Pacific Rim Uprising Jaegers: Old vs. New - Gipsy Avenger
Scified2017-11-09 16:00:10
Written by Chris74,897 Reads4 Comments2017-11-09 16:00:10

Pacific Rim Uprising will introduce a completely new fleet of high-tech, Kaiju-battling Jaeger mechs to the budding Pacific Rim film franchise and standing center stage is Gipsy Avenger.

Gipsy Avenger is an upgraded variant of the iconic Gipsy Danger Jaeger, which acted as Pacific Rim's primary protagonist Jaeger and like Gipsy Danger, Gipsy Avenger will act as the sequel's heroic Jaeger as well. Piloted by John Boyega and Scott Eastwood's respective characters Jake Pentecost and Lambert, this new Jaeger comes with a multitude of enhancements and upgrades which the late Gipsy Danger did not have.

One big change we noticed since watching the first trailer is the upgraded Con-Pod where the pilots reside and control the Jaeger. Unlike Gipsy Danger, the new Avenger has an enhanced digital targrting system and 3D user interface. The manner in which the pilots are positioned in the Con-Pod seems to be more fluid and less strict as well.

Another advantage Gipsy Avenger (and other Jaegers) has is the ability to fly. This was not a feature present to Jaegers in the first Pacific Rim. The Jaegers then acted like humanoid tanks - heavy, well armored, slow moving ground support. The new Jaegers in Uprising seem to be more resourceful and are able to utilize flight to attack the evolving Kaiju threat.

No doubt the ability of flight is a tremendous asset in battle, but we can't help but wonder how these Jaegers will continue to function when using their flight ability for extended periods of time. Surely the fuel consumption used to propel these Jaegers into the sky and safely land back down will be immense. Perhaps their flight time is significantly limited and not to be used frequently?

With regards to weaponry it seems as though the Plasma Canon remains unchanged - if anything the deployment and reload times may have been improved. We also know that Gipsy Avenger will utilize dual chain swords like Gipsy Danger as well.

In addition to the functionality and weapons upgrades, Gipsy Avenger seems incredibly more agile than Gipsy Danger, or even Striker Eureka was from the first film. Some fans question the physics of these new Jaegers given that Pacific Rim portrayed them, their mechanics and their movements in such a realistic way, but perhaps there is an explanation for the obvious improvements. One aspect could be weight - if these Jaegers are able to fly and move as quickly as shown in the trailer, we can assume they must weigh much less than the previous generations. Of course this may also result in these Jaegers being less armored and likely destroyed more easily.

Regardless, the technology present in Pacific Rim Uprising is more advanced than the tech present in Pacific Rim. But can the technology boost explain the vast improvements made to the Jaegers and their abilities? Are you a fan of the new Gipsy Avenger? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

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MemberContributorNov-09-2017 7:33 PM

I like the new upgrades.

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberInitiateNov-10-2017 4:08 PM



MemberContributorNov-11-2017 4:17 AM

Honestly, if you can grapple with the physics the first film established, I don't see why the increased agility is all that surprising.

Striker Eureka was FAST. REALLY FAST. Human levels at times. We see a lot of Striker Eureka's design philosophies applied here. It WAS the most advanced Jaeger ever created at the time, with the greatest blend of speed, strength, and durability. Simple advancements in Jaeger robotics for better limb rotation and joint actuation go a long way in speeding up the full frame. Even then, we see that they aren't Olympic athletes. Not really.


MemberNoobNov-14-2017 1:46 PM

Both these jeagers are going to be my favourites

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