DFA: R2: Final Battle- Utahraptor vs. Acrocanthosaurus

DFA: R2: Final Battle- Utahraptor vs. Acrocanthosaurus

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Finishing Round Two with a BANG! First, let's meet our contestants:



Utahraptor was a medium carnivore that lived in the United States in the Early Cretaceous. This individual is 8 feet tall and 21 feet long.


and Acrocanthosaurus

Acrocanthosaurus was a large carnivore that lived in the United States in the Early Cretaceous. This individual is 13 feet tall and 24 feet long.




     In a dry prairie on our dinosaur island, a large male Acrocanthosaurus is looknig for food. He soon smells a carcass. He wanders over to it, but finds something: no meat at all. The creature appears to be an Ouranosaurus. The Acrocanthosaurus looks for meat, but finds nothing. He looks up and sees a small pterosaur also looking for meat. The Acrocanthosaurus thinks about eating the pterosaur, but he realizes it would be too challenging for a small amount of meat. After two minutes, he hears something coming from the nearby woods. He looks, and sees a creature.


     The creature appears to be a Utahraptor. It snarls and hisses at the Acrocanthosaurus while displaying his feathers. The Acrocanthosaurus, now puzzled by the new creature, thinks he can eat it. He looks at the dromaeosaur, appearing to be planning out an attack. After thirty seconds, the large carnivore charges.


     The Utahraptor slams onto the ground, not knowing what hit him. He looks up and sees the gaping mouth of a hungry Acrocanthosaurus. In one swift move, the Utahraptor rolls over and the Acrocanthosaurus's open jaws slam into the ground. The Utahraptor sees his chance to attack, and leaps onto the Acrocanthosaurus's side.


     The Utahraptor starts clawing the Acrocanthosaurus's side and biting its sail. The large carnivore attempts to shake off the Utahraptor, but the dromaeosaur is clinging on to him like a leech. However, after about two minutes of shaking, the Utahraptor falls off. Then, the Acrocanthosaurus turns around and lunges in to attack.


     However, the Utahraptor is swifter and more agile and leaps onto the Acrocanthosaurus's tail. He claws it, tearing through the skin. The Acrocanthosaurus, being a large, stiff-tailed carnivore, can't do much about this, exept to wait for the Utahraptor to fall. This works, and after thirty seconds, the raptor falls off. Now, the Acrocanthosaurus is positive he can finish this battle.


     The larger carnivore turns around and runs at the raptor. He lifts his foot to crush the Utahraptor, but finds out that the dinosaur is gone. After five seconds, he feels a sharp pain in his left shin. He turns his head and sees the Utahraptor biting it. The Acrocanthosaurus attempts to shake off the smaller carnivore, but the raptor starts climbing up the Acrocanthosaurus. Then, it bites at the sail and leaps off. It runs off, and the Acrocanthosaurus thinks he has won. However, after fourty seconds, he feels a sharp pain in his neck.


     The Acrocanthosaurus realizes that the Utahraptor is attacking his neck. The Acrocanthosaurus slashes at the Utahraptor with his arms and attempts to shake off the raptor, and these attempts partially work. The raptor slides down a little, but is still hanging on. Desperate to finish the battle and eat, the Acrocanthosaurus slashes at the Utahraptor some more. This works, and the Utahraptor falls off of the Acrocanthosaurus. The larger carnivore roars at the dromaeosaur, but the raptor screeches and leaps back on the Acrocanthosaurus's neck. He bites and slashes, but still hangs on. The Acrocanthosaurus can feel himself slowly getting weaker. He lightly slashes the Utahraptor's tail with his arms, but his attack fails.


     After trying to shaks off the vicious raptor, he feels himself getting very weak from blood loss. After more trying, he feels a sharp pain in his throat, and feels the pain moving down his neck. Then, he realizes that the Utahraptor cut his neck open with its toe claws. The Acrocanthosaurus feels weakness, then dizzyness, and then everything starts to go dark, until nothing. The dinosaur falls to the ground, dead. The Utahraptor gets off of the neck as the dinosaur falls, and screeches in victory. Slowly, the rest of the Utahraptor pack come our of the woods, and begin to eat the large carcass. However, a loud roar is heard from beyond the feast, a roar of challenge and ferocity.


Winner: Utahraptor!

The Utahraptor's intelligence, speed, and agility made his the victor of the Round Two finale.



(Round Three coming soon!)







Written by Sci-Fi King25Published on 2014-06-28 18:38:33
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