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FBR Monthly Update: 2 Jurassic June.

FBR Monthly Update: 2 Jurassic June.

Scified2014-06-25 17:20:27
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A month's past already?




Schools almost done, And it's time to kick off summer. Not to mention "Jurassic June". Now, You'll be seeing less of the FBR Members this summer, But we will be on, and posting!


Exams are coming up so, It's expected for members to go offline.




Lets see the current Series Status:


FBR Site B: Still on Hiatus, Destined fate will be decided after the next FBR.


Final Battle Royale: Are you ready for the Sixth installment?! It's coming... A new Three Part Epic to the FBR Series. Release date: 26 of June. A trailer, maybe even some art work might get done... Who knows?


FBR Revelations: Postponed, Being Weighed down by homework and school doesn't help writing very much. I'll continue the Project later on however. Having Written a Different Story Involving some of the same boats, I've managed to clear up my writers block. Expect a new chapter... Soon.


FBR Sides: Unknown. We still need Ideas for these. Or if you've got one, Send it to FBR, Via PM To me. It will be considered highly, If its good, It'll be posted under FBR... Think of it more as a Writer Debut...


Jurassic Apocalypse: To be released sometime this Summer, Offical Teaser/First chapter/premere coming out ina few weeks. Me and Rex fan have been Talking about another Series, Close to the Idea behind this one, Except it's not in the JP universe, I've read the first chapter, I can tell you, it's worth your time, Be sure to keep your Eyes peeled for that.


FBR Expanded Universe: On Hiatus. This Division may be shut down...


Key things that I have a hand in writing/Creating: Well, Other then that one Secret Dinosaur Project me and Rexfan are working on... I don't think we've got much. We Were Soldiers may be put on Hold Indefinatley.


Within the Next FBR Update, We will also Include more of the FBR Members Series, Aswell as Works we found very good that month.



And, Within our monthly Updates, We like to announce Possible Future FBR Members, To our current Pool, I'd like to Introduce...



Welcome to the FBR Cadet pool. We've got a few others I'm keeping tags on, As to see if they can meet the challange or not. Our Current pool Contains: GOJIRA2K, AND RAPTOR-401.


Curious in Joining our team? Wonder what an FBR Is? Want to Suggest a New FBR Series, Or need assistance with Writing/plotting one?


PM Me, I'll be glad to help!


{FBR Cadets are selected by their work. We keep tags on new Series and Writers. All FBR Members have a say in who they see as material.}




That ends it off their for me! So, Kick back and Kick off your summer with new FBR's coming mid to late june...


And remember, Taping a Solo Cup on top of a Velociraptor, Does not make it a Unicorn, and does make it very Angry... They know how to use them as weapons.


Written by x_paden_xPublished on 2014-06-25 17:20:27
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