DFA: R3 Finale- Triceratops vs. Tyrannosaurus

DFA: R3 Finale- Triceratops vs. Tyrannosaurus

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A cliche battle! First, let's meet our contestants:



Triceratops was a medium herbivore that lived in the United States and Canada in the Late Cretaceous. This individual is 11 feet tall and 28 feet tall.


and Tyrannosaurus

Tyrannosaurus was a large carnivore that lived in the United States and Canada in the Late Cretaceous. This individual is 17 feet tall and 36 feet long.




          A Triceratops herd in eating in a prairie. The herd is completely oblivious to the nearby danger in the forest a few hundred yards away. The creature is stalking them. The oldest bull Triceratops soon senses the danger. He grunts to the herd, and they look into the forest. They wait for the danger to show itself, but it never does. They wait a few minutes, then they continue to eat. However, right when they let their guard down, the danger charges them.


     The danger is a large female Tyrannosaurus. It roars and chases the herd. However, the Triceratops are suprisingly fast, and they outrun the Tyrannosaurus. However, the carnivore won't give up, and she runs faster. Soon, she's able to catch up to a young male. She rams him with her head, slowing him down. Then, the Tyrannosaurus lunges her enourmous jaws at the Triceratops's neck.


     The Triceratops runs forward, and the bite hits the Triceratops's shoulder. The Triceratops bellows in pain, and slows down. The Tyrannosaurus rams the Triceratops, knocking him down. The Tyrannosaurus attempts to bite the Triceratops's neck, but her bite it only a mere nip, as she lets go after the Triceratops kicks her in the face. He gets up, and runs away a bit. The Tyrannosaurus growls, and charges the Triceratops.


     The Triceratops turns around and runs up to the Tyrannosaurus. The large carnivore tries to stop, but the Triceratops's horns go straight into the Tyrannosaurus's chest. The larger dinosaur roars in pain, but the blow didn't hit any organs. The Triceratops pulls the horn out, and charges again. However, the Tyrannosaurus attempts to stomp down on the Triceratops's head, and it works. The Triceratops is pushed back, and the Tyrannosaurus bites one of the Triceratops's horns. The Triceratops bellows in pain as his left horn is snapped in half. The Tyrannosaurus tosses down the horn and prepares her next attack.


     However, before she can, the Triceratops gets up and pushes forward, eventually spraining the Tyrannosaurus's thigh. The Triceratops runs to the side, and the Tyrannosaurus quickly moves her leg. She grunts and faces the Triceratops. However, she doesn't see it. Eventually, she feels a sharp pain in her right knee. It's the Triceratops's good horn.


     The Tyrannosaurus roars in pain, but the pain stops. She turns to the side, where she felt the Triceratops. She sees it, and roars to it. As it charges her, the Tyrannosaurus moves to the side. However, the horn still hits her, cutting off the tip of the Tyrannosurus's tail. She turns , and sees the Triceratops. She leaves three long, deep scratches on the Triceratops's face with her good foot, and the Triceratops bellows in pain. The Tyrannosaurus growls, but the Triceratops rams her hard in the chest. It's brow horn and nose horn go deep into the Tyrannosaurus's chest, but the Tyrannosaurus rears up, almost lifting the Triceratops off the ground.


     The Tyrannosaurus kicks her opponent, but soon she finds it hard to breathe. She leans down, and The Triceratops removes its horns. The Tyrannosaurus falls down, blood flowing from her chest. The Triceratops watches her. His wounds sting, and he feels blood trickle down from his face, shoulder, and leg. His sides ache from the kicks of the Tyrannosaurus. He walks away from the still alive Tyrannosaurus, and tries to find his herd.


Winner: Triceratops!

It was the horns and stamina of the herbivore that helped him win.







The DFA Finale will be up soon! 



Written by Sci-Fi King25Published on 2014-07-26 11:51:14
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