified2014-08-30 13:57:15https://www.scified.com
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Okay, now that we have Part I of the King done, we can now officially begin the entries for F of the A: Riders. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, of course you must follow the directions, because sometimes it’s annoying to keep on checking back and correcting others.

So, that being said, here is how you enter yourself and your dinosaur:

How to enter the Rider

-Please e-mail or PM me who your character is. This should be a human. Restrictions on rider will be shown below

-If possible, provide a picture on the Rider or at least a physical description, a very detailed one the least

-Include any armor and weaponry the Rider has

-Please include a description of the personality! Is s/he crazy, happy, too caring, loving, hateful, biased, dumb, smart, etc.

-Include a basic background for the Rider

-Include both weaknesses and strengths for the rider!!!

-IF s/he is from a story, please include one chapter that best chows the characteristics of him/her

-If it is yourself, well depending on how well I know you, I may ask you more details about you. Nothing personal, of course, things like your greatest fears or things like that

How to enter the Dinosaur

-Give species of dinosaur

-Give other details- Weight, height, age, length, gender, name, colors, feathers (If applicable)

-Give me a list of its hunting techniques

-A background about the dinosaur

-IF it’s from a story, please include a chapter that best shows the qualities and characteristics of the dinosaur

-Note that once comparing other dinosaurs, I may ask for a younger/older dinosaurs or may even possibly ask for a different dinosaur altogether

-Include a picture of the dinosaur

-Any armor or weaponry the dinosaur may have. Of course, do to other contenders that will not have armor, the armor and weaponry will be downgraded most likely upon entering

-Strengths and Weaknesses of the dinosaur

-Personality traits


On the Humans:

-Rider must be human

-Can be you, an alter ego, character from a story, or from a movie, just has to be a human

-No Robot Humans

-No humans with artificial intelligence!!! S/he may be very smart, but no ‘upgraded’ intelligence!!!

-If it is the same human used from the last F of the A, he must have gone under 3-5 significant changes in personality, and 1 change in physical traits


On the Dinosaurs

-Cannot be a robot

-No upgraded intelligence

-IF it was a pack hunter, it will not be able to do pack hunting in the arena

-Description must be scientifically accurate, restrictions to be made on anything that seems inaccurate

-Herbivores are allowed too, so don’t be afraid to include them!

-No camouflage abilities similar to the Carnotaur in the Novel Version of the Lost World. It was able to turn invisible in the book, technically speaking.

-NO genetic modifications

Send to me your dinosaur and human via e-mail/PM. Preferably e-mail, if you have mine. Remember, the dinosaur will and must go under approval. Please do not post your character stats until after I have approved of them.


Check for updates!!!

DEADLINE (To Be Changed)- September 4th, 11:59 PM (SciFied Time)



Written by Raptor-401Published on 2014-08-30 13:57:15
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