DFA Finale: Utahraptor vs. Triceratops

DFA Finale: Utahraptor vs. Triceratops

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Well, we're at the end of our Dinosaur Fight Arena. First, let's meet our contestants:



Utahraptor was a medium carnivore that lived in the United States in the Early Cretaceous. This individual is 7 feet tall and 24 feet long.


and Triceratops

Triceratops was a medium herbivore that lived in the United States and Canada during the Late Cretaceous. This individual is 12 feet tall and 26 feet long.




     A herd of Triceratops are wandering through a fern prairie. They're eating in the hot afternoon sun. The herd just came back from the river near the fern prairie, and now they're hungry. However, the herd isn't alone in this vast plain. A predator is watching them, and it's also hungry.


     The predator watching the herd is a large male Utahraptor. It hasn't eaten in eighteen hours, and that was only a juvenile Parasaurolophus. It grows even more hungry hearing the chirps of the Hypsilophodon near the Triceratops herd. It snarls, and then stalks through the ferns, stealthily approaching the herd. However, it's soon spotted by a Hipsylophodon near the edge of the herd. It chirps in fear and runs off, a couple more following it. The largest male in the herd approaches the ferns that the dromaeosaur is using for cover, but sees nothing. Then, he feels a sharp pain in his isde. It's the raptor.


     The Utahraptor bites and claws the Triceratops's side. The Triceratops bellows in pain, and the rest of the herd forms a defensive herd around the young. A young male charges the Utahraptor, and knocks it off of the herd's leader. The Utahraptor hisses, and gets back up. It runs at the juvenile and leaps on it. The large bull Triceratops knocks the dromaeosaur off, and the juvenile Triceratops runs into the center of the herd. The bull approaches the Utahraptor and prepares to charge.


     The horns just miss the Utahraptor, snipping off the tips of the carnivore's tail feathers. The Utahraptor turns around, and runs at the Triceratops. The old bull prepares to stab his horns straight through the Utahraptor, but this fails. The raptor lands squarely on the Triceratops's face, in between the horns. The Utahraptor bites and claws the Triceratops's head, injuring the herbivore. The Triceratops bellows in pain, and shakes his head, attempting to remove the carnivore. Soon, his nose horn pierces the Utahraptor's tail. The raptor shrieks in pain and leaps off of the Triceratops.


     The Utahraptor hisses at the Triceratops, which charges. The Utahraptor runs out of the way, but the Triceratops turns and follows the Utahraptor. However, the dromaeosaur is faster and more agile, and avoids the herbivore's deadly horns. The Utahraptor runs farther from the Triceratops, and plans his nexgt attack. He wants to finish this battle and eat. Soon, the Utahraptor lays down, and the Triceratops goes back to his herd and continues eating.


     The bull Triceratops is heavily wounded, with scratches and bite marks covering his side and head. He believes the fight is over, and he can contine to eat. However, soon, he feels a sharp pain in his neck, like he's being stabbed with a bunch of knives. It's the raptor. It wants to kill the Triceratops. However, the herbivore won't back down.


     The Utahraptor bites, scratches, and stabs the Triceratops's neck. Soon, the Triceratops shakes off the raptor. The herbivore's neck is heavily bleeding, and he looks exhausted from the battle. It runs at the carnivore, stabbing it with his horns. The Utahraptor screeches in pain, and runs off to the side. Then, it turns around and leaps back onto the Triceratops's neck. It ferociously attacks, and soon the Triceratops falls to the ground. The Utahraptor leaps off, and stares at it's opponent. The Triceratops is critically wounded, and it seems to be dying. The Utahraptor lightly hisses and stabs his sickle-shaped claw into the Triceratops's neck, killing it.


     The rest of the herd runs off, and the Utahraptor eats in peace. His wounds sting, and some of his feathers are stained with blood. He stares off into the horizion, the sky orange with the setting sun. It start's to get cold, and the Utahraptor walks into a nearby forest, where his territory is. He is alive, and has won the great battle.


Winner: Utahraptor!

The Utahraptor's speed, agility, and intelligence helped him win the final battle of the Dinosaur Fighting Arena.



(Well, this was it. I hope you have enjoyed this series. However, the battle isn't over! I will soon be posting a new fight series on the Jurassic World forums! Be sure to check it out when Fight One is out. For now, goodbye, DFA fans.)

Written by Sci-Fi King25Published on 2014-08-04 16:29:49
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