DFA: Round Two: Fight Two- Stegosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus

DFA: Round Two: Fight Two- Stegosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus

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Alright, here we go! First, let's meet our contestants:



Stegosaurus was a medium herbivore that lived in the United States and Europe during the Late Jurassic. This individual is 13 feet tall and 23 feet long.


and Tyrannosaurus

Tyrannosaurus was a large carnivore thated lived in the United States and Canada in the Late Cretaceous. This individual is 18 feet tall and 49 feet tall.





     A Stegosaurus herd is peacefully browsing in a savanna. It's a cool day in July, about 75 degrees ferinhieght. However, there's something the Stegosaurus herd doesn't know, something that could ruin the Stegosaurus' day: they're being watched, and hunted.


     After a couple minutes, a large female Tyrannosaurus charges the herd. The Stegosauruses, being the slow behemoths they are, run at  top speed of about 12 MPH. The Tyrannosaurus easily catches up to one member, a large male Stegosaurus. The Stegosaurus turns his body, and flushes blood into his plates while swinging his tail, hoping to scare off the carnivore. However, these attempts don't work, and the Tyrannosaurus lunges in to strike.


     The Stegosaurus is able to move a a couple feet out of the way, and the gaping jaws of the Tyrannosaurus clamp down on one of the Stegosaurus's dorsal plates. The Stegosaurus bellows in pain and tries to pull itself away. However, the Tyrannosaurus lets go, tearing off half of the dorsal plate. However, now that it was released, it's the Stegosaurus's turn to attack.


     As the Tyrannosaurus lunges at the rear leg of the Stegosaurus, hoping to push it onto it's side, the Stegosaurus slaps the Tyrannosaurus in the face with his thagomizer. The Tyrannosaurus roars in pain, and the Stegosaurus slams his thagomizer into the Tyrannosaurus's right shuolder blade. The Stegosaurus goes goes for another blow, but the Tyrannosaurus grabs the Stegosaurus by the end of the tail. She shakes the tail around, and breaks a couple of vertabrae. She then lets go, and the Stegosaurus runs off.


     The Tyrannosaurus runs after the Stegosaurus, and rams into his side. He stumbles a bit, but keeps running. Then, the Tyrannosaurus rams into him again, but harder. She does it again, and the Stegosaurus falls over. The tyrannosaur places her foot over the Stegosaurus's ribcage and bites down on his throat. She shakes it around, and then throws it to the ground. Seeing no sign of life from the Stegosaurus, only blood pouring from the dorsal plate and throat, the Tyrannosaurus roars in victory. She then eats her heal.


Winner: Tyrannosaurus!

Her size, speed, and strength made Tyrannosaurus the victor.



Written by Sci-Fi King25Published on 2014-06-17 15:20:08
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