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Exclusive Destiny Pre-Order Package For Australia

Exclusive Destiny Pre-Order Package For Australia

Scified2014-07-08 02:23:02
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This almost makes me wished I lived in Australia. 'For a computer game!?!?!' I hear you say? 
Well, maybe not just for a game...possibly the wildlife, exotic weather, exotic beastly animals, spiders...sharks.....I'm actually quite humble in England now you mention it, ha!

I received an email a few moments ago from Loz, my fellow Frontline Gaming News co-host, containing this beautiful piece on the Exclusive Destiny EB Games Limited Edition Pre-Order package. Contained in the package you will find

• Upgraded Sparrow, to buzz around on in style
 Destiny Expansion Pass -Includes Destiny Expansion 1 & 2 (The Dark Below & House Of Wolves) Brand new story missions, cooperative and competitive multiplayer arenas and a wealth of all new weapons, armour and gear to earn
 Guardian Folio (Arms and armament field guide, postcards from the golden age and an antique star chart)
 Player Ship Variant
 Player Emblem
 Ghost Casing
 Limited Edition Steel Book

Pre-ordering will get you access to the upcoming Destiny Beta event! This will see you be granted access to four Destiny story chapters, four competitive multiplayer maps, and a co-op strike over six weeks before release.
Personally I would pre-order solely for the cool little Arms & Armament book, that sounds and looks like a pretty good read. And you think that Australians often get forgotten when it comes to gaming and exclusives.

You lucky little rippers.


Frontline Gaming News

Written by Dean SalterPublished on 2014-07-08 02:23:02
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2 Fan responses to Exclusive Destiny Pre-Order Package For Australia


Jul-08-2014 5:42 AM

Its not exclusive to Australia, its just the Limited edition thats for every country.

Dean Salter

Jul-08-2014 12:08 PM

Thanks for info matey! Appreciated

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