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Written By: Rex Fan 684 For the FBR trilogy


The Classic Match-Up Taking Place in the Jurassic Park Universe

Tyrannosaurus rex

Basic Info-
The king of the dinosaurs. Estimations for this dinosaur’s size average 40-43 feet in length with a weight of 7-8 tons. However, Tyrannosaurus may have reached a max size of 45-50 feet with an incredible weight of 9-10 tons. The most notable feature of Tyrannosaurus is it’s deadliest weapon, it’s jaws. With a skull over 5 feet long and jaws topping 4 feet in length, T-rex may have the most terrifying skull of any dinosaur. Minimally, Tyrannosaurus had a bite force of 6,800 lbs per square inch, with max estimates topping 18,000 pounds per square inch. The teeth of this deadly killer could be nearly 13 inches long counting the root and were extremely thick. Speed estimations for T-rex run pretty wild. The lowest estimates put Tyrannosaurus’ top speed at 5 miles per hour and the highest at 45 miles per hour. Most hover in the 15-30 mile an hour range. It’s been suggested that T-rex hunted in packs.

Jurassic Park Bio-
Rexy, a female Tyrannosaurus, was supposed to be the main attraction at Jurassic Park. It’s been said that she was the first dinosaur created by iGen, but this is not known for sure. Rexy measures roughly 46-50 feet in length and weighs over 9 tons, although it’s hard to get an exact measurement for an adult Tyrannosaurus. Rexy was clocked at about 32 miles per hour. While the only time she broke out of her paddock was when the power failed, she did kill a number of workers and keepers in the preparation of Jurassic Park. She despises Velociraptors and when given the chance, kills them at will. Before the battle with the Big One, she had killed a raptor that wandered into her enclosure, but this never officially happened. Muldoon did not want to upset Hammond, so he said 8 were bred originally, when in reality, 9 were bred. A Spinosaurus was bred for Jurassic Park as a side attraction, but it broke out of it’s paddock and entered Rexy’s. She immediately saw the spinosaur as a rival and killed her by ambushing her. Like the raptor, this never officially happened and Muldoon and Harding told Hammond the Spinosaurus died during development. When the power failed, Rexy broke out and killed numerous people, along with a number of dinosaurs including the Big One. Rexy fought with Lady Margaret at one point and broke off one of her horns. It’s unknown who won the battle.

Triceratops horridus

Basic Info-
Triceratops is one of the most famous dinosaurs ever. Length estimations hover around 23-30 feet, while weight estimations run more wild. Estimations as low as 3 tons have been published with the highest exceeding 12 tons. Triceratops’ main weapon are it’s brow horns that measured over 3 feet in length. It’s been suggested that Triceratops could charge it’s enemies quickly, perhaps as fast as 25-30 miles per hour. This would allow Triceratops to gore it’s opponent and the impact would break a number of bones. These dinosaurs are can be temperamental and form tight herds.

Jurassic Park Bio-
Lady Margaret is the alpha female Triceratops in Jurassic Park. She measures over 25 feet in length and weighs as much as an elephant at 7 tons. She became the leader of the herd after the original alpha was killed by a pack of raptors. She is very protective of the herd, primarily the young. She has charged a number of vehicles and at one point killed a worker. Shortly before the events of Jurassic Park, one of the herd members became sick and Lady Margaret had to be quarantined. She constantly charged the workers in an effort to protect her herd mate. When the power failed, she broke out and tried to rejoin the herd. With the predators running loose, few herd members survived. She later fought Rexy and lost a horn in the battle. What happened afterward is a mystery.



Costa Rican Air Base-

Captain- General, is Gold Squad en route to Isla Nublar?

General- Yes Captain, the napalm bombing will take place shortly.

Captain- Good, I don’t want any dinosaurs running around on any island.

General- That makes two of us.

Isla Nublar-

Rexy begins to make her way back to her home territory. Ever since the power failed, she had been exploring and killing for a long time. She passed the visitor center where she killed a pair of raptors and then walked through what once was the Brachiosaurus and Parasaurolophus enclosure. Rexy sees a Parasaurolophus she killed earlier and feeds off of it. Then, she moves on. She sees the lake and decides to head over to quench her thirst before heading home. On her way over, Rexy catches a familiar scent.

Lady Margaret makes her way to the Brachiosaurus enclosure. She is very thirsty and knows there is a large lake there. She hears a rustling and turns to see what it was. Even though she is down to one brow horn thanks to Rexy, she can still defend herself. It’s just a Gallimimus. She watches as the athletic dinosaur sprints at over 65 miles per hour to catch a small lizard. Lady Margaret continues to head for the lake when she feels the ground begin to shake.

The two rivals look each other in the eye. Both titans recognize each other quickly. Rexy notices the single horn and Lady Margaret recognizes the scars on Rexy’s flank from the raptor encounter. Lady Margaret bellows at the tyrannosaur and Rexy roars back. Rexy begins to circle the Trike, looking for a weakness. Lady Margaret turns to face the tyrannosaur and keeps her remaining horn pointed at the predator. Rexy charges the Trike head-on then suddenly sidesteps. Lady Margaret can not react in time and Rexy slashes her flank. Before she can step away, Rexy receives an injury as well. Lady Margaret swings her head and stabs Rexy’s ankle with her nose horn. Neither dinosaur managed to land a serious injury and the fight continues. Lady Margaret charges Rexy who sidesteps. When Rexy does this, she crushes a Compy under her foot. Lady Margaret is relentless and charges again. She misses and crashes into a tree. Her horn is stuck and she can’t get free. Rexy takes advantage of the situation and attacks. She bites down on the Trike’s hips and breaks a few bones. She backs up and attacks again. This time, Lady Margaret kicks out with her back feet and kicks Rexy in the face. The tyrannosaur roars in pain as four of her teeth fall out. Lady Margaret manages to get free and circles to face her attacker. Rexy charges and grabs Lady Margaret by the frill. Lady Margaret shakes her head, but Rexy holds fast. She twists her head and bites off a chunk of frill. One of Rexy’s teeth is still embedded in the frill. Lady Margaret shakes her head to get the blood out of her eyes while Rexy tosses the piece of frill in the air and eats it like a potato chip. This enrages the Trike who feels like she’s being mocked. She charges the tyrannosaur and slams into her left leg. Her remaining brow horn misses, but she succeeds in slamming the tyrannosaur into the lake and knocking her over. Rexy’s fall sends a startled crocodile running. Angered, Rexy turns on the fleeing croc and slams her foot on it’s head. Killing something makes her feel better. Lady Margaret takes advantage of the distraction and slashes Rexy’s leg with her nose horn. Rexy turns and roars at the Trike as the sky begins to darken.

Gold Squadron en Route to Isla Nublar-

Gold 3- Gold Leader, there’s a storm coming in. We better do this quickly.

Gold Leader- I agree Gold 3, we’ll be there in less than 20 minutes. The bombing will only take a minute or two.

Isla Nublar-

Rexy charges Lady Margaret and slams into her flank. The force of the impact sends Lady Margaret to the ground. Rexy holds Lady Margaret down with her foot and clamps down on the Trike’s shoulder and crushes numerous bones. Lady Margaret kicks out with her legs and smashes Rexy in the face. Somewhat dazed, Rexy stumbles back a few steps. Lady Margaret painfully gets up and turns to her rival. She charges the tyrannosaur, but her injured shoulder slows her down. Rexy has plenty of time to get out of the way. However, Lady Margaret turns with surprising agility and slams her head into Rexy who falls and knocks down a whole tree with her tremendous weight. Rexy gets up and charges Lady Margaret. The Triceratops manages to get away, but Rexy does slash her flank. Lady Margaret is bleeding heavily while Rexy has more internal injuries. Rexy turns and makes a daring move. She charges Lady Margaret head on and grabs her by the frill again. Lady Margaret turns and pivots, but can not shake the tyrannosaur. Rexy pulls back as Lady Margaret shakes her head and breaks off another piece of frill. The momentum of the action sends Lady Margaret’s remaining brow horn straight into Rexy’s right eye. She yanks it out and Rexy gives out a terrifying roar of pain. She charges Lady Margaret and slams her head into the Trike’s flank. This breaks a number of ribs and sends the Triceratops to the ground. Rexy plants her foot on the side of Lady Margaret and rakes her claws down. Lady Margaret bellows in pain. She gets up and prepares to charge. But something stops her. The sound of approaching rotors.

Gold Squadron(Gold 3 and Gold 4)-

Gold 3- Sir, we see a possible bombing location. It’s an open field with a lake near the center. We’ll go in low to see what it’s like.

Gold Leader- Roger that Gold 3, we’ll await your report.


Rexy and Lady Margaret look to see two helicopters coming in low to the ground. Both dinosaurs hate helicopters. All dinosaurs do. The loud rotors and intimidating appearance is too much to handle. Rexy charges Gold 4 and snaps her jaws inches from the cockpit. Gold 4 sighs in relief as she jumps up and bites of the tail of the chopper. Gold 4 goes down. Gold 3 swerves to avoid the enraged tyrannosaur but does not escape the incoming horn of an angry Triceratops. Gold 3 crashes into the lake.

Crater Squadron-

Gold 6- Gold Leader, we lost Gold 3 and Gold 4.

Gold Leader- Alright, enough’s enough. I don’t care where we drop these bombs. We’re just gonna drop em.


Lady Margaret and Rexy look up at the darkening sky. Suddenly, it becomes a vibrant orange and they immediately recognize it as a threat. They run as fast as their legs can carry them. The napalm bombing has begun.

Gold Squadron-

The helicopters begin to turn around as the island becomes engulfed in flames. Gold Squadron feels no remorse. The dinosaurs on that island were a threat to humanity and they just neutralized that threat. Job well done.

Isla Nublar-

Rexy and Lady Margaret practically drag their burned and battered bodies onto the beach. The sun has set and the night is illuminated by a full moon. Rexy and Lady Margaret turn to see the destruction. Their home is gone. A tear leaves Rexy’s remaining eye. The two titans turn and face the ocean. All hatred for one another leaves. It is replaced by a burning desire to see the end of humans. Lady Margaret and Rexy each let out an incredible roar. On their own, each roar would have been impressive. Together, they shake the earth.

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Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPJan-27-2014 8:27 PM

I loved this fight. Good job with this one still.

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