FBR Revelations Part I

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Here we are... Finally getting one of these posted... 


A Small squad of Black Hawk helicopters flew over a Island chain Near costa rica, Their objective came up over the horizon.


"Isla Sorna Ladies, ETA 5 mintues" the pilot spoke over the intercom, When he finished, a man stepped out in a pair of forest green combat fatigues, the rank of captain swen on in the middle along combat vest.

"You all know why your here, you all were hand picked for this mission, Weve recieved our orders all the way from the top, thats right the white house, We are needed to extract A dna Canister from this island, A company has revealed the importance if this falls into the wrong hands... Gentlemen... If we fail here... The. World. Is. Doomed. WE ARE THE LAST LINE OF DEFENCE IS THAT UNDERSTOOD!!"


"SIR YES SIR" the ranks replied


"Good, now heres the plan, we have six squads going in, all around the main compound, three to the main compund, three to the labs, were now squad Alpha, the other is Beta, got it? IS THIS UNDERSTOOD"


The replied in unison "SIR YES SIR"


"Were entering the drop zone, Red light!" The intercomm spoke as a red light flashed on near the door of the cabin.


Three black hawks peeled off from the other three, that headed off thowards the lab compound , Squad Alpha landed in a nearby field. the grass being blown in the oppisite direction as the choppers landed.


the drone of distant animals filled the air as squad alpha moved forewards, the north american team of Seals, marines and JTF2, moved silently, the helicopters took off and began patrol of the island. The Team had to hit a smaller compound first before they moved onto the main objective.


They entered the small compound, a 15 foot tall electirc fence lay in ruins, as did the buildings


"jesus..." One of them said over the comms

"what the hell happened...?" another replied

"Okay ladies, Secure the compound, Three squads, Omega: Jeanson, Bart, onorolla, Quebec: Jones, Darran, Paul, Whiskey: Morales, Yoder your with me. Got that, Break" The captian said they all nodded as the split up.


Morales and Yoder went with the captian, Colby.

"Sure is hot..."Yoder complained

"Yoder... Shut up..." Morales Sternly expressed

"Hey, you made me join the forces with you buddy, ease up" yoder shot back

"Both of you SHUT UP" jeanson yelled over the comms "whiskey, remain on channel 2, Quebec you take 1, Omega 3, return back up on channel 2 if there is hostiles or if youve completed your objective."

"Well put jeanson, order, authorized, Break!!"


Whiskey aproached the building, they came to the door Colby counted to three and oscar kicked it in, the doors swung back wiht a large clang They entered, Colby took point and lead them into the depths of the building, Yoder spotted something on the wall and flicked it on, the lights came on one at a time, Basking the area in a bright light.


"For god sakes, Were suposed to be stealthy you idiot!!!" colby barked

"Ease up sir, My sisters a paleontoligist, Many Viscous predators hunt in the dark, If I hadnt turned on the lights you wouldve lead us to a buffet."

"My apoligies master sargent, lets go, if you ahve any more musuem fun facts id love to here em" colby apoligised as they continued down the hall way


"so... uh sir... What exactley were they doing here, uh ingen or whatever?" oscar

"They were engineering dinosaurs"


"Thats right..."

"isnt that uh impossible?"

"Thats what everyone thought until twenty one years ago, Proved us wrong i guess"

"well... If they suceeded, shouldnt we be seeing more uh dinosau--" billy stopped mid sentence a small dark object darted out of their field of vision

"Colby... did you see that..." he whispered

"yes I did..." he said as he mounted his knife to his M-16 and motioned for them to do the same



Alpha Squad had just finished there sweep when they radioed in with Beta


"Captain, This is Lieutenant Greenes, What is the ETA on Charlie Team?"

The men and women of Alpha squad looked at him, in the briefing a charlie team had not been mentioned

"No Lietenant, Not in the slightest, They shouldve arrived at the objective by now..."


-_-__---"sCHHHSCHHSHchhs ALPHA, BETA Come in, this is charlie squad, Hosiltes, Everywhere, Apache 2 and 3 are down, Black hawks 2 and 1 are down, We cant hold out muhc longer please come in ARRGHHGHEHHGGHHAGSG --------" the radio went dead


"Your bloody kidding me" jeanson said, his british accent kicking up


"Beta, meet at object salvo, We'll gather up and stratagize, were secure, saddle up, we'll get the temporary base up and running, colby out"


"Ten four, this is Sillouete leader, were aproaching your position, evac of main objective and objective november under way, god speed gentlemen, Chocks away boys, Sillouete One to USS T Rosenvelt, Permisiion to take off" the pilot trailed on as the carriers radio overpowered the comms


"That could've gone on forever... Pilots... they just keep talkin' an talkin'" Bart started


They found the control room to the compound, turns out this was a commounications compound, Sergeant Jeanson pointed out the disturbed leaves, proving someone had been there before the isalnd was shut down. They fixed the compound fences when a supply chopper showed up, they sent an extraction team to help find survivors, they had not came back yet.


The base was in a bustling state, for the first time in 21 years, they had cleared out the foilage, cleaned up the place and restored communications to the carrier. They had improved the security measures of the compound. The place appeared to run on thermal energy.


the thumping of chopper blades could be heard as it appeared from a cloud, the entire group of them appeared. A few of them stopped and left evacuees at objective salvo, the rest returned to the carirer to drop of some with worse injuries...


The wounded stayed at base salvo long enough to get a rough idea of what happened, they were then evacuated to the rosevelt as well.


"Yo cap" a female voice called from behind colby

"Cruz, its been a while hows it going?"

"Pretty good sir, I was in charlie team when we were hit ... shaken but im good sir"

"thats good, were going to need a good shot like you for whats to come..."


There was a large roar echoing from the forest, lights began to flare around the small base "CODE RED CODE RED MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS THIS IS AN SOS, IMIDIATE EVAC IS REQUIRED I REPEAT EVAC IS REQUIRED"


men and women scrambled around, some taking position ontop of the building some in the building some in the near by woods.


Another large roar, from a different animal came from the woods, within a split second, a tyrannosaurus bursts from the forests and charges at the fence, a gaurd tower at the corner began opening fire with a .50 caliber, the rex turned and flicked its head up, the structure was lifted from its bearings and fell apart, the rex bit an object in mid air, a scream was silenced, a man crashed down to the ground and began firing at it., the rex bit down, silencing the soldier.


Rememeber that second roar I mentioned... Well guess what!!!


The tyranasaur looked up from its meal as it began to be peppered with bullet fire, Multiple sources of screams came from many directions. A pack of raptors begin solving the fence (clever little bastards) A spinosaurus apeared across the compound from the rex, it jumped the fence- I mean seriously it jumped the fence. Smashing in a JTF2 marksman as he picked up his rifle and ran, into the dirt.


The spinosaurus froze, he spotted the tank of a creature, tyranosaurus rex, a nemesis of his for ages...


They let off dueling roars, enough to break someones eardrum. The task forces comms doubled as an earplug which was good... but their other ear was unprotected...





Atlanta Cruz climbed a large tree, a .50 caliber sniper rifle slung across her back, she positioned herslef up on a large branch, she had liked climing trees, a smile blossomed on her face, childhood memoires flooding her mind. Her mother Nima Cruz had told her about these dinosaurs... On her tribes islands, she always wanted to avenge them some how... this was how...


"Cruz, Are you in position yet, these bastards are tearing up everything down here!!!" colby yelled over the comm

"yes sir, im in position, Waiting for your mark"

"Light em up"

"Afirmative sir"

she lined up the crosiars of the scope with her targets head.


Breath in.


Breath out.




A large bang sounded across the island, she ejected the shell from the chamber.


'1 down'




-(] End of Part one of Three [)-


Written by x_paden_xPublished on 2014-01-19 12:22:10
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