DFA: R1: Fight Four: Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus vs. Spinosaurus Maroccanus

DFA: R1: Fight Four: Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus vs. Spinosaurus Maroccanus

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Spino battle! :D First, let's meet our contestants:


Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus:

S. Aegyptiacus lived in Egypt in the Mid Cretaceous. This individual is 52 feet long and 7 tons.


And Spinosaurus Maroccanus:

File:Spinosaurus BW2.png

(This is probaby S. Aegyptiacus. Nobody has S. Maroccanus pictures.) S. Maroccanus lived in Marocco in the Mid Cretaceous. It could possibly be a juniour synonym of S. Aegyptiacus. This individual is 48 feet long and 6.5 tons.



    Smelling a fresh Diplodocus, a Spinosaurus Maroccanus, more terrestial than it's cousin, S. Aegyptiacus, waklks out toward the kill. It approaches a lake, and there it sees it's larger cousin, Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus.


     The S. Aegyptiacus roars, trying to scare off it's cousin. The S. Maroccanus isn't scared, and charges the larger Spinosaurus. It bites the S. Aegyptiacus in the arm. The larger spinosaur reacts quickly, slashing the S. Maroccanus' sail. This causes the smaller dinosaur to let go. Now, it's the Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus' turn to act.


     It lunges it's jaws at the S. Maroccanus, but it misses. The smaller Spinosaurus bites the S. Aegyptiacus in the neck, but it shakes loose, momentarily disorenting the S. Maroccanus from the unexpected jaw pain. After a couple seconds, the S. Maroccanus finds itself on the ground, staring at the Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus' hungry jaws. Before it gets killed, it slashes the larger spinosaur's jaw. This gives the Spinosaurus Maroccanus a moment to get up. It then charges the larger dinosaur.


     Now, the Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus is really frustrated from the battle. Wanting to get it over with, he slashes the S. Maroccanus in the face. The S. Maroccanus is on the ground, but it gets up when the S. Aegyptiacus leaves. It runs at it one more time.


    The S. Aegyptiacus expected this. He turns around and bites his smaller cousin in the neck. He thrashes the body around, then throws it to the ground. The Spinosaurus Maroccanus can't react fast enough this time, and it faces the hungry jaws of the Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus.


     The larger Spinosaurus then eats his new meal, and it's not cannibalism. It's just not.


     Winner: Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus!


His size, intelligence, and basic agitation helped him win.





Written by Sci-Fi King25Published on 2014-03-11 17:29:14
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3 Fan responses to DFA: R1: Fight Four: Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus vs. Spinosaurus Maroccanus

Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPMar-12-2014 3:19 PM

Good fight, I was rooting for Spinosaurus (see what I did there?). Good fight, I was rooting for Aegyptiacus, and I see you were talking length when you said in your previous fight that the two largest predators were coming, because the Rex is 8 tons as you said, and the Spino A is 7 tons.

Sci-Fi King25

2KMember4297 XPMar-12-2014 3:21 PM

I went by hieght and length for size. Scified JW studies show Spino as really light.

Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPMar-12-2014 3:36 PM

Spino is pretty light though, even some paleontologists agree with that. 

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