DFA: R2: Fight Three- Spinosaurus vs. Triceratops

DFA: R2: Fight Three- Spinosaurus vs. Triceratops

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Alright, here it is. First, let's meet our contestants:


Spinosaurus was a large carnivore that lived in Egypt and Morocco during the Early Cretaceous. This individual is 36 feet tall and 48 feet long.


and Triceratops

Triceratops was a medium herbivore that lived in the United States and Cananda during the Late Cretaceous. This individual is 11 feet tall and 26 feet long.




     A male Triceratops is wallowing in a muddy riverbank, trying to protect his skin like a rhino. However, farther down the river, a Spinosaurus is fishing. He only caught two fish, and is very hungry. He looks to the right, and about one hundred feet away from him, the Triceratops is wallowing in mud. The Spinosaurus thinks he'll have better luck killing the Triceratops than he would catching fish. He slinks into the trees and stalks the mighty herbivore.


     The Tirceratops lays in the mud for a about a minute, and then gets up and walks away. The Spinosaurus is pretty fast, and eventually is about twenty feet away from the Triceratops. However, twenty feet is a bit too close. The Spinosaurus is very large and soon accidentally steps on a few twigs, snapping them. The Triceratops has very good hearing and smell to make up for poor vision. The Triceratops senses the carnivore and grows wary, eventually trotting into the clearing. The Spinosaurus realizes that he'll have to hasten his attack.


     At about 150 feet away from the muddy riverbank, the Triceratops is starting to feel safe. He slows down a bit, but soon feels a sharp pain in his frill. It takes the Triceratops about two seconds to realize that it's being attacked. It eventually shakes off the Spinosaurus and runs off, but loses a small portion of his frill. However, the Spinosaurus won't give up.


     The Spinosaurus sneaks up on the browsing Triceratops. Then, he lunges in and bites the Triceratops in the neck. The Triceratops bellows with shock and pain and tries to shake off the carnivore, but the Spinosaurus's teeth were made to grip. The Triceratops eventually pivots his body and stabs the Spinosaurus in the shin. The Spinosaurus slashes the Triceratops in the side, but the Triceratops counterattacks and bites the Spinosaurus's arm, severely spraining it. The carnivore lets go and roars in shock, rage, and pain. Now, the Triceratops realizes he can attack the Spinosaurus, and possibly finish the battle.


     The Triceratops charges the Spinosaurus. The Spinosaurus is swift and agile, and slightly moves out of the way. The blow hits the Spinosaurus in the tail, but it goes deep into the skin and muscle. The Spinosaurus roars in pain, and tries to feel himself, and eventually does. However, he ran off a bit, and the horn ripped a large gash in his skin in the process. Now, both wounded dinosaurs stare at each other, planning their final moves.


     The Triceratops charges the Spinosaurus, and then lunges at it. The Spinosaurus moves a bit out of the way, but the blow lands into the Spinosaurus's side and thigh. The Spinosaurus loudly roars in severe pain. He attempts to shake off the herbivore's horns, but he fails. However, after about thirty seconds, the Triceratops pulls his horns down, and stomps down onto the ground. His left foot landed on the Spinosaurus's foot, lightly spraining it. The Spinosaurus is now severely wounded, and the Triceratops sees that it can finish the battle.


     The Spinosaurus is now on all fours, trying to recover. However, the Triceratops isn't finished attacking! It seems that the Triceratops wants this Spinosaurus dead. The Triceratops charges the Spinosaurus, and lands a blow into the Spinosaurus's neck and side. The horns go very deep into the Spinosaurus, and the carnivore succumbs to his wounds. The Triceratops stomps and bellows in victory, and walks off, continuing to browse.


Winner: Triceratops!

The Triceratops's horns, beak, and speed made this three horned herbivore the victor.



Written by Sci-Fi King25Published on 2014-06-21 18:19:56
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