Godzilla Wars 2

Godzilla Wars 2

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Part One:

   Godzilla slept on the bottom of the ocean, absorbing radiation and healing his wounds from his epic battle with multiple kaiju. However, soon, he felt a sharp pain in his neck. He bellowed in pain and awoke. He looked, and saw something odd: another kaiju attacking him. It was Krystalak. The smaller creature slashed and bit at Godzilla. However, the King of the Monsters was more agile in the water than the crystal kaiju. He grabbed Krystalak by the tail, and shook him around. Then, he swam closer to the shore, and then swam up to the surface, and smacked the creature around the surface. Finally, he tossed the creature in the air, and stomped on its head with his elephantine foot. Soon, the creature was nothing more than a crushed mess. Then, the King of the Monsters realized with fear and hate: it was happening again.


     He roared, and something swooped out of the sky. It was one of Godzilla’s alien, Rodan. However, the creature was more powerful, and was slowly changing into a more powerful form. The two looked around, and then Rodan saw something large coming from the shore of Osaka, Japan. The two went over to the area, and saw something extraordinary. It was a group of Kamacuras.


     The group screeched at the two. Three of them flew at Godzilla, attacking his head and neck. Godzilla shook them off of him, and bit one in a wing. Godzilla tore part of it off, and then punched it. Rodan moved in, and grabbed the wounded creature in his talons. He gripped it, tearing into its skin. Then, Rodan dropped it onto a skyscraper’s beam, impaling it. The creature was dead, but then four of them flew at him. Rodan knew he couldn’t possible kill all of them, and Godzilla was busy with three. Rodan decided to try to outmaneuver them, and make the giant insects crash into buildings. However, they were too agile, and all of them crashed into a group of buildings. Godzilla, who just finished off all three, waited nervously as the creatures battled in a thick cloud of dust. However, soon, a critically wounded Kamacuras was chased out of the dust by Rodan, but it wasn’t Rodan. The creature had changed. He was now Fire Rodan.


     The two nodded at each other and went out to sea, after the next kaiju. They were joined by their ally and good friend Angirius, who had sensed the radiation from the battle. The three arrived on the shore of Infant Island, and saw a familiar creature. The three were shocked at what they saw. It was a tall, lean, dark blue creature. It had red and black wings sticking out of its back, a buzzsaw on its abdomen, and two double-pronged chainsaws for hands. It was the upgraded Chainsaw Gigan.


     The three roared at the cyborg, who was attempting to kill two Mothra larvae desperately fighting for their lives. They were spraying webs at them, but Gigan would cut himself free. Soon, he saw the three, and screeched at them. It wasn’t long before Fire Rodan screeched and fired his Uranium Heat Beam at the alien cyborg. The heavily damaged creature screeched and flew into the sky. The Mothra larvae joined the three in the fight. They moved into the ocean, after another attack on Hawaii. However, during their journey, they were attacked by the male MUTO.


Part Two:

     The male MUTO swooped down and snatched one of the Mothra larvae in his hooked hands. He then flew away, but Fire Rodan flew after him. Once he got in close enough, he used his Uranium Hear Beam, but the MUTO was too agile. Finally, Fire Rodan flew upwards, and was able to land a good hit onto the MUTO’s back. The ancient parasite screeched in pain and surprise and dropped the Mothra larvae. Fire Rodan swopped down and grabbed the Mothra larva in his talons. He flew back towards the group, and gently set her down into the ocean. Soon, Godzilla roared, and was looking at the sky. He was staring at a large, unfamiliar ship hovering in the air. Eventually, they continued their journey to Hawaii.


     Once the five reached Honolulu, they marched towards the center of the city, where they saw their next opponent. It was large and green, but its stomach area glowed orange. It was Biollante. She roared at the five, and approached them. She snapped her flytrap-like arms at them, but they didn’t back down. Finally, she lunged forward at Godzilla, biting his neck with her crocodilian head and nipping his arms and spines with her arms. Godzilla attempted to free himself, but it didn’t work. However, the Mothra larvae sprayed their silk while Angirius bit and scratched her. Eventually, she let go and stepped back. She sprayed a ray of corrosive acid at the group, but just in time, something intercepted the blast and sent it back at her. It was King Caesar.


     Biollante roared in pain as she was melted by her own acid. After that, Godzilla fired his Atomic Breath at Biollante’s “womb”, while Fire Rodan fired at her head. Eventually, the creature exploded, and the monsters moved on. They shook themselves clear of the remnants of Biollante, and walked off. However, it wasn’t long before they met their next opponent: the female MUTO.


     The creature slammed one of her limbs onto the ground, causing a citywide EMP. Godzilla’s Atomic Breath was affected by the attack, but he could still fight. Fire Rodan swopped in and slashed and pecked the creature. The Mothra larvae sprayed silk at the monster, but soon one was crushed by something. It was Chainsaw Gigan.


     The cyborg screeched, and fired his Titanium Disks at Fire Rodan. The agile creature avoided the attack, and he redirected them at the MUTO. They hit her, and she screeched in pain. Chainsaw Gigan fired its eye beam at Fire Rodan, but King Caesar redirected the blast at the MUTO. The creature screeched in pain, and Fire Rodan fired his Uranium Heat Beam into the MUTO’s mouth, killing it. Chainsaw Gigan screeched, and King Caesar attacked it. However, Chainsaw Gigan cut him with its chainsaws, and then cut him with his buzzsaw abdomen. King Caesar fell to the ground as Gigan fired one last eye beam attack. Godzilla fired his Atomic Blast at one of Chainsaw Gigan’s arms, blowing it off. The alien cyborg flew off, and the group walked off. However, they were confronted by one more creature.


     The creature divebombed the group, attacking them. It was Destoroyah. However, he was killed earlier, but enough members survived to create a flying form. It bit and slashed them. Fire Rodan fired his Uranium Heat Beam as Destoroyah fired his Oxygen Destroyer Beam. The two beams collided, causing a mini-explosion. He fired the beam at Fire Rodan, sending him to the ground. After this, Angirius rolled into a ball and threw himself at Destoroyah. The two collided, sending Destoroyah to the ground. Then, Godzilla stomped on his chest and fired his Atomic Breath. He killed Destoroyah with the attack, and then he went to Fire Rodan’s aid. He screeched weakly, but slowly got up. The creatures would have to journey to the Gulf of Mexico to finish this. The three went into the ocean, ready for battle.


Part Three:

     Once Godzilla and his group reached the shore of Clearwater, Florida, they were immediately attacked by a swarm of 40 Meganula. The swarm attacked the creatures’ eyes and mouths, moping to drive them off. However, they did the opposite, as they bit and swatted the insects. Soon, they were down to five. They flew off, and Fire Rodan chased them. Soon, he darted back, being chased by four Meganula and their queen, Megaguirus. She stabbed and stung them, while Godzilla attempted to bite and swat the creature. Eventually, Godzilla whipped the giant insect with his tail, sending the surprised creature crashing into a building. It collapsed to the ground, and Godzilla stomped down on the rubble, crushing the creature. However, the four remaining Meganula wouldn’t let their queen die.


     The four stung Godzilla a few times, and darted to their nearly dead queen, giving her their remaining power. She slowly got up, and darted at Godzilla. She stabbed and stung him, and eventually Fire Rodan fired his Uranium Heat Beam. Megaguirus was knocked to the ground. Godzilla stomped on the lifeless creature, making sure it was dead. Then, they looked around, searching for their next opponent. That’s when it attacked.


     Angirius was pulled underground, and Godzilla ran to his aid. The King of the Monsters saw nothing, and roared. He heard a roar respond him, and Angirius slowly crawled out. Then, something attacked Godzilla from behind: it was Gorosaurus. The creature roared, and Baragon burrowed out of the ground. Angirius curled up into a ball, and rolled at Baragon. The burrowing creature attempted to avoid the attack, but Angirius was too fast. He crashed into the Baragon, sending the two colliding into a few buildings. Angirius then bit and clawed Baragon, who did the same. Eventually, Baragon got away and burrowed underground, but Angirius rolled into a ball and followed him.


     Godzilla and Fire Rodan desperately fought off Gorosaurus. He was almost as strong as Godzilla himself. As Rodan fired his Uranium Heat Beam, Gorosaurus ran off a bit. Then, when Godzilla attacked, he kangaroo kicked the King of the Monsters. Gorosaurus bit onto Godzilla’s arm, while Rodan swooped in and pecked at Gorosaurus. Soon, the creature was knocked to the ground by a pair of lasers. It was Mothra.


     Angirius, Fire Rodan, and Godzilla stared at Mothra. She had come to their aid, and was ready to battle. This help was needed, as soon they were confronted by their new enemies: Battra and the wounded male MUTO. The two attacked, and Mothra, Angirius, Fire Rodan, and Godzilla went into battle. Fire Rodan fired his Uranium Heat Beam at the MUTO’s head, seriously wounding the creature. It crashed into a building, where Fire Rodan produced powerful winds, killing the creature with rubble. However, as he screeched in victory, he was knocked down by Battra’s Prism Beams. Fire Rodan fell to the ground, and Mothra continued the battle. She attacked Battra, along with Godzilla. However, Battra was eventually too strong for the new Mothra, and she used a used some of her wing scales before falling to the ground. Battra screeched in victory, but then he was knocked to the ground by a powerful blue beam. Battra was struck by Godzilla’s Atomic Breath. Then, the King of the Monsters stomped on the creature a few times, killing it. However, just then, something struck him in the back. He turned around, and saw Chainsaw Gigan.


     The cyborg screeched at his enemies, and they roared back. He flew at them, but Fire Rodan used his Uranium Heat Beam. Chainsaw Gigan mostly avoided, but the blast tool out the end of his tail. Chainsaw Gigan landed again, and fired his laser eye. It hit Godzilla, and he roared in pain. Angirius rolled into a ball, and hurtled himself at the cyborg. However, Gigan was prepared, and hit Angirius with his buzzsaw abdomen. Then, he cut at Angirius with his chainsaws, but before he could kill him, he was attacked by something: King Caesar.


     The creature tackled Gigan to the ground, and started punching him. Gigan fired his laser eye, and it hit King Caesar. He roared in pain, and then Godzilla stomped down on Gigan’s head. Godzilla continues to stomp on Gigan, and King Caesar punched him. Soon, Gigan was nothing more than a pile of metal and intestines. However, just then, a group of aliens, Xilliens to be exact, presented themselves to the monsters. They said something, before releasing their trump card.


     A giant cyborg with three heads and two tails was lowered in front of the group, and it fired beam attacks at King Caesar It then used its capture cables and shocked him while it used its Gravity Beams and its Triple Laser Beam.It was Mecha King Ghidorah. The creature screeched, and fired its Gravity Beams. They hit all three, but Godzilla continued to fight. He stepped forward and turned around. He whipped Mecha King Ghidorah with his tail. This cracked the cyborg’s torso, and damaged the insides. Mecha King Ghidorah used his capture cables. They gripped Godzilla’s arms, and shocked him. While it did this, the middle head fired its Triple Laser Beam at the King of the Monsters. Godzilla roared in pain, and charged up his Atomic Breath. As Mecha King Ghidorah flew into the air and hit Godzilla with his tails, Godzilla stood there. Soon, after King Ghidorah landed, he was greeted by an extremely powerful, bright blast of Godzilla’s Atomic Breath. The blast destroyed the middle head and most of the torso. After this, the creature fired a couple weak Gravity Beams before Godzilla used his Atomic Breath once again. The creature exploded, and Godzilla roared in victory. Him, Angirius, and Fire Rodan went back to the sea. They had defeated monsters worldwide for the second time.


Written by Sci-Fi King25Published on 2014-09-21 18:10:45
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