FBR Revelations Part V

FBR Revelations Part V

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Colby moved quickly from CIC, He had a certain pain in the neck whom may know something about this Company. Clenching the kniife blade in his hand.


He nearly kicked down the doors to the bridge.


"What the hell do you want now?" The admiral asked, Balancing most of his weight against a console.


"You know damn well..." He said, Grabbing His supperior by the collar of his dress tunic.


"No I don't know in the slightest bit!!" The admiral screamed, His feet dangling below him on the floor.


"You knew about the weapons contract! Explain yourself Now, You peice of Worthless Flesh..." Colby said, Releasing his grip slightly


"If you weren't heading this mission I'd have you court marshalled..." The admiral cursed under his breath


It was a well known fact the admiral, (Mr.Rel) Was short, And Angry... He was about five foot three, And had became an officer through sheer orders... He "Was" A good leader when he... Wasn't trying to be a complete jack ass...




Shannon, Atlanta, Jeanson, Muldoon, And colby we're in the officers mess, Interrogating Mr.Rel...


"If you'll please hold your questions till the end..." The admiral said, brushing dirt... Or something, Off his uniform.


"15 Years ago, The U.S. government, signed a contract with Patel Corp. They manufacture weapons for us, we give them a favourable pay check... Within the past ten years, They began asking about this island chain, something about how if the government could aquire this, they would not need to pay the company's weapons fee for over 25 years, Genourus deal... We had no Idea what the hell they were doing on these islands, Presumably, weapons development... We helped lease it from costa rica, Under "Unknown" purposes... It took a little pushing, But Costa rican authorities gave in... Patel Bought the island... Actually, He aqquired it when he bought out all the stocks in a Company known as "Ingen" Or international genetics Company... We knew what ingen had done... This, Carrier, Was sent to this island... Hmm, About... thirteen years ago now? To rescue a group of survivours from a plane crash... We conducted searches, But gave up after a short time...


"They've been building some kind of Zoo down here, with dinosaurs, Going to open up next year, But to keep the islands safe, We were asked, CORRECTION, Blackmailed into sending a task force down here to Exterminate Ingens dinosaurs, so no contamination or anything from the species here, would effect the ones on nublar...


"Some disease, Known as 'DX' Has been spreading among the beasts, we believe this is why they are so hostile... Patel Coaxed The UN into believing why this is important to clean up... Good intentions... Bad Idea... The UN went for it, Patel even let them tour the new park... Show how much of a good job they were doing..."


The admiral sighed and took in a long breath of air... He took out a flask, And drank from it.


"So... then, whom owns the knife we found?" Shannon questioned


"I assumed you knew?" He said


"No one knows, sir" Muldoon replied


"We should contact Patel, Inform him about it..." The admiral said standing up


"Room! Dismissed!!" Jeanson called out, He saluted, and the group proceeded to leave the mess.


In the dark corner of the room, A man was mopping up, He wore a Blue Naval shirt, and sunglasses, He had a balding head, and red hair. His Name Tape read "Dodgson".




Colby sat over looking the bridge, Cruz was standing beside him, Over looking the island and flight deck.


"Did you ever notice that man with those baldes coming out of his sleeves?" Cruz asked


"Um, Yeah... I remember seein' him... Why?" Colby replied


"No reason... there is a lot of werid things going on on this ship.." She said, Bringing her arms from her sides, and crossing them across he chest.


"Come to think of it, Did you notice that blue police box in Hanger Bravo two?" Colby asked, pausing and picturing it...


"Corpsman! Bring up Hanger Bravo Two on the screen." Atlanta ordered a nearby marine


"Ma'am yes Ma'am, Brining up Bravo Two Hanger..." The Young Marine flicked buttons on the console infront of him.


The blue box, was there, but it quickly faded out.


"Refresh the image..." colby said, motioning his hand


"Sir, thats a live feed..."


"Why the hell would a Police box disapear?" He asked atlanta


"I don't know... Why would Jeanson Dip Jaffa cakes into tea?" She asked, Making a sort of vomiting motion


"Shut up, Those are good" He said punching he arm playfully




Below decks, in his quarters, Lewis Dodgson entered in, a Sixteen Character Code, Into a missile Launch Program.


"Zulu, Echo, Foxtrot, Four, November, Delta, Papa, Quebec, Seven, Seven, Nine, Alpha, Bravo, Echo, Echo, Six, One...."


He cracked his knuckles and hit the red button on the small laptop.


"Let the fireworks begin..." Dodgson quickly grabbed his phone and called someone "Have the boat here in... Twelve minutes..."


He turned, and left the room, A dead body laying in the corner.




Cruz and Colby talked about many strange happenings on the ship...


A man quickly ran in from outside of the bridge, A mid-light Tropical downpour had started, throwing fog into the fleet of joint-national ships.


He was out of breath, But Explained himself quickly "Bridge lookout, Reporting, Three Unknown projectiles heading towards the Rosenvelt!!!"


Colby turned and picked up the red phone at the side of the wall.


"General Quarters General Quarters, All Hands man your battlestations, Initiate Missile Countermeasure, and Emergency systems, This is not a drill I repeat this is not a drill!!" Colby shouted over the P.A.


Everyone on the flight deck sprinted and ran, Manning Anti-Aircraft Guns, and Missile Countermeasure systems. They were getting as many planes off the ship as possible. Three small spots of light appeared in the foggy sky, Lighting it up. Thats, when C-WIZ (Basically A supped up machine gun on steroids), Lit up, And, starting taking aim at the Missiles.



C-Wiz, Shot down one missile, with the help from Anti-Air, The second one struck the ship, Breaking through three layers before going off...


It was an Electromagnetic pulse missile, Shutting down every electronic system on the ship aswell as ripping a large hole in the middle of the carrier.


"DAMAGE REPORT" Colby ordered, Recovering from the rock of the ship


"Sir, 12 different compartments have been breached... Three floors breached, 21 known Wounded." A technician replied


"Get the jets out of here!!" Cruz yelled at deck hands.


The third missile, was the kicker.


Following the second missiles path, This one, Released three different missiles, Seeking out the control tower, Engine room, Reactor core, And Jet fuel compartment. The well placed second missile, Opened up these other compartments, As the third missile, Punched through the rest of the hull...


"God DAMNIT, Damge report!!" Colby ordered, picking himself up off the floor.


"Unknown Casualties, Engine Room is reporting a direct hit, Reactor core had been ejected, Fuel Compartment has been---" The Technician was cut off by the base of the runway Rupturing from the jet fuel exploding. The ship rocked, Throwing some deckhands overboard.


"Can we still float?" Shannon asked, entering the room, A large gash across her head.


"No ma'am, She may float, But she won't move, she's effectivly imobilized..." The Technician returned, Removing her head set "Give the order to abandon ship."


"Only the admiral can order that!!" Atlanta replied sternly


"He's dead" Muldoon said, throwing the admirals hat across the room like a frizbee. "Murdered by the traitor...."

"Whos the next full senior onboard?"


Colby ran to the phone again

"Attention All hands, Attention, Abandon Ship, I repeat Abandon Ship!!?


A constant Pinging began over the P.A. Signalling abandon ship.


The crew on the bridge began to run, Trying to get away from the sinking ship.




The USS Franklin Rosenvelt, Sank-- Unusually... Most of her decks were flooded, No doubt some did not make it... Her flight deck, was about half a foot underwater, and could be walked on. Her control tower, had suffered a blow from the missile, and A plane stalling from the EMP missile crashing into it.


She was still intact, and was sitting ontop of the bottem of the bay around Sorna.


Everyone scrambled as she settled into plae in the bottem of the Bay.


Or were they scrambling from the dinosaurs...




This'll bug me for a while...




"EVERYONE OUT OF THE WATER!!" Jeanson shouted, Swimming onto a gun boat, as a Spinosaurus burst through the water, and took a sailor in its mouth, and brought it down into the water, drowing, and breaking its neck.


One Thing, They had forgotten, was the water Dinosaurs...


As jeanson Climed onto a nearby boat, he watched as a gun boat fired at the spino, A masasaurus Burst fourth, and landed ontop of it, sinking the boat.


He stood horrified. He had known war most of his life, He had always stood up for those who weren't represented, or misstreated.


Now, some of his friends were being eaten by dinosaurs...


'Not as cool as it sounds', He amde a note of that, and continued on his mission. Picking up a nearby M-16 he opened up on the spinosaurus, 'Pissing it off more...' He thought to himself.


The Spino, Neared his Life boat, The other surviours had shock in their eyes, one stood up, pulled out his side arm, and started firing as well... They all joined it... The spino couldn't hande all the lead... it dove in the water, avoiding the bullets.


The ten crew life boat, cheered...


Then, the spino burst fourth from the water, and slashed and cut through the Life boat.


Jeanson caught himself, on a peice of wreckage (A empty fuel cylinder from an F-18) And tried to swim away from the spino... It looked away from the destroyed boat, back to jeanson.


It let out an ear-peircing roar.


"JUST GET IT OVER WITH!!!" Jeanson "roared" back...


He kneeled down, and began to pray...




*Inside the HMCS Toronto*


"Round Loaded, Gun is hot!!" A sailor in a black uniform shouted.


In CIC, the Turret Barrel, slowly moved in the direction of jeanson.


"Sir, this could easily kill all the sailors in the water...." A deck hand said to the weapons officer


"We need to draw the spino away from the Sailors, aim for the spinal ridge or head..."




Jeansons fate, was held in the hands, on the gun crew of HMCS Toronto.




End Part Five...


It may have been long, but remember, if it took you long to read it, It too me twice as long to write it,...


Sleeping is good!


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