Cloverfield viral marketing website spontaneously comes back online!

Cloverfield viral marketing website spontaneously comes back online!

Scified2023-05-03 12:26:29
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A new Cloverfield movie is currently in the works and one of the franchise's viral websites used as a marketing tool for previous installments has spontaneously come back online after being dormant - suggesting a new wave of clues linked to the upcoming sequel may be on the way!

While the viral SLUSHO website doesn't contain any blatant clues or secret hints to the next movie's plot (yet), the fact the website is back online now is an indicator things are beginning to heat up behind the scenes. Fans will recall the extensive and immersive viral marketing campaigns for previous Cloverfield movies being some of the best and most engaging in recent cinema history. While the average moviegoer may be unaware of these subtle marketing tools, those of us invested in the Cloververse are sure to enjoy the ride.

Babak Anvari will be directing the new Cloverfield movie and while specific plot details remain a mystery, we do know the film will act as a more traditional sequel to the original Cloverfield. There's been talk the next film might involve a deadly virus instead of giant Monsters, but that remains unconfirmed. J.J. Abrams did make mention previously though, that Cloverfield 4 would be the craziest Cloverfield movie yet.

As new clues and details for Cloverfield 4 become available, we'll be sure to keep you updated!

More about Cloverfield 4 (movie)

Official plot synopsis for Cloverfield 4 has yet to be released, however we know the film will act more as a direct sequel to the origin Cloverfield than a separate installment set within the Cloverfield universe.

Directed by Babak Anvari, Cloverfield 4's release date is TBA.

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2023-05-03 12:26:29
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