Godzilla Wars

Godzilla Wars

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Part One

    Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, awoke to the sound of destruction. He was resting near the coast of southern Japan, and something disrupted him. He swam towards the shore, and saw the source of his awakening: Zilla, the mutant iguana.


     Zilla roars, and rushes towards Godzilla. He jumps up and lands on his larger adversary. Godzilla roars in surprise and irritation as the creature tries to penetrate his deep skin. Soon, he was able to shake off his enemy. Before Godzilla could attack Zilla, he was covered in a thick, web-like material. He turned his head, and saw another creature: Kumonga.


     Godzilla desperately tried to free himself as Kumonga and Zilla moved in to finish off the King of the Monsters. Then, the edge of Godzilla’s tail started to glow blue. The glowing traveled up his back plates, and to his neck. Both monsters were confused by this. Zilla looked up at Godzilla’s face, just as Godzilla took in a deep breath. He opened his mouth, and a stream of bright, blue energy shot out of Godzilla’s mouth.  Zilla was killed on impact, and the scorched creature’s lifeless body fell to the ground. Godzilla started to rip apart the webbing, and turned around. Kumonga raised its front legs in intimidation, but Godzilla still moved closer. He grabbed out of Kumonga’s arms just as it started to shoot more webbing. Godzilla threw the giant spider as some building, and then used his Atomic Breath again. Kumonga was dead, and Godzilla was victorious. He roared in victory, and then walked out towards the ocean.


     However, before he got very far, he heard a battle. He turned around, and saw Mothra and Titanosaurus locked in battle, both using their wind attacks. However, Mothra flew up and fired her antennae beams. Titanosaurus deflected the attack, and shot it back at Mothra. The giant moth fell to the ground, and Titanosaurus moved in to finish her off. However, Godzilla moved in from behind, and stepped down on Titanosaurus’s tail. It roared in pain, and Mothra shot arcs of lightning from her wings at the monster, killing it.


     Godzilla swam off, with Mothra flying near him. They sensed another creature, and they swam to destroy it. However, Godzilla felt himself being stabbed in the stomach. He roared in pain and looked. He saw Megalon, the Seatopian beetle god. Godzilla wrapped his tail around Megalon’s neck, and threw him to the surface. The creature smacked to the surface, and Godzilla moved in to finish him off. However, before he could, something started to constrict him. It was Manda, the serpent kaiju. Godzilla roared, and swam to the surface. Mothra flew towards them, and electrocuted Manda with her electric touch. Manda roared and unwrapped himself from Godzilla. The King of the Monsters bit the serpent’s neck and shook him around. Manda gave one final roar before he stopped moving. Godzilla and Mothra continued to move, but soon they were joined by another kaiju: Angirius, an armadillo-like kaiju. The three swam for a long, before reaching the Hawaiian shore. There, they were greeted by Ebirah, Horror of the Deep.


Part Two

     Ebirah roared at Godzilla, Mothra, and Angirius. Godzilla gave an ear-splitting roar, and Ebirah stepped back a bit. Then, Angirius curled up into a ball and launched himself at Ebirah. The giant shrimp roared in pain as it was impaled by a bunch of spikes. While it was distracted with Angirius, Mothra flew at it from behind, and fired her antennae beams. Ebirah screeched in pain and turned around. Angirius then bit onto the Horror of the Deep’s tail, and started shaking it around. Soon, he bit off a huge chunk of flesh, and Ebirah screeched at the armadillo-like kaiju. Then, Godzilla walked up to the creature and stomped his large, elephantine foot onto Ebirah’s head, killing the creature. With Ebirah turned into a nice shrimp dinner for other kaiju, the trio continued their march through Hawaii.


     Soon, something broke out of the ground. It was Megalon! He had escaped the battle and was ready to fight again. Megalon ran up and slashed Godzilla with his drills, but after that, something lifted the Seatopian god off the ground. It let go of him, and slammed Megalon to the ground. Once the dust and debris of the crash was cleared up, the creature revealed himself: Rodan.


     Rodan screeched and nodded to the other monsters. However, soon, an extremely fast creature landed on the ground. It was the alien cyborg, Gigan. The creature screeched, and fired a laser blast from his eye, which hit Godzilla. The King of the Monsters roared in pain, and then Gigan shot out his grappling hooks. They wrapped around Godzilla, and started to pull him in. Gigan also hit the other monsters with his eye laser. Before Godzilla could charge up his Atomic Breath, Gigan screeched in pain and released Godzilla. There was a quick cloud of smoke and sparks as Gigan flew off. Now, the four kaiju saw Mechagodzilla II.


     Mechagodzilla II roared at the kaiju, but didn’t attack. He was sent to help them defeat other monsters.  They needed the help, as they then faced their next opponent: Varan. As soon as Varan was spotted, Mothra and Rodan went to battle the creature. Rodan attacked from the top, slashing and pecking Varan. While Rodan distracted him, Mothra fired her antennae beams at Varan. Soon, the gliding kaiju fell to the ground, where Angirius quickly finished him off with a strong bite to the neck. The three roared in victory, and continued to walk further into the island.


     Near the eastern edge of the island, they met a new enemy, one stronger than any other that they’ve faced before: Destoroyah. The creature roared at them, and they roared back. The kaiju flew at them, and Mothra fired her antennae beams at it. It screeched and flew to the ground. While it was on the ground, it saw Godzilla’s back glow blue. He opened his mouth, and fired his Atomic Breath. While he did this, Mothra fired huge arcs of lightning from her wings. Mechagodzilla II also fired a beam at Destoroyah. After the initial attack, Godzilla moved in and attacked the critically wounded kaiju. He slashed it, but Destoroyah stabbed the King of the Monsters with his horn and punched him a couple times. Godzilla roared in pain, but continued to slash and punch his adversary. Soon, Destoroyah fell to the ground. Godzilla crushed the creature’s spinal cord with his foot, killing it.


     The five swam off to California, in search of other threatening kaiju. During the travel, they were attacked again by Gigan. Mothra fired her antennae beams, while Rodan slashed and pecked him. Soon, Gigan flew in from behind, and fired his eye beam at Mothra. She screeched and fell into the sea, and Rodan turned around and pecked part of Gigan’s eye, cracking it, and then slashed him a bit. Soon, the alien cyborg retreated. After that, Mothra flew up a bit above the surface.


     At the shore, the five were greeted by a new, large enemy: the Three-Headed Monster, King Ghidorah.


Part Three

          The five monsters face the space dragon. King Ghidorah roar at his challengers, and his opponents roar back. Godzilla backs off a bit, and his tail starts glowing blue. Angirius curls up into a ball, and hurtles himself at King Ghidorah. The spiky ball of fury hits the gold space dragon right in the abdomen. King Ghidorah roared in pain, and fires his Gravity Beams. One hits Mechagodzilla II, and then King Ghidorah focuses his attack on the mechanical monster. Once the creature stops attacking, Mechagodzilla II fires a couple Paralysis Missiles at King Ghidorah, while Godzilla steps in. The King of the Monsters opens his mouth, and shoots out his Atomic Blast. The attack damages King Ghidorah’s chest and knocks the middle head right off. The heavily wounded space dragon flies off, but Mothra and Rodan pursue him.


     Mothra fires her antennae beams at King Ghidorah’s back and heads, while Rodan attacks his wings. Soon, the creature lands, but a hole is made directly through the monster’s abdomen. The King of Terror falls to the ground, dead. However, just then, a large blade goes directly through Mothra. The critically creature is pushed to the ground, where it dies. Then, the seriously damaged Gigan reveals itself.


     The alien cyborg screeches and lands. Mechagodzilla II fires a few missiles from its knuckles at the creature, and it screeches at him. It flies off the ground, scythes pointing at the mech. As it zooms at Mechagodzilla II at Mach 2 speeds, the mecha fires a powerful beam from his chest, blowing up Gigan’s head, and finally destroying the alien cyborg. However, they hear a roar, and look in its direction. The final enemy, the mastermind behind it all, reveals himself at last: Spacegodzilla.


     The creature roars and rips a small crystal out of the ground. He throws it like a spear at Mechagodzilla II, and impales it in the chest. This damages the waist, rendering any weapons ore robotics there useless. The mecha fires a few missiles at Spacegodzilla, and he roars as the missiles hit him. Then, Godzilla, Angirius, and Rodan all roar at Spacegodzilla. He turns and faces these new enemies, and roars. Then, Godzilla looks around. He roars, and nods at Rodan. The flying creature starts to destroy some of the crystals, but Spacegodzilla sees him, and fires a Corona Beam at him. The pterosaur kaiju falls to the Ground, and Spacegodzilla fires a few bolts of energy from his shoulder crystals at Rodan. Mechagodzilla II fires his mouth beam and a few missiles from his knuckles at one of Spacegodzilla’s Shoulder Crystals, destroying part of it. The space creature roars in pain, and turns around. He fires an aura, which disrupts Mechagodzilla’s systems. Then, he telepathically throws a large crystal at Mechagodzilla’s head. The top part of it falls off, and then Spacegodzilla fires a Corona Beam right down its middle. The mecha implodes, killing the pilots. However, Spacegodzilla suddenly feels weak. He looks, and sees only three crystals remaining. Godzilla destroys one, and Spacegodzilla roars. He has to finish off the three.


     Spacegodzilla a few bolts of energy from his remaining shoulder crystal at Godzilla. Angirius curls up into a ball, and rolls at Spacegodzilla. He hits the space kaiju right in the abdomen. Rodan flies at him, and pecks at his remaining shoulder crystal. While the two attack him, Godzilla powers up his Atomic Blast. It takes a while, but soon, his eyes glow bright blue. Then, he fires a long, powerful beam right at SpaceGodzilla’s head. He moves the beam down, and blows a hole almost right through the creature’s chest. Then, the dead, headless, and disemboweled creature falls to the ground. The three survivors roar in victory, and then start their long journey home.


Written by Sci-Fi King25Published on 2014-09-21 09:56:45
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