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How to Choose CBD Brands You Can Trust

How to Choose CBD Brands You Can Trust

Scified2021-08-24 12:28:42
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The CBD industry has changed a lot in recent years and has been continuously growing to match customer demand. There are now more choices than ever before when shopping for CBD products, both in terms of brands and product types.


While there are all sorts of benefits to having so many different brands to choose from, it can also make it tricky to find trusted and high-quality brands. CBD products are designed to be used daily, and so it is essential to find products that you enjoy taking without any safety concerns.


Luckily, there are a few ways to spot a high-quality brand. Here are five things to look out for when trying to choose a CBD brand you can trust.

#1 Read Other Customer’s Reviews

A great place to start when trying to choose between different CBD brands is customer product reviews. Some websites offer detailed brand reviews, such as this Fab CBD Review, found on Shopping CBD.


Reviews can be a helpful way to judge whether previous customers have been happy with their products and the service that they received. Reviews also indicate how customers are using the products that they have purchased and whether they actually live up to their descriptions

#2 Are Lab Reports Readily Available?

It has become common practice for CBD brands to make lab reports for their products accessible to customers before committing to a purchase. A trustworthy CBD brand should be using third-party lab testing to check both the purity and the potency of their products.


Lab reports allow you to see the cannabinoids and other ingredients that have gone into making a product, even on a micro-level. These reports give an idea of the quality that can be expected from the product. Reports can also help to determine whether there could be potential conflicts with other medications as they list every single ingredient within the final product.


It is never a good sign when a brand hides their lab reports, as this could either mean that they are trying to hide poor quality or do not even have lab reports.


Every brand does things differently, so it is always worth requesting lab reports if they are not readily accessible. This can also be a great way to see what their customer service is like and how they treat their customers.

#3 What Shipping Options Are There?

The varying shipping options that a brand offers can be a good indication of its customer service ethos. It is becoming increasingly common for brands to provide some form of free shipping, whether this is on all orders or restricted to a particular location or price of the order. By offering free shipping, a brand is going the extra mile to make shopping simple and affordable for its customers.


This is not to say that a brand not offering free shipping is not trustworthy, but that it can form part of a larger picture about the brand. Many brands are simply not able to provide free shipping but still deliver excellent quality.

#4 The Range of Products on Offer

It is always worth looking at the range of products that a brand has available. Not everybody has the same CBD needs or wants, and most brands understand this. A reputable brand should offer at least a few different CBD strength options for their products.


Some brands might include guidance for new customers designed to help them choose the right-strength products to suit their needs. This is a sign that the brand has thought about its customer’s shopping experience and gone the extra mile to make it as clear and straightforward as possible.

#5 Where Is the Brand Sourcing Its CBD From?

It is a good sign when a brand is open about where they are sourcing their CBD from. A brand that is sourcing hemp from respected and high-quality farms will advertise the fact on their website or packaging proudly.


Helpful information about the CBD being used can include the type of CBD, whether it is full-spectrum or isolate, as well as the farms the plants were grown on. A brand might also mention whether their CBD comes from a single source and whether farms use organic growing methods.


The more information a brand gives about the CBD they are using, the better, as it demonstrates transparency and confidence in their products.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-08-24 12:28:42
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