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Godzilla, Jurassic Park, and 5 Other Great Sci-Fi Slots

Godzilla, Jurassic Park, and 5 Other Great Sci-Fi Slots

Scified2020-05-22 13:08:17
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It can be a little overwhelming when deciding on a slot to spend your hard-earned cash.

Where new players might just hit up one of the many slots in the “most popular” section of their casino site of choice, there’s so much more out there to scratch the slot itch. Every theme that you could possibly think of has been transformed into a way to wager in one form or another and at the epicenter of these themed games is, of course, slots.

The best slot to play is up for debate and, depending on who you ask, there’s a huge discrepancy of the best providers, perfect number of reels, best theme etc. But get too wrapped up in the numbers, graphics and slot specs and you’ll quickly lose the most important part of the game - the feel. 

To cut through the technical specs and the jargon that’s formed in recent years we can only recommend playing what catches your eye. That might sound like a given, but there’s a method behind the madness - if you’re playing what naturally draws you in, you stand a much better chance of actually enjoying the game instead of mindlessly spinning on “Starburst” yet again. 

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at just one common theme that (considering you’re reading this post) you’ll fall in love with - Sci-Fi. 

1. Godzilla on Monster Island

Developed by IGT, Gozilla on Monster Island makes up the first entry on our list of sci-fi video slots and for good reason. 

The five-reel, 40-payline slot is one of the best in the industry with 3D graphics transporting players to the giant monster plagued world of Godzilla. There’s a progressive jackpot as well as a further three separate bonus games making this one sci-fi slot loved by many. 

With a chance to as many as 50 free spins, a multiplier of up to 5x as well as a multiplay feature allowing for four simultaneous games at once, it’s a movie adapted slot done right!

2. Jurassic Park 

Powered by Microgaming, it’s Jurassic Park that comes next, a five-reel, 243 payline video slot inspired by 1993 blockbuster. 

The action-packed game is full of dinosaur-inspired surprises such as the “Alert Mode”, occurring randomly whenever a T-Rex symbol finds itself of one of the reels. Players will see 35 wilds occur on the reels for the following 6 spins whenever that happens.

Spielberg would be proud. 

3. Elements: The Awakening

Next up on our list of the very best sci-fi slots comes Elements: The Awakening.

Looking like a 21st-century reboot of “Asteroids”, the slot is stunningly beautiful thanks to the guys over in the NetEnt factory who’ve knocked it out the park with next-level graphics and great animations throughout. 

The Avalanche feature and Energy Meter found in the game are used to trigger the Free Fall Mode and, when players find themselves with 4 in a row, there’s a chance to claim 10 free spins with various Wild’s to keep them company. 

There’s even the chance to win as many as 300,000 coins, that’s something we can definitely get behind. 

4. Terminator 2 

If we’re talking movies, there’s one classic sci-fi film that just cannot be left off of the list and exactly the same goes for the slots - Terminator 2. 

This Microgaming reimagination on the 90’s Schwarzenegger classic into slot form is the movie-themed game we didn’t know we needed. The action-packed adventure combines countless creative and unique features including T-800 Vision, triggered randomly and allowing for all high-value symbols to payout mystery prizes. 

When choosing to spin for free, players will find themselves with a whopping 1,024 ways to win with the top payout of 440,000 coins - we don’t need telling twice!

5. Space Race 

There’s nothing much more sci-fi than the cliche story of a space race and although this Play’n GO creation doesn’t offer the most visually, it more than makes up for it game feel. 

The 5-reel, 20 payline slot is exactly what it says on the tin with a unique bonus round to make things just a little more exciting. 

Activate the bonus and players will find themselves attempting to land on the moon, ensuring that they’re avoiding meteors that try to ruin progress. The bonus allows for several different levels, with the task of selecting grid coordinates to safely park up the spaceship before the inevitable meteor shower begins - you know, typical Space Race stuff. 

If you avoid the meteors and make it through the level, it’s onto the next and you’ll be one small step (or one giant leap) closer to finishing up the mission. 

6. Arrival 

Betsoft’s Arrival makes the number 6 spot of our unorganized list and with galactic police tasked with protecting mankind from an evil alien controlling a powerful robot army, there’s not a lot more you could ask for. 

The players are tasked with the difficult job of piloting the alien spaceship and laughing at the countless crackers-lines sent your way from the shipmate. But it’s not all fun and games, there are some juicy prizes in the bonus round to claim whilst saving the marine’s female colleague who, has obviously, been kidnapped by the villain in the story. 

It’s full marks for the entertainment factor. 

7. Alien

Last up in the list, it’s Alien, a NetEnt licensed game offering a unique mix of an online slot with an arcade game feel.

Complete with an ominous, dark and at times terrifying feel, players will be transported back to their very first time watching the 70’s masterpiece as they fight through three levels. Players should aim to fill the Alien Activity Meter on the first level to access the following level and to battle through the corridor to ultimately reach the Queen Hive. 

If you’re precise with your aim and manage to take out all of the aliens without running out of ammo, you’ll be taken on to the third and final level. Run out of bullets and you’re sent back to the start like cruel digital Snakes and Ladders. 

10/10 - would play again and again.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-05-22 13:08:17
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