DFA: R1: Final Battle: Siats vs. Acrocanthosaurus

DFA: R1: Final Battle: Siats vs. Acrocanthosaurus

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DFA is back with an explosive R1 finale! First, let's meet our contestants.



Siats was a large carnivore that lived in the United States in the Early Cretaceous. This individual is 12 feet tall and 35 feet long.


and Acrocanthosaurus:

Acrocanthosaurus was a large carnivore that lived in the United States in the Early Cretaceous. This individual is 14 feet tall and 46 feet long.




          A Siats Meekerorium is wandering through a prairie. It's a bright, warm, and sunny day, and the Siats is looking for prey. It soon pciks up the scent of a herd of Parasaurolophus. It slowly and steadily stalks the herbivores. When the Siats is about fourty feet away, it starts to pick out an individual to hunt. After it picks out a large, bulky male, it slowly stalks in. Unfortunately, something larger is also hunting these dinosaurs.


     Right as the Siats runs in to make the kill, a large male Acrocanthosaurus charges in. Both carnivores don't notice each other. Once the herd runs off with no casualties, but a couple of wounded Parasaurolophus, the large carnivores notice each other. The Acrocanthosaurus, being the larger one, rears up farther on it's legs and loudly roars at the Siats. However, the Siats won't give up too easily, and charges the Acrocanthosaurus, ramming into it's underside and biting it's neck.


     The Acrocanthosaurus is knocked down by the blow, but isn't weak. Fortunately, it was able to land on it's side. Still being attacked by the Siats, the Acrocanthosaurus grabs the Siats by the neck before it can become the other way around. It thrashes the Siats around, and then throws it aside. The Siats stumbles a bit, and then falls over. The Acrocanthosaurus gets up and roars at the smaller carnivore. The Siats roars back, and then both stop, and start staring at each other. They're planning their next attacks.


     The Siats attacks first, charging the Acrocanthosaurus. The Acrocanthosaurus moves out of the way, and the Siats slows down a bit. It soon stops and breathes. Partially exhausted by the falied attack, it rests for a few seconds. Before it can move back in, it feels a sharp pain in it's neck. Then, it sees the entire prairie. It then reailzes it's being thrashed around by the neck by the Acrocanthosaurus. The large carnivore throws down the Siats, and then roars at it. The Siats is bleeding, exhausted, and hurt. The Acrocanthosaurus sees this as a chance to finish the battle.


     With the Siats being exhausted and practically half dead, the Acrocanthosaurus has more time to plan it's next move. After a couple seconds, it sees it can deliver another neck bite. As it prepares to, it's right leg starts to hurt. It looks down to see the Siats fiercely biting and clawing the the it's leg. The Acrocanthosaurus shakes it's leg, making the Siats lose grip. As the Siats falls to the ground, it starts roaring at the Acrocanthosaurus. It belives it can still win the battle as it starts to get up, regaining it's strength. However, it's knocked down by the Acrocanthosaurus ramming into it's ribcage. The Siats roars at the Acrocanthosaurus, but this roaring is cut short, along with the slowing of it's breathing. The Acrocanthosaurus is crunching down on the Siat's neck. The Siats lets out one last roar of pain, gurgled with blood, as the Acrocanthosaurus starts to puncture the trachea. The Siats falls to the ground, almost dead.


     The Acrocanthosaurus watches as the Siats lets out it's last breaths. Once the Siats is dead, the Acrocanthosaurus starts to eat the new kill. With a meal almost as big as himself, the Acrocanthosaurus happily knows this new meal will last him a few days. He looks up, and sees that the Parasaurolophus were starting to return. It seems that he would never go hungry with all this food. However, the Acrocanthosaurus needs to recover after a long battle. He lets out a long, loud roar of victory as he remembers he had won the long, vicious battle of two large carnivores.


Winner: Acrocanthosaurus!

The Acrocanthosaurus's strength, endurance, and agility helped it win this battle.


     DFA will be returning with Round Two in a few weeks. Please feel free to read my battles here, plus the first two match ups, Carnotaurus vs. Nothronychus and Baryonyx vs. Monolophosaurus, on my profile page, though I do warn you: they're very short. Only about two or three weeks until DFA R2 Fight One!





Written by Sci-Fi King25Published on 2014-04-22 14:27:25
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