DFA Round Two: Fight One- Carnotaurus vs. Baryonyx

DFA Round Two: Fight One- Carnotaurus vs. Baryonyx

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Ladies and gentlemen, LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! First, let's meet our contestants:



Carnotaurus was a medium-size carnivore that lived in Argentina in the Early Cretaceous. This individual is 9 feet tall and 18 feet long.



Baryonyx was a medium-size carnivore that lived in England in the Early Cretaceous. This individual is 8 feet tall and 17 feet long.




     On our dinosaur island, it's a hot June day. A Carnotaurus is wallowing around in a lake to stay cool. However, he doesn't realize something: he's in the territory of a Baryonyx. Eventually, he notices it. The Baryonyx sees the Carnotaurus and roars at it. The Carnotaurus hears the roar, but has a plan.


     The Baryonyx is spending his day fishing in the lake. He caught and is eating one right now. Right after he finishes eating, he feels something ram into his right shoulder. Then, he feels a sharp pain in his neck. He looks, and sees the Carnotaurus biting him. The Baryonyx knows he'll die if he doesn't react. Do defend, he thrashes his neck around, hoping to shake the horned carnivore off. He eventually succeeds, and slashes the Carnotaurus in the face. Not, it's the Baryonyx's turn to attack.


     The Baryonyx charges the Carnotaurus, but it moves out of the way in time. However, the Baryonyx is very agile and matches the Carnotaurus's moves. The spinosaur clamps it's jaws on the Carnotaurus's tail. The Carnotaurus thrashes his tail and frees his tail from the Baryonyx's long, narrow snout. Then, the Baryonyx lightly slashes the Carnotaurus in the neck. Now, both dinosaurs are badly injured. However, the batle isn't over. both carnivores stare at each other. They look at each others bodies, especially the necks and heads. They also look at their surroundings. They're planning the final blows.


     They charge at each other. They're both roaring and snarling. Suddenly, they collide into each other. The Carnotaurus is trying to bite the Baryonyx's arms and neck, and the Baryonyx is trying to bite the Carnotaurus's head and slans it's neck and torso. As they fight, the Carnotaurus turns and runs away. Then, he turns around and charges the Baryonyx at full speed.


     The Baryonyx quickly turns to avoid the attack, but the Carnotaurus was prepared for this,. He also turns and chases the Baryonyx. He rams his head into the Baryonyx a couple times, and then bites its arm. It thrashes the Baryonyx's left arm in his mouth, and sprains it. Then, he swings the Baryonyx to the ground by using the Baryonyx's arm. He then runs up to it and cuts his foot claws along the Baryonyx's face. Then, as the Baryonyx starts to get up, the Carnotaurus places his foot on the Baryonyx's forehead and grabs it by the neck. He thrashes it around, and eventually twists it. Then, he stomps his foot on the Baryonyx's head one last time. Now, the spinosaur is dead. The Carnotaurus roars in victory, and eats his new meal.


Winner: Carnotaurus

It's speed, size, power, and stamina helped the Carnotaurus win in this battle.




Written by Sci-Fi King25Published on 2014-06-12 15:57:22
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