FBR Revelations Part IV

FBR Revelations Part IV

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Arnold looked Up at the ventalation grate above him.


"Damn..." He spoke in a hushed tone.


"Sir, What are we going to do..." One of the sailors asked


"..." Arnold replied, his mouth agape. Where had this gone wrong...


He picked up his Revolver, And pointed it at the air vent.


"Sir... Hit the venting mechanism!!" One of the weapons officers said, Turning from his console to stand, Whiping his knife from his boot.


Arnold remembered... How could he possibly forget?


His father worked with the navy, Until he passed from unknown causes on a work site somewhere near the island he was on now... He had only accepted to mission for closure. John Arnold, Would always bring something home for his son, Johnathan, when he returned from his job. Most of the times they had been Warship models from around the world.


Arnold took aim, The metal sights lining up with a small box beside the air grate with a small green blinking light. The animal, it was, Intelligent, Not like the presence he had felt from study fossils before the mission of Velociraptors... The animal began to chew through the bar.


"Now or Never Sir!!" Another Technician yelled at him, Producing a knife from his wrist on some sort of, mechanism...


"To hell with it!!" Arnold shouted. He fired every shot he had.


Two landed on their mark. Destorying the small system. the remaining five, went through the grate bars and into the creature. Warm sticky blood dripped down as the grates sealed themselves closed. All of them. Except several Very small grates on the walls. A rat would have trouble getting through them, They kicked on, And a resinating Whirring echoed through the room.



"Man... That could've gone any way..." Said a much more relaxed sailor, Reclining back in his chair, twirling his combat knife.


"I think i'll go call the bridge from one of the corridor phones..." Said another technician, already at the door


"NO, DONT---" They all screamed, but it was too late, He slipped out the door... And into his fate...


The door, Latched behind the sailor. If he had only thought his plan though more. The raptors, Pounced from all angles, Tearing him to shreads. No remorse... No Fear... No mercy... Only death.


The crew in CIC, could hear the crunching of bones, And his screams, that were silenced with the revolting sound, of a neck be broken.


CIC fell silent. They could no longer leave the room. A metal pin, dropped from one of the air vents. On that pin, Graced an eagle, Above an anchor with a wreath of Maple Leafs, at the top, was a crown.


"Get the god damned phones online... NOW!!" arnold barked, As the weapons officer, he was a failry cool and collected guy, An officer many sailors looked up to, He was known, however to deliever a fatal blow with his rank if you crossed him, or if you failed your task.. He held the pin in the palm of his hand, It was soaked with blood.




Colby graced the corrdors to CIC with a speed and watchfulness in his stride. His weapon was kept at his side. The bridge had not heard from CIC in well over an hour. Colbys paces slowed as he heard the crunching of bones.


"Well... I'll be a son of a gun..." Colby whispered to himself. He quickly turned the corner and opened up. When his clip was empty, He came over to the dead carcass infront of him. He classified it as a velociraptor. This one... was different However.


It had a Oval metalic cylinder in its left hip, Colby withdrew his combat knife, and cut it from the flesh of the animal. He brushed off any excess flesh or bone fibres, And proceeded to spit on the cyclinder. He used his gloves to wipe the mixture of blood and saliva off the cylinder...


It was no Bigger then a CO2 cylinder for a BB Gun, it was actually much smaller. Colby examined the Cylinder with his eyes, Rolling it over in his fingers... Then something, no larger then a Quarter in diameter written on the side.


"Patel Corperation? The hell is that supposed to mean" He said, He was squating beside his kill, examining the peice of metal.


One end of the cylinder, had been grazed by a bullet, Which had exposed it from the leg. Had wires and framents of green light fixed in.


He tucked it into an empty ammo pocket as he heard another animal pounding on a door near CIC.


Something, Something, He Did not-- Could not place his finger on, was ticking in the back of his brain. He had a friend who had worked at Ingen, She was very excited over something the last time he spoke to her... 'What was it??' He thought to himself, As he killed another Monster with his lead tipped bullets.



Colby reached CIC, and tapped out an SOS on the door, He heard voices discusing about it. He spoke up


"For god sakes, Let me in Already!!" He shouted.


The door opened and arnold peered out.


"Where are the raptors?" He asked


"Dead." Colby replied coldy "Why weren't you answering the phone?"


"We can't get it to work..." Johnathan said, Walking over to the phone in the side of the room.


Colby did a quick check on it, and quickly found the problem.


"Have you tried plugging it in?" He asked, Glaring at Arnold and the CIC crew as he kneeled beside the cables of the phone


"..." Everyone looked blankly at him


"Your telling me, That an entire room full of engineers and the Best naval minds the UN can provide Couldn't figure out how to plug in... A phone..." Colby asked, Plugging the red coloured phone back into its slot in the wall.


"Well, Usually its not a problem like that." Arnold said, crossing his arms and looking at the man infront of him. They were about the same height, Arnold was obviously older, He was a few inches taller.


"Um...." A CIC officer asked, Examining the phone lines.


"Speak up, Sir" Arnold asked the lieutenant kneeling on the floor


"These phone lines are tampered with..." The Lieutenant Replied "--And theres a knife blade on the floor here... It's got something on it Sir."


"Bring it here." Colby said, The officer passed it to him.


"Patel Corperation... God damnit..." Colby said, Smashing his fist against the wall.





End part 4 1/2

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