FBR Spino Vs Carchar

FBR Spino Vs Carchar

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FBR Carcharodontosaurus vs Spinosaurus

Carcharodontosaurus was a forty five foot long, seven ton Allosaur from Mid Cretaceous Africa. It was a solitary hunter, but very aggressive and could take Paralititan on its own.
Spinosaurus was a fifty two foot long Spinosaur from Mid Creatceous Africa. It was most likely piscivorous, but may have hunted medium sized prey and scavenged. It lived alongside Carcharodontosaurus, but it is unlikely that they fought much due to differences in their diets.


The year is 2018, and Jurassic World is world famous. Everyone loves the dinosaurs, and the most popular attraction is the T-Rex family that was brought in from Isla Sorna. There is a massive workforce, consisting of about three hundred men, although in desperate times the park can be run by a mere fifty men.
A mid summer heat wave hit the island, and the temperatures soared at over fifty degrees celcius. The Tyrannosaurus family was asleep in the shade of a large tree in the shallows of the river that flowed through every paddock. A Giganotosaurus is drinking from the river, and a Carcharodontosaurus was lying down in a shallow section, only his head above the water. The Spinosaurus was swimming in the river. He was capable of staying under for over ten minutes, and he was seen at ten minute intervals.
After diving to the bottom of the river several times, he found a pipe that he would fit through, and after catching his breath, he went in. He swam for about five minutes before surfacing, and he was spotted by the young Tyrannosaurus, which quickly woke the two adults who faced the submerged threat. The Spinosaurus ignored them and continued swimming.
It found a second pipe, and swam through it too. When it surfaced, it saw something large in the water. It swam closer and bit it, much to the surprise of the Carcharodontosaurus. The Carcharodontosaurus stood up and exited the water. It saw the Spinosaurus and roared. The Spinosaurus rose out of the water and roared back.
They walked in circles, neither very happy about fighting. The Spinosaurus was hungry, and the Carcharodontosaurus was defending his territory. The Carcharodontosaurus didn't want to fight, and he flashed his teeth in an attempt to scare the Spinosaurus away. The Spinosaurus hissed and his sail turned bright red. The Carcharodontosaurus looked at the Spinosaurus's sail, but he didn't back down because he knows that he is stuck in his territory.
The Spinosaurus attacked, trying to slash the Carcharodontosaurus in the face, but he ducked and bit the Spinosaurus in the chest. The Spinosaurus used his other arm and successfully slashed the Carcharodontosaurus in the face, leaving a long cut on his snout. He jumped back and shook his head, and the Spinosaurus charged at him. He ducked and the Spinosaurus bumped into the wall of the plexiglass paddock, much to his surprise.
The Carcharodontosaurus took advantage of the distraction, and bit the Spinosaurus in the leg. The Spinosaurus turned to face him, and then bit his neck. The Spinosaurus started pushing the Carcharodontosaurus around, and after a while, they both got tired.
The Spinosaurus let go of the Carcharodontosaurus, and they both lied down in the shade of a large tree. The looked at each other, still mad and ready to fight. They stood up after a few minutes, and the Spinosaurus was the first to attack.
He walked up to the Carcharodontosaurus, and then sped up and slashed last second. The Carcharodontosaurus wasn't expecting it and took a claw to the side of the head. He jumped back and roared in pain, and looked at the Spinosaurus. The Spinosaurus attacked again, but the Carcharodontosaurus ducked and then headbutted the Spinosaurus in the chest, causing him to stumble back and break several ribs.
They looked at each other again, and the Carcharodontosaurus wants to end the fight. He walked up to the Spinosaurus and bit his neck. He started pushing the Spinosaurus around, and then hit the wall after several minutes. He pushed the Spinosaurus against it several times.
The Spinosaurus got out of the Carcharodontosaurus's grip after he lost most of his energy from the scorching heat. The Spinosaurus didn't like the plexiglass wall, and ran for the water. He dove in and swam back to his paddock and stayed there.
Winner...... Carcharodontosaurus
Similar in weight, similar in size, and more fit for combat, Carcharodontosaurus had a slightly better chance at winning.


Written by Mr.Happy9097 For the FBR series

Written by x_paden_xPublished on 2014-02-16 19:59:17
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