DFA: R1: Fight Five: Autralovenator vs. Stegosaurus

DFA: R1: Fight Five: Autralovenator vs. Stegosaurus

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Sorry about the bit of a delayFirst, let's meet our contestants:



Australovenator lived in Austrailia in the Middle Cretaceous. This individual is 8 feet tall and 18 feet long.


And Stegosaurus:

Stegosaurus lived in the Late Jurassic in the Uited States and a few other countries. This individual is 12 feet tall and 24 feet long.




     A Stegosaurus herd is happilly feasting on clumps of ferns on a prairie. Their day couldn't possibly go wrong. Well, in this case, the Stegosaurus were wrong.


     A trio of Australovenator runs out onto the prairie! The Stegosaurus herd prepares for battle while the gang of carnivores approaches. The Stegosaurus herd is ready by the time the trio reaches the herd. One of the Australovenator, the second biggest, charges a juvinile Stegosaurus. An adult male intercepts the attack, saving the juvinile's life. The Australovenator looks at the Stegosaurus trying to protect a fellow herd member, and tries to go around. However, this plan fails as the Stegosaurus smacks the Australovenator in the torso with his thagomizer. The Australovenator gets up, walks away, and then runs and leaps onto the Stegosaurus.


     The Stegosaurus tries to turn his tail around to hit the attacking carnivore with his thagomizer, but this fails. If the Stegosaurus doesn't think of a plan soon, it will perish! The Australovenator continues biting and clawing as the Stegosaurus desperately tries to think of a plan. After about two minutes of pain and blood loss, the Stegosaurus thinks of a plan. (I guess dinosaurs think better under pressure.)


     The Stegosaurus starts running around in circles. This makes the Australovenator lose balance and deliver weaker attacks. After a few more laps of dizzyness-creating circles, the carnivore loses balance and falls on the ground. However, the Stegosaurus doesn't think the battle it over yet.


     The Stegosaurus rears up on it's hind legs, making it appear a bit bigger. The Australovenator is still a bit dizzy, and it can't really run away. The Stegosaurus crashes down, crushing the Australovenator's tail and lower back area. Wanting to finish the battle, the Stegosaurus does by smacking the Australovenator with his thagomizer a few more times.


     One other Australovenator was also killed in battle. The other was wounded and ran away.


Winner: Stegosaurus

It was basically being pressured and his thagomizer that made him win.












Written by Sci-Fi King25Published on 2014-03-18 16:37:20
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