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 It's 2020, Jurassic World is known worldwide for its variety of dinosaurs, and most of all, Rexy the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It averages 20 000 visitors a day, and 500 people staying over night. It has a work force of about 2 000 people, with about 1 000 on duty at any given time. There are snipers, among them, Officer Joe Muldoon, who felt he might find his dad if he took the job, he did. There are tour vehicle operators, firemen, and people monitoring the security cameras 24/7. A team of scientists is always on duty, and when they aren't working with genetics, they're doing some of the other jobs, including working at the many vendors. The vendors have a variety of selections, from conventional foods such as pizza and McDonalds, to Raptor Legs (normal chicken legs, but Raptor sells better, and can be charged more for).

John Hammond has passed since the park was built, and he was buried deep in the Isla Nublar jungle, alongside Robert Muldoon. The dinosaurs are contained in plexiglass enclosures, ranging from one square mile in size, to ten square miles, and Rexy and a second Rex having a fifteen square mile enclosure. The second Rex was cloned specifically to keep Rexy company, and he's doing a good job. They both eat, sleep, and walk together, and some visitors claim to have seen a nest in the mountain region of the enclosure.

Some teenagers are walking around the park, looking for something to do. The leader of the group suggests letting a carnivore or two out. One of his followers suggests a herbivore instead, but the leader says it would be funnier to release two carnivores. The group splits up, and when they get to the paddocks, they open them. The two dinosaurs they released are:


Dilophosaurus was a one ton twenty foot long predator from the Early Jurassic. It was an apex predator in its time, and is believed to have the ability to spit poison. In Jurassic World, a new one has been cloned, and because it is full grown, it's poison is weaker than the poison that took down Dennis Nedry. The poison takes longer to paralyze its victim, and it doesn't last very long.


Ceratosaurus was a two ton twenty five foot long predator from the Mid to Late Jurassic. It was a secondary predator, Allosaurus being superior in size and numbers. It had some of the largest teeth in comparison to body size, and a bite to match. It had three horns on its face, and was agile. Begin!

The Dilophosaurus runs out of its enclosure, and before the teens who released it escaped, it jumped on one of their backs and spit on the others. It killed all four of them in under a minute, and because it was early morning, no one saw.

The Ceratosaurus walks out of its enclosure, and when it sees the teens, attacks. One teen had managed to escape on a large scaffold. What he didn't know was that the scaffold went to the top of the plexiglass enclosure where Rexy lived. The Ceratosaurus attacked the scaffold, and the teen jumped for the plexiglass. He landed on it, and when he looked down, saw a thirty foot drop into a lake. He decided to jump into the lake so he could annoy the Ceratosaurus from the "safety" of Rexy's paddock. The Ceratosaurus watched him jump in, and then turned around to explore, knowing the teen was at Rexy's mercy.

After walking for about five minutes, the Dilophosaurus sees the Ceratosaurus, and quickly hides in one of the closed vendors. The Ceratosaurus smells something of interest, and walks towards one of the fried chicken vendors. He walks through the thin wall and starts eating, enjoying the new taste.

The Dilophosaurus decides to attack the Ceratosaurus while he's distracted, and runs at him. The Ceratosaurus heard him and jumped to the side, letting the Dilophosaurus run into another wall. They face each other once the Dilophosaurus recovered, and started pushing each other. The knocked down the rest of the walls, and the whole vendor collapsed on top of them. Since the building was small, neither were hurt more than a few scratches and minor bleeding.

The Dilophosaurus saw the Ceratosaurus was bleeding, and opened his frill and hissed. The Ceratosaurus was confused, and the Dilophosaurus spit up some poison, getting it in the Ceratosaurus's left eye and a scratch on his chest. The Ceratosaurus roared in pain, the poison stinging his eye and chest, and attacked. The Dilophosaurus hadn't closed his frill, and the Ceratosaurus took a chunk off.

The Dilophosaurus roared in pain and attempted to bite the Ceratosaurus in the neck. He managed to get a grazing blow, but it was enough to give him a small cut and a small amount of venom into the cut. The Ceratosaurus shook it off and started pushing the smaller Dilophosaurus. The Dilophosaurus managed to free himself after a bit of a struggle, and kicked the Ceratosaurus into another wall.

The Ceratosaurus went through the wall, and a man inside ran off before the Ceratosaurus recovered. The Dilophosaurus charged, and the Ceratosaurus caught him and slammed him into a french fry cooker, the hot grease burning part of his face.

The Ceratosaurus let go shortly after that, and the Dilophosaurus backed off, the fry cooker between them. The Ceratosaurus charged, not thinking the cooker would be much of an obstacle, and the Dilophosaurus ran around it. The Ceratosaurus tripped, knocking it over and spilling the grease on the floor. He rolled over to stand up, and burned his entire underside on the grease. He roared in pain, and the Dilophosaurus charged, slashing the Ceratosaurus's belly.

They both went back outside, and the sun was beginning to rise, and although they didn't understand the sign, it was 6:30, a half hour until opening.

They continued with the fight, and the Dilophosaurus was the first to attack. The first thing he did was spit poison on the Ceratosaurus, causing the pain of his burns to increase drastically. He charged the Dilophosaurus in a rage, and slammed him into a vendor, the vendor collapsing on top of him and knocking him out. The Ceratosaurus was about to finish him off when the poison took effect, and he collapsed, unable to move.

A half hour later, the Ceratosaurus could move again, and the Dilophosaurus woke up. They continued fighting, and the Ceratosaurus pushed the Dilophosaurus onto the road. Before anyone could react, a crew in a Jeep that was driving past on their daily safety check ran the Dilophosaurus over and killed it, much to the confusion of everything watching. The Ceratosaurus saw the Dilophosaurus was dead, and started to look around.

Meanwhile, in one of the sniper towers, a man is watching when he sees the Ceratosaurus walking toward one of the many hotels. "General Smith, the Ceratosaurus is walking towards the hotel in the north end of the park." "Is there anyone outside? If there is, shoot to kill, if there isn't, grab the tranquilizer, and you can call me General Lee." "Fine, General Lee, people are just starting to wake up and........ Oh crap, I'll get back to you in a minute." "What's going on? Answer me, hello, Officer Muldoon, what's happening?"

A loud boom rang across the north section of the island, waking everything that wasn't already awake, and the Ceratosaurus dropping dead. "General, there was a family just walking out of the hotel, I got the Ceratosaurus before it got them, and it was running for them." "Good job, did the family go back inside?" "Yeah, they did, I'm going to go ask them if they're alright." "Go for it."

Winner........ Joe Muldoon! Armed with a McMillan Tac 50, the Ceratosaurus didn't have a chance inside 1000 yards.

Actual Winner......... Ceratosaurus!

Bigger, stronger, and the Jeep's assistance gave Ceratosaurus an edge when the Dilophosaurus's venom came into play.

Written by Lord VaderPublished on 2014-01-22 13:42:45


NoobMember67 XPDec-16-2015 8:39 AM

hooray! rooting for cerato all along; i like how the ceratosaurus realistically overwhelmed the dilo instead of dropping dead from poison

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