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Escape Room, Soon on Non GamStop Casinos?

Escape Room, Soon on Non GamStop Casinos?

Scified2022-04-23 07:11:17
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Since the pandemic, escape games have never been so popular with gamers. It must be said that right now, whether we are in our twenties or in quarantine, everyone needs to escape through play! In line with collaborative games, Escape rooms unite teams around a common objective: to emerge triumphant from a place or even to save the planet, and why not both? There is something for all tastes and all ages, from treasure hunting to secret missions to tracking down spies! Here are some keys to decode this game which is worth the effort!

The Impact of the Global Health Crisis

Like many places of entertainment, Escape games have been damaged by the health crisis. Created in 2007 in Japan, this system in a vacuum was nevertheless a genius idea to revolutionize the world of gaming with the opening of a brand every three days in France in 2016! But with health restrictions, between four walls, this is the type of game least suited to the situation! Some had to resolve to put the key under the door, failing to open treasure chests! Moreover, the founder of i-Way, Pierre Nicolas, had noted for the second half of 2020 that because of this requirement for barrier gestures, three Escape games and a VR (virtual reality) room had withdrawn nothing but 'in Lyon: "The world of leisure will seriously pick up," he concluded, and he was not wrong!

For geeks or role-players accustomed to these closed places, ersatz castle, pirate ship or abandoned galaxy, it was necessary to learn to do without the thrill of the game in “real”. We would almost come to regret the relative solitude of the VR headset where touching magic swords or interstellar ships instilled team spirit through a shared adventure.

The disappearance of these virtual rooms or escape rooms had something to create a certain lack and a certain lack! Finally, the Virtual Room brand had to wait before reopening and Hint Hunt, the first to launch on the UK market, was also in the lead to close one of its shops: we can clearly see the carnage!

Play to Escape or Escape to Play?

In response, online gaming sites have had a makeover by crossing the limits of the imagination, as if we would instantly be able to free all the Game Masters from the nasty Covid and continue to play at all costs! Great inventions have emerged, and we expected no less from all the talented designers and other web designers in the UK. It's that between the Espace Kit at home, the enigma of Room 413 on Facebook, or the Happy Kits games online, we had plenty to take care of during the first confinements!

As they say, “no need to go out to get by”, especially with Hunting Town online, the Escape game in multiplayer! And if you want to walk around La Rochelle without moving from your chair, while you solve a mystery as a group, that's ideal! And Haiku Games has also spoiled us with its beautiful free escape games for smartphones such as Cursed Crown from the “Adventure Escape Mysteries”! No need to lock yourself in a permanent establishment to catch the Escape game virus! Unquestionably, “Escape” remains the anagram of space even on the internet!

Non GamStop Casinos: Anything New on the Horizon?

Also affected, the non GamStop casinos also got back on their feet by investing in the digital field. Click here, as reviews the top casinos not on Gamstop. On occasion, we could see the explosion of games such as poker and online betting skyrocket with a +22% turnover in 2020 for this sector of activity. No wonder then that game libraries have expanded and web surfers have flocked to non GamStop casinos in droves! This is why gambling platforms are seriously seduced by this new godsend represented by escape games because all the ingredients are present for crazy jackpots!

And if you prefer to take risks in real life, there are still casino-themed Escape games! At The Game – Escape if you can in London, we evolve with 5 participants inside a life-size royal casino just before it is literally robbed! Great art!

Online, you can rack your brains without limit to solve all the puzzles at your own pace and thus win bigger and bigger, while on the “hard” playground, you celebrate EVJF or birthdays by making a “3 in 1”. Excursion, party and treasure hunt in one event, you had to think about it! This is why the Escape game is the ransom of glory!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2022-04-23 07:11:17
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