FBR revelations Part III

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Part three of three in FBR revelations, I intend to wrap this up nicely, It may be a bit long, Or do you want me to extend it to four?  I'll get to that once this is finished. As always I have the links to part I & II

Part 2


Part 1


The five officers left the bridge as the UAV came in for a landing. Jeanson peeled off with Muldoon to prepare the corp, Leaving Shannon, Cruz and Colby on the flight deck. 


"Somethings not right... " Colby said, coming to the edge of the carrier, over looking the island.


"Like what?" Shannon asked


"I don't know... Just something... "


"Hey guys, When was a Gun boat ordered to the island?" Cruz said, She pointed out to a small vessel With a large main gun heading towards them

"The Admiral..." Colby said slamming his fist into the railing


"Pardon?" The girls said in Unison


"He must've ordered it... Or the UN... Ladies, Is there a thing wrong with that boat?" He said leaning on a crutch, Shannon spoke first


"It's coming in way to fast..."


"Yes, almost like its-- Uncontrolled... Damnit..." Colby cursed, he threw aside a crutch and hobbled over to the door to the bridge, His companions followed suit.


"What about it sir?" Shannon asked, as they stepped over one of the many thresh holds in the ship.


"Thats what was wrong, Thats what my gut feelings about!"


"About what?" Atlanta said, she had missed the UAV flight because of sleeping


"That boat, Something is wrong with it something bad... Something..." Colby started, He quickly picked up a phone mounted on the near by wall and dialed up the bridge.


"This is the helmsmen." spoke a voice on the other end


"This is colby, Look out to the starboard side." there was a long pause


"I dont see anything sir."


"Look at the gun boat."


"Yes, what about it sir?"


"Its coming in to fast!" Atlanta yelled


"I dont see your point...?" The helmsman asked


"GET THE CARRIER OUT OF THE WAY!!" colby ordered


"Sir, theirs no need to move the carrier" Answered a different voice.


"God damnit admiral, Move the ship Mr.Rel!!!" 


"Im sorry, only I can issue the command to move the carrier... I dont see a threat of the gun boat, so shes staying here. Is that clear?" Mr.Rel spoke back into the phone, looking out at the gun boat.


Colby hung up the phone and turned to his comrades. "Im going to kick his ass one of these days..." 


"Well sir, we could just go up and force them to move the boat... But I don---" Shannon started to speak, But suddenly the boat began to rock and there was several explosions and screams. The trio all fell to the floor as the boat rocked. Colby and the girls got to their feet and sprinted to the bridge.


Colby burst through the door with a burning hate. He came up and grabbed the admirals shoulders and shoved him up against the wall. 


"You never listen, You're abusing your Authority for your own god damn amusment!!" Colby said


"I will not have this on my boat!!!" The admiral said, Trying to wiggle free of colbys grasp. "Deck officers remove this man from the bridge!!" The admiral screamed. The deck officers just looked at eachother. They all knew colby had warned about the boat... All of them stood fast.


"Listen you ignorant little---" Colby was cut off


"7 Men down, Compartment 32-D" A voice from the Combat Information Center (Also known as CIC) spoke over the P.A. 


"Look at what youve done now... I'm not finished with you..." Colby said, releasing the man from his grip. When Mr.Rel hit the floor he began coughing and wheezing.


"3 Men Down, Compartment 34-D" The voice from CIC spoke again


"Wait..."Atlanta said, the bridge fell silent... "If we got hit by another boat... There should've only been one Injury report..." 


"7 Men Down, Compartment 29-C" CIC said again.  Colby paused and took in the faces of the men and women on the bridge. The phone rang, Colby turned and answered it.


"This is the bridge"


"Colby? Good its you, We've got raptors on board, I think they were on the gun boat, You need to lock down the ship." Muldoon spoke over the other end of the phone.


"Okay, anything else?"


"I've got her..." Muldoon said, His side of the phone went dead, Followed my more gunshots and screams, Human and The screams of demons known as raptors Echoing through the phone... Colby set the phone on the hook. He turned to the crew...


"Lock down the ship... lock down the ship...!!" Colby said, he rushed out of the bridge with several officers following.


"This is CIC, The Boat in now under lock down, Please report to your Action Stations, and designated safe zones." The CIC voice spoke.


The group of officers reached the weapons locker, There was about 58 People there in total. 


"Is this all of the People we have?" Colby asked to a nearby major who was unlocking the weapons locker


"I dont know what to tell you colby, many of these people havent are just ordinary Sea men, They dont know what their getting into, Some of the others died when the boat hit, some are in the infirmary, some are being tended to by the first squad we sent in..." The major said, he finished unlocking the locker and opened it. The crew members rushed in like excited children about to meet santa.


They all quickly put on their Combat Vests, Helmets, they all had their choice of guns. Within 30 minutes they had an unbelievable force of around 73 people armed and ready for combat.


"Ladies and gentlemen. I know not all of you were in the first or second waves that went to the island. You do not nessicerly know what were up against. CIC Has told us by monitoring the secuirt cameras, We have around 48 Raptors onboard" Colby said, standing on a weapons crate, He had a projector beside him. "We have no Idea what to expect, If you feel out gun radio back to CIC, they'll round up more people and have them with your squad... Pray that these raptors cant outsmart you. We know they can, Outsmart them instead. Is everyone good... Lets break!!" As colby finished his speech, The power to the carrier went out.


"This is CIC, We've got Raptors in the engine room, Stay Frosty, They can open doors, Emergency power is all we've got." Spoke the voice at CIC


The group reached about 70 when they were split up, They were going to preform a sweep of the carrier through every level, All at once.


Colby limped slightly as he went through the abandoned corridor, Only Red emergency lights lit the War Ship, Colby was in a squad of seven. Himself, Cruz, Shannon, Riley, Lyle, Alberta, And Roams were in his squad. They went in silently, The only sound was the sound of boots hitting the metal floor. They got closer to where the gun boat hit the carrier, they could smell smoke and death. As they continued foreward, With Colby taking point they came to a halt. They were in a corridor with a set of metal stairs going up on one side. A sound came from above.


" Riley, Up..." Colby ordered over the comm. Riley obeyed and went up the stairs, His uniform was black, That of the Canadian Navy, He had on a black combat vest and a blue combat helmet. He reached the top and nodded to colby.


"Single Tango, 16 yards, Compartment 35-D... Should I engage?" Riley asked, Narrowing his sights in


"Engage" Atlanta said, she was behind riley.


Riley stepped up the stairs, silently like a mouse, The raptor at the end of the hallway appeared not to see him. He knew It did though, Because it was looking right behind him, Riley quickly peered over his shoulder, Right behind him stood a six foot tall raptor. Riley turned and tried to shoot. The raptor pounced, Throwing him backwards. He screamed as he crashed into one of the threshholds of the carrier, He was knocked unconcious. But was awake long enough to see the raptor began trying to slice up his combat vest. 


Atlanta ran up the stairs, she saw riley against one of the thresh holds, The one raptor was gone, She had watched the second pounce on him. She aproahced with caution. She spun intime to shoot the first raptor that tried to pounce on her from behind, This caught the attention of the second raptor, who turned away from riley and ran towards atlanta, Atlanta tried to fire her M-16, but the weapon had jammed, the shell caught. She brought her arms over her head awaiting the enevitable... When a shot gun blast from the side splattered blood and the raptor on the wall to the right of atlanta. She turned to see a battared muldoon Holding his Spas-12, barrel smoking.


"Not so clever now, are you girl..." Muldoon said kicking the raptor with his combat boot. He noticed atlanta and helped her up.


"Y-You saved me?" Atlanta asked, Bewildered by why he would do that.


"My father always told me to do right atlanta. And never to underestimate your prey..." Kenya said, He pulled out his combat knife and removed the sickle like claw from the raptors foot. 


"Wheres your squad?" She asked


"We got as many wounded as we could out... Most of my squad didn't make it... " kenya said, Pocketing his new trophy. "Your too smart to be out here alone, Wheres your squad?" 


"Down the stairs... " Atlanta said, she lead him down, Where they all were waiting by the stairs. 


"Muldoon, Good to see you again..." Colby said lowering his weapon.


"Indeed" kenya said


"Sir, What now?" Shannon asked


"We take back the ship." A voice from the darkness said in a fairly british accent. Jeanson Walked foreward, He had several cuts on hit face, He had a large cut in his pants going from the boot to above the knee, all of his wounds were bleeding, Most had clotted. He looked like hell.


"Jeanson!?" Kenya asked


"Yeah, Who wants to know?" He asked, his M-16 had his knife mounted to it, covered in blood.


"Oh my god, I forgot Riley!!" Atlanta said, she sprinted up the stairs and returned with the wounded sailor.


The group finished their sweep, Suprisingly no raptors other then the two dead ones they shot. When they returned back to the flight deck, Compartment layers A and B had been secured. Thw wounded air lifted out... But the power was still out... 


In the darkened CIC room, the crew was arguing under the red emergency lights. Suddenly, A hissing like sound filled the air... A Scraping at the door ended the arugment entirely... 


"Raptors can open doors... " One of the men said


"Well this isn't an ordinary door... Its bolted shut due to the lock down..." A woman answered


"We should probably call someone to remove them" The Weapons officer said, He lifted the phone off the hook and got static


"Phones are out too..." The officer said hanging it up, He turned and took a seat beside the war table. It held the map of the island and the ship movements. He carefully lit a new cigerette. He removed His name tag and set it on the table, Right above the small little carrier model.


'Arnold' It read


"Sir, Listen..." The women spoke again. The CIC room held 30 people comfertably, The room was dead silent. They could hear it... The raptors were silent...  Arnold reached down and pulled a Desert Eagle from his holster...


"Not twice..." Arnold chuckled to himself


Arnold felt something wet hit his theigh, He looked up, He saw a pair of glowing eyes...



End part Three of Four


What I made it longer, I have to compress it into 4 chapters now...


Anyways, Leave your comments below, Always apreciated. Sorry for lack of dinosaurs vs Dinosaurs, The last chapter will have those, This si more Humans VS Dinosaurs anyways so... Yeah, I've concluded this aint gunna be a three part series and Im not putting a cap on the amount again... 


Hope you enjoyed.



Written by x_paden_xPublished on 2014-02-16 12:36:20
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